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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

Birfdays, Meowmy's Day and Meant to Be~ME!!

May 10th 2013 11:11 am
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Dear Diary

Tomorrow I will be a whole four years old~were did the time go?

And Sunday is Meowmy's Day!!~I feel super duper spawcial to share my day so close to Meowmy's Day!

It's a spawcial time of year that brings back so many memories~Meowmy's Day is very spawcial indeed!!~and we all love our Meowmy very musch!~YUP!!

I'm gonna tell a true story now so pay atention ok?

Buddy was adopted on the 11th of October and I was born on the 11th of May

Friday was born on the 21st of Feb. and Bijou was born on the 21st of April. I was adopted on the 21st of July!

Meowmy and Buddy along with Friday moved to Plumas on Feb 11th of 2006 and Meowmy moved into our house we live at now, on May 11th, yup my birthday and the very same year I was born, too! This is the first home without Buddy!

Oh how Meowmy cried and cried after she brought me home. you see, the owner didn't want me any more and was choosing her boyfriend and his dog over me!~so instead of letting me run free and dying, my Meowmy said she would take me!~wasn't planned and Meowmy felt quilty, like she was betraying Buddy's memory..she just had to work it out and have a good cry and get it out of her system!~boy Meowmy sure must have loved my Granpaw Buddy!

Anyway, Meowmy figured this all out as time went by!~now, I don't know how anyone else sees this, but I have to say, way too many similarities to say it is just a fluke.

No way!!~I was a meant to be!! Meowmy said the day I came home that it is the "circle of life" and said I am Grandpaw Buddy's girl!!

Well, I sure feel spawcial!~and Budy sent me to mai Meowmy~he was just so heart broken over at the Bridge and had a talk with God and told him to make sure there was a little girl with lots of love sent to Meomwy, as she was so sad and the first year is the hardest of all, having to go through everything the first year.

That is jsut what God did~and He put markers up all along for Meowmy to be able to see and recognize the Master at work, to bring love, peace and balance!!

Happy Birfday to ME!!~Happy Meowmy's Day, too!!

Oh, yes~and I was MEANT TO BE MEOWMY"S gurl!!

Purred by: Tiger (Catster Member)

May 10th 2013 at 9:04 pm

Happy Birthday, Bailey! I know what you mean. I know I was meant to be with my mommy, too. Mommy said she fell in love with me the first time she saw me, when I was a little baby outside. You have seen my story on my page. But I was sent to Momjy a few months before my brother Buster got FIP and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy said that he knew there was another baby who needed a home, and would later help everyone with their grief. Mommy says there have been many things that have happened to her that were meant to happen because there is no other explanation for how they could have happened. You were meant to be right where you are.

Happy Mother's day to your Mommy! I know you will all make her feel special.
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

May 10th 2013 at 11:19 pm

Happy birthday!
Purred by: MALLEE DG My Baby Girl, Angel (Catster Member)

May 11th 2013 at 9:55 am

Happy Happy PurrDay my saweet furiend~ XOXOX




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