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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

Sumfin Dreadful Happend to ME Yesturday!!

May 6th 2013 9:51 am
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Sunday started off like any usual normal day: breakfast, bath, wash face, help with tidying up and making the bed and straightening stuff up and such.

Meowmy got all ready to go out, she does this Sunday mornings, so nothing unusual there.

I did my rounds, checking stuff out and making sure all my blankies and hiding spots were as should be~yup and oh well, this one particular spot looked good~it's on of my favorite spots, too, by the way.

Anyway, with all the morning hussle and bussle I jsut tought I would lay down and sniff my hiding spot..*oh, oh, all at once EVERYTHING went competely dark!~MOL! hey dis is fun!!

OH, and den I heard the door Meowmy uses to go outside, open and close..hmm..what she up to, now?...I go to leave my hiding spot and Bang!!~there is sumfin big and hard in my way!!~oh no~ok, I will push and scratch~no still nothing!!~

Um~Meomy are you out there? cuz I think I'm stuck and I need help!!~Neiko is that you breathing on the other side?~I can hear and smell you!~go get Meowmy, I need Meowmy

What do you mean she's not here?~she went thru the door and didn't come back?~Neiko I am SCARED!!~I don't like it in here anymore~SUMFUR HELP ME!!~

Oh how I scratched and Meowed but it did no good and the ofurs stood on the other side and tried to help, Neiko put her paws under and tried to pull, but all to no avail...hours passed

OH waite I hear sumfin!~YES!!~Meowmy is HOME!!

*Scratch, scratch, scratch*

Meowmy hears me, she is coming =)

The DOOR opens and I run out, blinking and run downstairs to use the little gurls biffy

I come back up and am blinking mai eyes and kwivering my tail, I am just so happy to be out of that dark place!

*Bailey I am sooo sorry you were locked in the hall closet for almost four hours!!~I feel so bad!!~will have to double check next time, before I close the door*

I am such an imp, Meowmy says I love to jump into the closet and hide at the bottom, on Grandpa Buddy's blankie~thank goodness Meowmy came home!

Purred by: MALLEE DG My Baby Girl, Angel (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 11:01 am

Well sweet Bailey IZ fun to hide 'n I goe'z ina closet lotz meself, but mom alwayz makin' shur I get outta dere 'n sometimez her must grab me up coz I love'z to bury down ina stuff in dere~ MOL, U should see meowmy'z closet too, iza MESS~! 'n I love's it~ I sorry U got all locked up ina dere, dat wuzn't fun, I know~! But we kitties r furry inquisitive 'n mom know'z we r 'n watches us like a hawk. Ur meowmy didn't mean it 'n her did no knowz~ But Ur safe now 'n I shur ur sweet mom will watch out from now on~! Purrin' 'n sendin' mush love from alla us dat U r safe 'n sound~!! Bonks bonks bonks~!!

Love 'n bunches kitty whisker kissies,
MALLEE 'n MILO 'n furrs
Purred by: ♥Bailey♥ (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 11:11 am

Hai Mallee!~YUP I am all safe and sound!*big smiles*~oh I know Meomwy feels bad, dis never ever happend 'fore~sww aww nope!

I am ok and has to watch and listen to Meowmy~I tolds her to just leave da door OPEN all da time!!

Sheesh~think she'll listen?~*shrugs shoulders*
Purred by: Princess Tu Two (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 4:06 pm

Oh that has happened to me too, but I wasn't in the closet as long as you! sounds like you were really scared, thank goodness your Mom came home to let you out.
Purred by: ♥Harley-Dreamette 2 (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 6:19 pm

oh no poor Baily..... that sounds quite scary.....glad your meowmy got back to let you's also nice that your siblings tried to help & get you out too...
Purred by: Juliette (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 6:30 pm

My "mom" almost did that to me. I hide where you place shoes in the closet. She saw me last moment before she closed the closet. It was when I was a small kitten. I used to love to hide in small places. I can't do it any more....You, poor thing, we are glad that you are fine now. It will be a long time before the two of you forget it.....Please let your mom know that you are ok now....She must feel awful. She loves you so much....
...p.s. I can give you lessons on how to open door knobs. It does involve jumping up and down so you would need some room and a closet wouldn't allow it...
Purred by: Calie Dreamette #17 (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 7:20 pm

OMC that sounds very scary I do not care for closets and such I sleep out in the open to be sure I co not get locked up mom can be a little ditzy and I dont wanna take any chances.
so glad you were ok
Purred by: Calie Dreamette #17 (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 7:20 pm

OMC that sounds very scary I do not care for closets and such I sleep out in the open to be sure I co not get locked up mom can be a little ditzy and I dont wanna take any chances.
so glad you were ok
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

May 6th 2013 at 10:31 pm

That's happened to be before too - it's not fun!
Purred by: FishStick (Catster Member)

May 7th 2013 at 12:08 pm

Purrty Bailey once I got in our pantry and sat so very still just looking around and then the door shut! I stayed in there all day! Luckily there was a sack of dry cat food in there!

Purred by: Tiny (Catster Member)

May 7th 2013 at 9:26 pm

I did it once, Bailey! I went into a closet and the door closed. No one could find me, but really I liked it in there. When Mommy came to look for me, I just stayed put! But I was ok. I used to have a nephew, and he got shut in the closet by accident just like you. He was scared. But he was ok once he came out!




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