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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

Meowy Standing Up For Us Babies..Yeah!!!

October 3rd 2012 10:20 am
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Well the long and short of this is: new propery managers have taken over the care and upkeep of the propertis which is one we live at. Meowmy has been really worried and scared about it and didn't share how she felt about it, but was trying to figure out how she was going to manage telling them she has four cats, not two like a few years ago. So Meowmy talked wif a furiend of hers and they said that when an inspection was being done, she could hide two kibbies at the furiends house..ok, sounds good to her...then this morning one of the guys from head office shows up at the door without the 24 hour advance notice which is legislative law in Manitoba!! He sees us kibbies, except for me, I was hiding, cuz I was scared of him!! So they talk and Meowmy finds out that she can only have ONE animal, according to them!!! Meowmy said SHE WAS NOT GETTING RID OF ANY OF US, IF SHE HAD TO, WE WOULD BE HIDING OUT AT A FURINEDS HOUSE WHENEVER SOMEONE CAME OVER, USING THE 24 LAW!! Meowmy explained we are all she has in life for a furmily and we don't destroy the property like the human kids do with holes in the wall and smashed heaters!! So the man said this is what they are going to do, since we are already there: Meowmy has to sign a paper saying she will not get anymore animals of any kind..the only way she can is when the last surviving pet has gone and she has no more pets...this is fine with Meowmy as she can't afford another pet and we have been bringing in strays to the Neepawa Vet Clinic for adoption anyway!!

So, to say the least, Meowmy is relieved beyond words as she could never pick and choose which one to keep and which one to let go..has anyone else ever gone through this? Like really, how can people be forced or be put into a situation not created by them, where they must choose. Meowmy just said NO WAY was she getting rid of any of us!!!

Meowmzies!! Think Meowmy loves us more...or do we love and adore our Meowmy more? Who knows!!! We are furmily and staying that way!!! We live in forever homes and get to come and play and also to share wif our furineds here on is good!!! Meowmy just has to get rid of that tight feeling in her chest she has been having on account of worries over us kibbies...I know just how to do it..Friday will have to update his diary and thank Catster and furiends for allowing him to be once again a DDP and for the well wishes and gifts, better get off and let Friday have a go....

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