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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

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Thank You ALL So Much ~ My 7th and Final Gotcha Day at- Catsterland

July 21st 2016 11:35 am
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I am so blessed to be remembered here by loyal loving kind furiends. I have sent out my personal Thank You to each and everyone of you...we treasure you all so much.

It sure is wonnerfur to be remembered. As we also know what it is like to be shunned and pushed aside on our special day. That is exactly what has now happened at one of our sites we joined. There is blatant favourtism going on...and we are so sad to see that and now feel so bad putting the word out about that site.

Please re consider about United Cats... it's not all its cracked up to be..and so many of our furiends have joined up..we sure hope it doesn't happend to you.

We are really going to miss this place..everyone was remembered on their special days, no one was left behind and made to feel inferior to the next kitty.

And everyone who knows me here, knows from when I was a baby how much I love Hello Kitty and pink...those were my things and now today that too is taken away from me and given to another kitty....its just not fair

And I wish Catster would at least let us keep our pages up..take the groups away, and the ablility to change anything or write anything...but please let us keep our pages as a testamony we were here and our Meowmy's can come and visit and remember when life was kind and fair to us...

Now reality sets in and wolves come and harm us and where shall we go, where shall we be able to find kindness and equality again???


Thank You Catsterland Fur Letting Me Be a DDP Sept, 1/14

September 5th 2014 5:28 pm
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Oh boy were we ever surprised!! We got the email from HQ letting us know both my sisfur, Neiko and I were DDP's together!!

Thank you so much for the awesome honor Catsterland !!

Tundra sent us a bewtifur picture each for our memory books and my family sent me a most lovely Red Rose!! It's not often I get an honor on here so I am just thrilled!!

Well, gotta run, more decorating and art lessons to attend to


Thanks For The Many Purrs, Prayers, POTP and Love

August 23rd 2014 8:54 am
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An update on my health and scare I put my Meowma through. Well, so far so good ~ have gone to the bathroom, eating and drinking and purrlaying, basically being myself. Meowm could not find the tin foil, so hoping it passed and is not stuck inside of me ~ only time will tell and that is why Meowm is keeping an eye on me.

The purrs, prayers and love sent to me helped!! We really believe that!! I want to thank the following fur sending Power of The Paw to me:

Angel Rebby, Kody and Princess
Luigi and Angel Smiley
Tiger, Tiny and Beauty
Ashlynne and Beepers

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement too!! There were many more furiends sending love and purrs and prayers out to me, furiends at Catster Buddies and I thank you all too

Love, Bailey


POOP ALERT 2014!!!

August 19th 2014 6:36 pm
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It's offucial!!! We have started the Bailey Poop Alert 2014!!

First off, I have eaten my breakfast and my supper as usual, and had treats. So appetite is good. I have played wif my spinning toys, dems my furvarite ones. I am being myself.

Just no poop furm me as of yet

So Meowm is on alert ~ only thing is there are three ofur kibbies in dis house, now how is she gonna know its mine to find??

Oh, yeah, first clue, I like to bury my secrets deep, alla the litter has to be scooped up in a beeg pile, and I mean alla it!! I scratch and I scratch!!

Clue two ~ so far today there have been two gone potty, but we won't go when Meowmy is around, MOL!! So now she has to wait also for the next two to go and if all looks good, then we have a green light to keep going,MOL!!

I'll keep you posted!!


I Was a Naughty Gurl Last Evening

August 18th 2014 12:19 pm
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I ate a piece of tin foil bag, just a small piece, but still and its the top of the bag, with the rough part. Now Meowmy is worried about me and I has to be monitored. Hopefully I can pass it. Might have some bleeding inside if I get garbage gut, thats where the sharp area may scrap against my insides, causing me to bleed, if that happens, I go in fur a shot.

Worse case, I stop eating, drinking, using mai potty or throwing up ~ den I am in beeg trouble

Meowmy has been taking lots of pictures of me this morning, telling me how much she loves me, and turns away when she starts to cry, but i see the tears.

Pawses den good vibes, purrs and prayers for me ~ my Meowmy is so sad and scared fur me.


A Diary Pick and Furiends to Caterbrate Wif

July 28th 2014 12:41 pm
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My many thanks for choosing me to be a DDP July 26th. I couldn't get in that day but sure am happy now that I can.

want to put down for future furiends who came over and helped make my day special

Angel Buddy sent me a personal pawligram
Angel Smiley and his brofur Luigi also sent me a personal pawligram

Tundra and Friday each made keepsake pictures

Milo, Mallee and furmily sent me a lovely red rose

Keisha and Sylvester sent me a blue ribbon

I also had many concats furm furiends who are having difficulty getting one here while things are being fixed. Thanks to the furiends who were able to do so thru Facebook and Cathugger as well.

Today seems to be working much better and we hope it continues as well to improve


Mai Many Thanks Fur Helping To Make Memories on Mai Gotcha- Day!!

July 24th 2014 8:46 am
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I had a pawsome Gotcha Day on the 21st!! I shared some Pumpin’ Lickin’ Chicken wif mai furmily, it was so good, den I purrlayed wif some toys, looked out the window, the living room window is mai favorite purlace to hang out, MOL!!! Meowmy calls it mai “happy spot”.

Furiends stopped by to wish me da best Gotcha Day and sent gifties to halp decorate mai page, too.

I am putting down here in mai diary the gifties , fur Meowm to one day look back upon:

Alexander, Juliette, Angels Natasha and Ben ~ Balloons

Ashlynne and Beepers ~ Red Adoption Ribbon

Harley DB#173a, Cody DB#173b, Raj DB#173c ~ Ladybug

Keisha DG4, Sylvester DB#28 ~ Balloons

Winston, Kelsee, Kali, Jesse, Angel Jinx, Angel Shadow ~ Blue Ribbon

Lady, Baby, Sammie, Cesar ~ Balloons

Mac, Ivy, Jax, Zander, Legolas and furmily ~ Red Heart

Meeko, Angel bootz, Rosie , Angle Tikki ~ Hug

Mike, Evie, Mojo Blackbear, Angel Mallow ~ Balloons

Mugsy, Taffy (Forever Loved) ADB#30, Texas ~ Red Adoption Ribbon

Wanda, Norman DB#93, Tess, Rupert and furmily ~ Balloons

Rebby ADB#55, Kody, Princess ~ Singing Blue Bird

Shadow, Wilson, Angel, Mango ~ Hug

Luigi and Smiley ~ Tulips
Angel Patches, Phantom, Spice ~ Singing Blue Bird

Marley, Hobo DB#102a, Moose DB#102b, Sailor and furmily ~ Lady Bug

Rex, Simba, Spice, Bugsy and furmily ~ Balloons

I copied and saved each of these for mai memory book, too ~ all the messages and the gifts are put in a safe purrlace for mai book, so I thank you all for taking the time to send me gifts and messages as well, it really means a lot to me.


Today Is My Fifth Gotcha Day

July 21st 2014 10:20 am
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Wow the time is going by fast!! I'm still the little compact, love bug, purring machine. Meowmy has taken to calling me her snuggabug too, MOL!!

I love mai furmily so much, and Meowmy and me, we're close, yuppers!!

I'm the furst one in bed at night and I snug right tight beside Meowm, too

I have taken to using mai left paw and doing the smacky paw, its so much fun!!

Oh and how I love to purrlay wif Neiko, she's mai pawsome baby sisfur, you know

I am so glad I gets to caterbrate mai pawsome, spawcial day here wif mai furmily and furiends.

I do feel bad for the ones who have mised being able to post on their Gotcha Day, Burfday day, Rainbow Bridge and also crossing over da Rainbow all due to tecnical difficulties

It appears Catster is working better. I sure hopes mai furiends comes back, and I hopes others come back too, hey I know what i want fur mi Gotcha Day!!! Let's put out a All Paws Bulletin letting our furiends kow we wants dem to come back here and its getting fixed and its got the new owners and stuff!!

Yay!! dats what I wants fur mai Gotcha Day!! Fur all to come back to Catsterland and help make this purrlace the vibrant pawtastic purrlace once again


I'm Five Years Old Now!!~My Many Thanks Fur Halping- Caterbrate Wif Me

May 12th 2014 9:57 am
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Wowzers where has the time gone?? Yesterday I turned five years old!! It was so cold outside and windy ~ just wicked, so no open windows!!

That's ok, I had a wonnerfur Burfday pawty in the afternoon wif alla my sib's and mai wonnerfur furiends here on Catsterland stopped by too!!

I've sent out my thanks and am putting it down in mai diary for future days to look back upon this wonnerfur day and how mai furiends came over to caterbrate along wif me

Tundra and Auntie Dana each made me a beautiful keepsake picture to cherish furever and ever

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave me a furever diamond to sparkle on mai page fun grey mouse, I love it

Chocolate Cupcakes were sent by: thanks I love chocolate

-King Meiko and Mackenzy An
-Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Moose, Zander and family
-O'Malley, Aldo, Sweetie and family
-Mike, Dolly,Evie and family

Harley, Cody and Raj sent me a Red Rose!

Wanda, Norman and family sent me a Red Heart!

Tulip and Card by the Birhtday and Gotcha Day Club

Blue Bird and Card by the Birthday and Gotcha Day Club

Angel Rebby, Kody, Princess and family gave me a singing Blue Bird!

Harley Dreamette #2 gave me a lovely Blue Glass! catnip juice in it!!

Lady, Baby, Sammie and family sent me a Big Hug!

Platelicker and Family sent me a Ladybug!! i loves ladybugs, MOL!!

Balloons were in abundance!! I love balloons ~ the following sent me
-Mugsy and Angle Taffy
-Worlds Coolest Alex and Fluffy
-Big Harry, Patches, and family
-Uno, Lefty, Righty, Hallie and family

Timmy Tomcat and furmily sent me a lovely Red Rose

Smiley and Luigi sent me tulips, thank you so much, this really touched me, love you sooo much

Biggles and furmily sent me a lovely singing Blue Bird!! thank you so much

Oh my goodness!! My furiends didn't we have lots of fun, purrlaying wif all da balloons, and chasing da mousies around and eating all that chocolate!! MOL!!

I sure had a wonnerfur day!! meowmy took a video of me and is going to try to post it to mai page, keep paws crossed it will work!!

Thank you all once again fur making mai Burfday memorialable and fun, I love you all sooo much!!


Awww ~ I'm Gonna Have a Burfday on Meowmie's Day!!!

May 5th 2014 7:16 am
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Oh boy has lots been going on lately...busy busy busy, MOL!!

We had a yard sale this past Saturday and we even sold some of our stuff we don't use anymore. Now we can buy sumfin nice fur alla us to use and share!!

The lady who is the owner of my birth pawrents stopped by during the sale and saw me for the first time since i left the nest.

We found out my birth dad, Pimp, is still alive but not my birth Meowm, nope ~ her name was Trouble. She was a Calico and my Dad is orange and white.

I look like her in the face, the lady said I'm just like her and I do have a smidge of black/gray on the tail, kind of like if I would have gotten some grease on me and wiped off, just a little but its there. Kind of sad to know she is gone. trouble was too young too go, around the age I am now.

Farm kibbies live a different kind of life. By the sounds of it, I am the most blessed kibbie of all of my birth family. I live indoors only, have sibs to purrlay wif, a Meomwy who loves me so much, my own chair, my own bowl and my own toys just to name a few.

Anyway, I'm gonna be five years old already. Time is going by so fast. I came to live with my family eight months after Buddy went to the Bridge and have always known I am his granddaughter and a meant to be baby for this family.

Hmmm, Meowmy is going shopping on Saturday, sure hope she gets me something wonderful ~ I think she is going to make me something too.

So this year Meowmy and I will caterbrate togefur our spawcial days!!

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