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Nadi's Notes & Tortie Tales

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February 6th 2014 6:42 pm
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This isn't a goodbye diary. I am very very sad about Catster shutting down, and I will write to say goodbye (or maybe Gumpy will write for us), but this is just a diary about something happening in my cat life.

There's been this weird and irritating chirping going on all day. It seems to be coming from the ceiling or high up. This noise has been scaring me and I've been hiding. I am a sensitive girl.

...Well, it turns out our smoke detectors are chirping! Non stop! You know what I'm talking/meowing about? It is one of the most irritating noises, and scary for me 'cause I didn't know what it was and the high pitched sound is disruptive.

Mom went out to get new batteries (in the fur-reezing cold), but she put them in and the chirping continued! CHIRP! CHIRP! Every minute or so. She did get batteries from the dollar store (she can be a frugal lady) and wonders if the cheapo ones don't work as well? She cannot venture out into the cold to find more batteries, so there will be chirps all night. Anyone else ever had to deal with those chirping smoke detectors?

P.S. I did want to say that if anyone wants our email address, just pawmail us. We've been gathering info from kitties who have shared contact info in their diaries. We will check out the other pet sites (seems to be quite a few), but we're still copying things here. Mom will also probably get onto FB at some point. Hope to see you cats at other sites or hope to stay in touch.


Thanks! And Meet My Little Big Bro (Mist)

November 2nd 2013 11:24 am
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Thank you to everyone who sent us those scary Halloween treats! Those dancing skeletons (creepy!) are almost as scary as the little creatures who came and banged on the door the other night. I actually had to hide a few times just to be safe.

I also wanted to let you know that the little big guy - that is my brother Mist - has a Catster page. It's not totally complete and doesn't have any decorations yet, but Mom did put a page up for him a couple months ago around Gumpy's Rainbow Bridge Day (so she could be distracted a little).

I don't know if all our Catster pals even know about Mist. I talked about him and had photos in my diary a while ago, but it took Mom a long time to get him a page. He's met a few cats thanks mostly to Tully's Mom putting up something on Facebook about him. (We're not on FB, but apparently a lot of Catster pawrents are).

So if you want to meet and be friends with my little big bro, here is his page: Mist

By the way, his real name is Andante. It's a musical name that he had at the Humane Society and Mom liked it. Then she stated calling him Mister for some reason, and then it became Mist and it stuck. But he is still Andante and Mist is an everyday nickname, I guess.

Another interesting fact: I am a petite/small sizewise and Mist is a large moving into extra large. OMC

Today is also Mist's Gotcha Day and he wants to write about his Gotcha day(s) which were somewhat stressful for Mom and funny at times too. He should have a diary soon.

Meet Mist ! He wants to make more friends too :)

Thank you again for thinking of us with those Catster gifties!



My Birthday

June 5th 2013 6:34 am
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Mom and I almost forgot it was my birthday, as we were thinking of Gumpy and his birthday the last few days.

I wanted to let you know that you don’t have to send me any gifties. We haven’t been active here and Mom still feels bad about not purrsonally thanking you for your previous gifts and kindness for Gumpy when he passed, etc. Her energy has been so so low and combined with sadness she hasn’t gotten to that.

I am doing pretty well. I have that new little brother (sometimes he’s a little monster brother). Actually he’s not so little anymore, he’s bigger than me now at 10 months old. He still likes to chase me, stalk me and jump on me, but Mom and I are hoping he’ll continue to grow out of it. Something new I’ve been doing is jumping over the fence to explore the neighbors yards, and I’ve been in trouble about that. Mom says I might have to wear a harness outside...a harness?

Sometimes at night I howl and howl, which I’ve never done until the last six months or so. Mom wonders if I’m howling because I miss Gumpy and am trying to find him.


Gotcha Day and the Little Guy

December 5th 2012 8:53 pm
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Thank you for remembering me on my Gotcha Day. Four years ago Mom found me at the back of her garage on a chilly December day, and I’ve been warm and loved ever since then. It was a lucky day.

We’ve taken a break from Catster. Mom has needed to be away from here, for a few reasons. We’ll probably be back, but it won’t be the same with Gumpy being gone. Mom is still coming to terms with losing him and making sense of everything. It’s been very difficult and devastating for her. Mom may want to write more of what she’s feeling and experiencing, and maybe she’ll be able to later. I’m sorry to our kind and caring friends for missing any important times. Mom, Gumpy and I send love to our friends who have cared about us and loved us. Thanks for understanding about us being absent right now.

I also wanted to let you know that there is a new little guy (or monster?) in the house. Mom actually adopted this little guy about a month ago from our wonderful Humane Society. We’ll fill you in more about it later, but we didn’t write about him because the little guy had some health issues starting the first weekend with us and we weren’t sure it was going to work out. He’s better now, but he also has issues with being overly aggressive with me. Like stalking me, jumping on me, chasing me....non-stop, like I’m a toy. It’s been upsetting for me. He’s little (about four months now), but he scares me. Maybe this guy will calm down and cool it with his kitten antics sometime soon so I can feel comfortable in my home again.

Mom is still figuring out his name. He was called Andante at the Humane Society. He had four siblings that all had musical names (Sonata, Opus, Allegro and one other Mom can’t recall). Mom likes the name Andante, but also likes Luca, or Bodhi, or Bodhi Bear (she made that one up) or maybe something else. She wants to take a little time to figure out his name. We’ll let you know more about the little guy. Hopefully if everything works out (and he cools down) he’ll have a Catster page and he can meet some of you pawsome Catster cats.

Here are a few photos in the meantime:

The first weekend he wasn’t feeling well or playing.

Feeling better and having fun

Hey, what is my name?

Kittens get tired?

The little bugger had a condo at the HSHV, not a cage?

Thank you again!

Much love,


A big job to do. I'm working hard.

September 25th 2012 6:08 pm
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My brother Gumpy left us nearly two weeks ago. I’ve been sad and missing my brother, but I have a big job to do. I have to comfort our mom and I’ve been working hard at it. I’m snuggling with her all the time. At night and anytime she is sitting on the sofa, I’m right there curled up next to her or laying on her chest and shoulder. I need to try to help Mom feel better and not feel so empty and sad without Gumpy.

I DO understand what kind of a bond they had and what they meant to each other. I KNOW she feels very sad. I KNOW I can’t replace Gumpy, but I CAN love her in my own way. I am right next to her right now as she is typing my diary for me (I’m dictating, of course). She’s using the laptop on her lap and I’m right here. Mom says I was meant to find them almost four years ago.

We are working on finding a new kitty to bring into our lives. Mom says it’s a little weird to go and ‘pick out’ a cat since both Gumpy and I found our mom. I guess they call us “strays”. She’s going to take her time and see what feels right.

In addition to comforting her, Mom says I’m being such a good girl. I’m not being a Picky-Poo (what she calls me when I act picky about food) like I can be at times. I’m eating whatever she gives me. She even gave me some raw food that I’m eating.

There were a couple times during her grieving that Mom was so out-of-sorts that she forgot to feed me. But don’t worry, I’m fine - I’m well fed and I get good food. Mom was really disoriented not having Gumpy here to take care of.

I miss my brother and I will always love him. I'm grateful he accepted me into this family. I hope Gumpy is happy seeing that I am here for Mom and doing my best to comfort her.


Who am I really tag game

August 24th 2012 9:20 am
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I was tagged by Tony (with those bluuue eyes) and Jezebel to play Zach’s “who are you really” tag game.

“Answer with your alter ego or as yourself.

 Here's the questions just copy and paste.
And tag 5 kits to play along.

"Who are you really?”

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.

I don’t really have a funny Christmas story, but I think I look kinda funny dressed up for Christmas.

Here’s a pic of me dressed up . I think I look sort of like a jester here

And here I am dressed in that funny little santa hat that Gumpy also wrote about.

We haven’t had a Christmas tree since I’ve lived with Mom, but I know I would just love to have one and climb up it! Mom, can we have a tree this year? Purrrease?

2)Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

Some of my hiding places are secret and I don’t tell Mom where I'm hiding, but sometimes I hide under beds, under the couchie, or???

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

I dreamed of being a gymnast. I liked to jump and climb and fly when I was younger. I was named after gymnast Nadia Comanenci. I wrote about it in my last diary.

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.

I think my favorite hobby is licking. I love to lick Mom and help her exfoliate her skin. Everyday, whenever she pets me or comes close to me I get to lick her and I love it! Her hands, her forehead, her cheeks, her arms. It’s also one of my ways of kissing and loving her. I used to groom Gumpy a lot but since he’s gotten sicker and older, I’ve been giving him his space and not grooming him too much.

5) Whats your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Like a lot of other cats, I love to chew on plastic bags or any other plastic I can find. Mom hates this and it worries her. Lately I’ve also started chewing on Mom’s toothbrush and she hates it. I jump on the bathroom counter and find her toothbrush in the holder and give it a little chew (and I get in trouble). Teehee!

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I love, love, love my home and like to being right here, but it would be fun to go with my brofur to ancient Egypt where we cats were adored. So many cats aren’t cared about these days and it would be wonderful and interesting to go to a place where cats were really valued.

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?

Hmmm, it’s not really a guilty pleasure, but just a pleasure. I love burrowing under covers to sleep next to my mom. I also like to eat my brofur’s food ~ even when it has his meds and supplements and stuff in it.

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

I do get nervous and often think there are monsters around. For one thing I’m scared of the vacuum cleaner and like my brofur, I'm also really scared of


9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guest....what is your dread?

I haven’t had to have much medication, but a few times I had some pills and I dread having those again. I will fight and spit to get those things out of my mouth and throat. I also dread bathies.

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoes. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on.

Can I be on both? I’d like to be on Zoe’s for a while and then swim (cat paddle) over and get onto Zach’s ship.

Arrrgh! Narly Nadi of the Tempestuous Seas is getting ready for Pirate Day!

I tag...

I’ll have to think a little more about who I’m going to tag.


The Summer Olympics are here! Gymnastics and My Namesake

July 29th 2012 9:32 am
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Woohoo, the Summer Olympics are here! Mom got to watch the opening ceremonies on large flat screen TV (not ours) and she said it was great. She said the Queen of England even parachuted into the arena with James Bond! Cool!!

The opening ceremonies sound really pawsome, but I’m super excited about watching my girls in the gymnastics events! I love how these girls fly, flip, twist and jump! They are amazing, and I was actually named after a gymnast. This is my namesake: Nadia

Nadia Comaneci won a few gold medals and got the first ever perfect 10 score in gymnastics during the Olympics in 1976 in Montreal. Wow, that was a while ago! Mom said she was a little girl then (somewhere between 5 - 10 years old), but always remembers Nadia and how this little girl could do amazing things: like this!

and this...

She was purrfect!

When Mom first found me I was a stray little girl and I was jumping, twisting and flying all around! I even climbed up Mom a couple times (Mom here: “Nadi, that hurt!”) Oops...I also jumped onto her shoulder a couple times from a chair. (I hope that didn’t hurt!) Mom said I reminded her of a gymnast and she thought of Nadia Comaneci, so she named me Nadia.

BTW, I have calmed down a lot since then, but I still enjoy flying around the house sometimes, and I’m working on sticking my landings when I jump just like these pawsome gymnast girls.

Since I haven’t written in a while, I also wanted to let you know I’m doing well and Mom thinks I've adjusted to our new house sooner and better than she thought I would. :)

Hope you enjoy the Olympics and the rest of your summer...



My 4th Birthday

June 5th 2012 9:01 pm
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Thank you for celebrating my fourth birthday with me. Thank you for taking the time to send gifts, for the special photos and messages!

I haven’t written in my diary in a while....Mom has been busy taking care of my brother Gumpy and we’re also going to be moving in about a week, so there has been a lot going on. But I’m doing well. I didn’t have any asthma issues this spring as I did the last two springs. Mom and I are happy about that. I am healthy and happy on my fourth birthday. :)

My brother and I will get our purrsonal birthday thank you’s out soon!

From Mom:
Happy Birthday, sweet little Nadia. You’re a delight who came along unexpectedly and you’ve brought more joy into our lives. You have your own Nadi sweetness and uniqueness and quirkiness. I’m grateful for your spirit and happy energy. You’re becoming even more of snuggle bug which is so nice and soothing when you come and lay on my chest and shoulder, or are curled up in a ball next to me at night. I love when you roll on your back and ‘mrrrp’ to greet me ~ it’s one of the cutest things ever. Thank you for being patient and sensitive with your brofur as he gets older and is dealing with more health issues. Sometimes your energy is too much for Gumpy, but you usually seem to know you have to be sensitive with him. We love you and are grateful you’re with us. Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom


A Big Scare

December 20th 2011 7:15 am
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Mom here: Whew, what an evening. Last night thought I lost Nadi, but she was found. Very scary!

Nadi here: Mom had to take Gumpy and me over to our grandpawrents to stay for a couple days because some people are working on our basement. It’s not anything too exciting - we are getting part of our basement repaired because there has been some water getting in. There are jack hammers involved and it’s loud, so me and Gumpy can’t be around.

I can be a bit of a nervous Nadi sometimes and when I got to my grandpawrents I was a little nervous and getting underneath things. I was hanging out under some furniture for much of yesterday. In the evening mom drove over to check on us, and I came right out from my hidey spot when I heard Momma’s voice. I headbutted and rubbed up against her a lot; I was so glad to see her!

So then they were having a little bite to eat and after that my grandpaw decided to go see where I went and where I was hiding this time. He came back and said he looked everywhere and couldn’t find me....Silly grandpaw, why couldn’t you find me?

Then they all looked EVERYWHERE, every possible place for me. Under every piece of furniture, up under the box springs, in cabinets, they checked for open vents, etc. They looked everywhere and rechecked again, but no Nadi. Mom got scared that I could have gotten outside. She thought I must haven gotten out on the deck and jumped down - even though it’s very high. The door to the deck had been opened a couple times and mom thought I must have snuck out there and jumped way down.

Mom got a flashlight and was calling and calling and started crying. Grandpaw got another bigger light and was looking too. She was outside for about 45 minutes looking and calling and calling. Mom was so scared. She thought I was gone, and since I didn’t know the smells she thought I’d be lost and couldn’t sense my way back. Mom was so, so, sooo upset!

But while they were outside, grandma took another light and started looking again (inside) everywhere and under everything...And then she yelled outside, “I found the cat!” What am I, just “the cat”?

It turns out I was under a couch, but I am so long and lean that I was right up against the back and I blended in and no one could see me!

Sorry about that mom, I didn’t know I was invisible!

I’m invisible! (I better not giggle because mom was distraught when she couldn’t find me.)

So it turned out okay, but now mom is going to make sure I get microchipped. She was feeling guilty about that the whole time she was looking for me.

In other news, I got an early Catmus prezzie that I love. Guess?
Also congrats to calico girl Monida for being Cat of the Week!

Happy Meowlidays & Pawlidays and stay safe!


My Gotcha Day

December 5th 2011 9:46 pm
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Thank you everyone for thinking of me today on my Gotcha Day! It's always sweet to be remembered here. I will be thanking all of you.

Today it's been cold and we've even had a little snow. Brrrrr! It was also cold three years ago when mom found me in her garage. Mom doesn't know how long I had been in the garage when she found me. She thinks maybe I had been in there a couple days because the garage door hadn't really been open that much for me to get in. She thinks the door had been open the previous weekend and I might have gotten in then.

I'm so lucky that I found my way to this garage! That day three years ago I was cold, hungry, lost and scared. Mom said I was skinny and my fur was greasy. But now I am warm, loved and cared for. I get all the food I could want (healthy food, at that) and I am loved. I love my mom and my home! I did write about my Gotcha Day last year in my diary, and maybe I'll write more about my gotcha time in my next diary...

From my mom:
Finding this little girl has been a blessing. I was concerned about how another cat would affect Gump, who was 14 at the time and had some health issues. And in the past he has had some issues with other cats. But Nadi is very forgiving and loving. She is always there ready to lick Gumpy, even after he's had a little alpha cat outburst. I guess Nadi was meant to find us. She has been a sweet addition to our lives. She greets me by mrrrping and rolling onto her back to show her soft belly.

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