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A Platelicker Meowmint

Mama has gone and done it now!!

August 19th 2010 2:17 pm
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Mama has turned into a brainless zombiefied tree stump!

She added Cheetoes to our Catster family.

She added FishStick to our Catster family. That is ok with me cause me and FishStick are buds. I have taught him everything he needs to know. It is all bad and sneaky, but necessary. Quite a good student my young FishStick grasshopper.

Ok, here it is...
She added the flat-faced, fang-faced, hissy-faced Little Monster, GAGA to our Catster family O_O

Anyone looking for a good Platelicker?

My Card:
Have toys. Will travel.

I spend all my time being a good cat and Mama goes and does this to me. I am gonna give her the ignorance treatment... O?O

Not sure what I said there, but I meant what I thought!

Wonder if any jet planes are coming by tonight?

Officially, I, The Great Platelicker, have given up.

I shall lay out my handkerchief and fill it with the basic cat requirements, tie a knot, and hang it on a stick over my shoulder. (heavy sigh)

I shall follow the brightest star.

WAIT!! That is me!!

'Xcuse me, I must go sharpen my paw claws.

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