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A Platelicker Meowmint

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Oh Catster, Dogster... Hit me jus' one more time...

September 8th 2016 3:04 pm
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*wearin’ hiz plaid skirt and white skookgirl blouse... hiz hair in pigtails... he twiddles hiz pencil 'tween hiz paws...*

Oh Catster, Dogster...
Oh Catster, Dogster...
Oh Catster, Dogster how wuz I sposed ta know
that somethin’ wudn't rite here.
Oh Catster, Dogster, I shudn'ta let you go
and now you may go outta sight, yeah.
Show me how you want it to be.
Tell me Catster, Dogster
'cause I need ta know now
oh because...
Tha loneliness wud kill me
and... I... must confess, I still believe
That you will be here.
Tamarra give me a sign.
Hit me, jus’ one more time...

Oh Catster, Dogster
tha reason I breathe is you.
Yeah you got me blinded.
Oh Catster, Dogster
there's nothin’ that I wudn't do.
It's not the way I planned it.
Show me how you want it to be.
Tell me Catster, Dogster
'cause I need ta know now
oh because...
Tha loneliness wud kill me
and... I... must confess, I still believe.
When I'm not playin’ I lose my mind.
Tamarra give me a sign.
Hit me, jus’ one more time...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...


Rememberin' you...

August 3rd 2016 10:07 am
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*Platey flies over all hiz cat and pup friends leaving bits of hiz red feffer boa feffers and rememberin’ all tha good times...

standin' on the edge of hiz soft fluffy cloud... quiet surrounds him...

takes a final look... cries... blows hiz nosie in hiz boa breakin' tha silence...

turns away hangin’ hiz Catster dress-up jacket over hiz shoulder with one paw... tips hiz halo fedora forward...

walks away into the sunrises and sunsets with hiz angel friends...*


*gits geetar and strums softly while singin'...*

July 6th 2016 8:18 pm
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Thanks for tha memories...
Of times I won't forget...
Tha weddings and tha Birthdays...
Cats of tha Days and Weeks...
Tears for Angels crossing tha Bridge...
And tha best Friends that we meet...
Oh... *wipes a tear away with hiz paw...*
Thanks for tha memories...

*flips hiz geetar around hiz wings... gathers up fly legs for pickin' hiz teef... frows hiz red feffer boa around hiz neck... flies away to hiz soft fluffy cloud... sits and watches as hiz friends disappear from site... tha cloud above him starts gently rainin'... Platey's tears mix with raindrops... Angel friends fly in from the distance and gather around sharing memories...*


*frows hiz paws to hiz face... and smiles...*

May 18th 2016 5:54 pm
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Well my golly wud'ya look at all them gifties for my Birthday! O_O

I wanna say many thanks to all y'all for tha love... My MamaCat iz still havin' a rough go of it missin' me... She hadn't let me play in tha groops for a long time now...

I reckon she will perk up one'a these days. She misses my face... and my beeskits...

*sits on a cloud and picks hiz teef with a fly leg...*

See y'all later...



I am an Angel now...

November 13th 2015 2:11 pm
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*picks stars out of the sky... and moves 'em around to spell out...


Now my MC can see me all tha time...



*hops up on porch rail... cups paws around hiz mouf and- hollars "HOWDYYYY!!"...*

July 11th 2014 9:00 am
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*puts hiz paw behind hiz ear and lissens... gits nockulers and looks thru 'em... O_O ...*



July 2nd 2014 11:11 am
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Dat iz all... jus' Pffttie!! It iz Pffttie here! :(

*turns in circles... lays down curlin' hiz tailio around hiz eyes so he can't see tha pooter screen and all of Catster's... "You don't have enough zealies for that gift... squares on diary entries... Page Not Found... Cat's got our tongue! ... Whoa! We tried to auto log you in, but your email did not match our system. Please login using this form.... There was a problem. There is a problem. Perhaps your session has expired. If your browser has been inactive for a long time you may need to log in again... Whoa! where'd that cat go?????? There's supposed to be a cat here, but it's no where to be found...*


*heavy sigh...*



June 2nd 2014 12:18 pm
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dats it... jus'...



*wipes brow wif paw…*

May 16th 2014 2:46 pm
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I sure hope I efurrybody got my ‘Thank You’ pawmail for my birthday gifts.

With all tha “408 Request Time Out” errors and blank pages I got more confused than a squash bug on a green mater vine…

By tha way... we pawmailed Catster Support for free Plus and free zealies... and we got 'em!



Thankies for my Happy Birthday Wishes!

May 4th 2014 9:49 am
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Golly! Ya'll got up before I did and showered me wif birthday fun! Sure am havin'a beeg time readin' gifts and pawmails! Many thanks!

I first saw that our dear sweet Smiley Cassanova made hiz way across tha Rainbow Bridge so it took me time and tears to get to my diary...

Here iz Smiley's page...

Smiley iz watchin' over us. As he wud say... "You are alwaysh in my heartsh..."

Lubs all Ya'll...

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