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Oh... My... Cats...! Catster's Community Features Will Not- Be Shutting Down!

February 12th 2014 2:52 pm
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Iz this for real! Haz all of our petitions and united support paid off!

I don't know whether to jump for joy or wait and see!

Huggs my friends!


Phewie! What is that smell ((O_O))

January 28th 2014 11:30 am
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*sticks nosie in tha air and sniffs...*

Phewie! SM stinks to high heavens!

SM stinks so bad that even our angels livin' way up in tha clouds are offended!

*takes a tinkle and a poo in tha litter box... sniffs...* Nope! SM still stinks worse!


Shud we delete our profiles here?

January 27th 2014 2:09 pm
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Some cats are already gone.

Do ya'll think it best to delete our pages before Catster shuts down?

Would it make any difference?


Set 'em up Joe and play 'Walkin' Tha Floor'...

January 23rd 2014 9:57 am
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*picks fresh nip... goes behind bar and stirs up some niptinis... pours each of his Catster friends a niptini... sets 'em up on tha bar...*

Come on and belly up to tha bar my friends... Have a fresh sturred not shaken niptini...

*drops a quarter in tha jukebox... punches B24... gits his geetar...*

*tinks glasses with friends...*

Set 'Em Up Joe

They got a vintage Victrola 1951
Full of my favorite records that I grew up on
They got ole Hank and Lefty and there's B24
Set 'em up Joe and play 'Walkin' Tha Floor'...

Set 'em up Joe and play 'Walkin' Tha Floor'
I'm gonna spend tha night like every nite before
Playin' ET and I'll play 'em some more
I've gotta have a shot of them old troubadours...

Set 'em up Joe and play 'Walkin' Tha Floor'...
Set 'em up Joe and play 'Walkin' Tha Floor'...

All my neon neighbors they like what I play
Cause they've heard it every nite since Catster walked away
Every day they replace old B24...
'Cause every nite I run a needle thru 'Walkin' Tha Floor'.

Every nite I run a needle through 'Walkin' Tha Floor'
I'm gonna spend tha nite like every nite before
Playin' Ernest Tubb and I'll play 'em some more
I've gotta have a shot of them old troubadours...


Pawpadded into Catster late today...

January 20th 2014 2:30 pm
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...there is a quietness in tha Catster air... seems kinda dark and gloomy... the color is all gone...

I was lookin' at your pics and got so sad. I started cryin' knowin' I would never see your faces again... so I started savin' your pics to my computer.

Golly I have seen some of ya'll grow up here from little toddlin' babies to beeg kitties.

I have watched some of you walk across that Rainbow Bridge and knew one day I would make that walk and you would be here to help me...

I was tha preacher and married up a couple of fine Dogster friends at Jan & Gomers Wedding Page. I was tha preacher for my good friend Greyson and his lublee Lucy. Glad I still have those pics. Gonna try to copy those pages cause we had so much fun.

I read thru my forever stars and smiled.

We have played hard and laughed til our tummies hurt. Thankful for those times and memories. I will perk up in time.



Do I Wear Boxers or Briefs... I Dunno... But I Do Know...

January 17th 2014 8:44 am
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I have a Facebook page! Find me... Platelicker Spears

We have groups there. We have parties in them and lots of fun! We are researching online sites similar to Catster too.

Now friend me on Facebook! Okay? Okay den!
*hops up on soapbox... taps microphone... kleers froat...*

There is an online petition to keep Catster. We signed it yesterday as it was being passed around on Facebook.

OnLine Petition to Save Our Catster/Dogster Community

*spits... starts whittlin' a stick...*


So Near to Final Goodbyes... So Sad Now...

January 16th 2014 1:45 pm
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My Friends,

Our time here at Catster is quickly drawing to an end. As most of you now know Catster and Dogster will be closing the community areas of both groups March 3rd.

I can't imagine life without coming here every day to play. I can't imagine not ever hearing from some of you again. Never sharing our time in pawmails again. Never laughing at some of your pictures. Never falling in love with you all over again looking at your pictures.

I have lots of your mailing addresses from trading Christmas cards, but lots and lots I don't and I am so sad that we will never meet again.

I have a facebook page "Platelicker Spears" and am friends with lots of you but if you make a profile page there, please send me a friend request.

If you only want to trade email addresses... send me a pawmail.

We love Ya'll ♥

and PurrAngels Raincloud, Cartman, and Big Bob
and PurrFamily Pittbutton, Colors, Cheetoes, Bootbox, FishStick, and GAGA


...what can I give tha baby...

December 25th 2013 9:20 am
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*walks to his toy basket, sits, reaches in, paws his play mice and rattle balls, sits and sighs, he has not a gift fit to give... breathes faintly...then eyes his tail... pawpads slowly in the hay to the baby... eyes meet... then...

I chased mah tail fer Him,
around and around...
I chased in circles too,
around and around...
I chased left then right,
around and around...
Jumped high into the air and pounced on mah tail,
around and around...
around and around...
around and around...
I chased my best for Him...
around and around...
around and around...
around and around...

*sits down, breathes heavily... waits...*

then... He smiled... at me...


*gathers all hiz friends in tha pooter screen... strums hiz- geetar... sings to 'em...*

December 24th 2013 1:16 pm
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Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more...

*strum... strum... strummmm....*

Thru tha years we all will be together
If tha fates allow...

*gits hiz voice really hi...*
Hang a shinin' star upon tha highest bough...

And have yerself a merry little Christmas... now...

Lubs... Platey


I am back at tha Vets today...

December 19th 2013 11:55 am
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I frowed a wall-eyed fit but MC finally got me in tha carrier. She dint even let me get my red feffer boa on! I me-YOW'D all tha way lemme tell ya'll!

I jus' now heard tha vet tell MC on tha phone that my glucose readin' is 22. It should be 70-130. He said to stop tha insulin shots. MC has to call them if I start drinkin’ lots of water agin'.

Tha vet sea dated me to take blood... so I am gonna have to stay all nite bein' that I am groggy.

Merry Christmas to ya’ll! Give your Mommas face lickins from me!

Lubs and Huggs,

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