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Who you callin' a shrimp?!

June 29th 2010 4:03 pm
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I recently discovered the heavenly being that is shrimp.

A few weeks ago Dad brought home some shrimp to BBQ. Mom suggested he grill a couple (unseasoned) pieces for me. OH MY CAT! I'd never tasted anything so incredible! I feel an addiction coming on. MOL! Just catting! I hate to admit it, but I have been known to go digging through the trash for the shells. *blush* I'm not that kinda cat. Really. It's just that the shrimps do something to me.

Mom only gives me shrimp on extra special days because she doesn't want me "to get used to it". Too late! As soon as I smell that deliciousness waft through the house, it's all over with. I yell until Mom and Dad pick up on my subtle hints while I'm rubbing against the fridge.

Call me shellfish, but I really don't see any reason to share my shrimp with Dad. I've earned it!


Spring means bugs!

May 11th 2010 1:08 pm
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It's Spring! That means there are a ton of buggies finding their way into my home. Lucky for mom, I'm an expert bug-catcher and eater.

Last night, mom saw a moth outside and allowed it to come in. She said it would be good exercise and practice for me. She was right. That moth flew all over the house. I even lost sight of it for a few minutes. Once I spotted it again, I was determined to catch it. Not only did I catch it, but I even tried to play with it. I batted it under the stove (like I do with all of my mice). I didn't get a chance to eat it, but it was okay, because Mom knew I pretty much took care of it.

I'm constantly on the lookout for any creepy crawlies in my domain. Mom says I'm her brave little man. Yeah, she knows what's up! Every time I catch something, I'll leave a few remnents behind, just to show Mom I did my job. In exchange for my hunting capabilities, I get extra treats.

I just wish more of those buggies would get into the house more often. This job is a piece of cake.

In other mews... I'd like all of my furiends to keep Mom's friend's kitty in their puuurayers. Her kitty has renal failure. Mom mentioned it to me and asked if I could spread the word. Thanks furiends!



Meow to.... A How To Guide

April 21st 2010 3:10 pm
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Well tax season is over and Mom has been home more, kind of. This morning when she was giving me my "5 minutes of love" she told me she knew that my games were up and she knew what I've been doing for the past 4 months.

See, during the past 4 months, I've slowly gotten Mom to do things that I want, when I want. Funny it took her this long to realize it, but hey, it worked.

Meow to... #1 Turning your "5 minutes of love" into 10.
Each morning since I was a kitten, mom has always given me my "5 minutes of love". Before she does anything else in the morning, she pets me and kisses my head while I lay on the pillow next to her purring. It used to be exactly 5 minutes before she'd roll out of bed. Now it's pushing about 11 minutes per day. The trick is to make sure you lay on her or near her so she can't see the clock. Purr nice and loud so she knows just how much you enjoy her love. Give her a few headbonks and lick her forehead a couple times to signal that you'd like "just 1 more minute". Soon enough, it's been 10 minutes and Mom's now running late. Keep this up on a daily basis and you'll have Mom fooled in no time.

Meow to... #2 Make your feeding a top priority.
Mom used to be able to shower first and get ready before feeding me. Now it's the first thing she does after she gets out of bed. For the longest time, I'd stand on the toilet and meow really loud while mom was in the shower. I'd also put my paws on the glass so Mom knew I was there in case she couldn't hear me. I'd just keep meowing until the water stopped running and the shower door opened. Then I'd rub my furry body on her clean, semi-wet legs and get her all furry while I meowed more. As she walked around trying to get ready, I make my presence known by standing in the way and meowing until she headed to the kitchen. It's very important that you be as vocal as posible while she's trying to feed you. You want to make her think you're going to die from starvation if you don't get fed that second.

Meow to... #3 Show her just how much you love her. Lay on her clothes.
Mom is very good about laying out her clothes while she's getting ready in the morning. Now that I'm all full and content, I need a spot to curl up and take a nap. Oooooh this pair of black slacks would be purrrrfect. Try to roll around a few times on her clothing. You don't like all that shedding fur on you so try to shed as much of it as possible on her clothes. If you're a tuxedo kitty like me you can pretty much lay on anything and some of your fur will remain on it. If you're a darker colored kitty, try to lay on something lighter in color. Velvet fabrics are ideal for trapping as much loose fur as possible. If you're a lighter colored kitty, darker fabrics are your best bet.

Meow to... #4 I'm glad you're home. Now pick me up.
I've made it a habit to greet my Mom by the door every time she walks in the house. I always have so much to tell her. Sometimes she'll want to talk to my Dad or my little blonde mom but I make sure my words are always the first (and loudest) she hears. I'll follow her around and talk to her until she picks me up and acknowledges my successful day as keeper of the house. Again, being loud is a key factor here. If you don't make yourself known you won't get the attention you deserve. She's not the only one who's had a long day. You've been cooped up in the house all day. You've saved it from any unwanted intruders and kept any pesky bugs out of the house. That's one heck of a day. You need to be held and loved for all your hard work.

Meow to... #5 Kitchen time = Treat time
Mom's had her dinner and is now doing dishes. Guess who's ready for their treat? I simply don't care if her hands are all soapy. There's a towel here on the oven. See I'll even get it for... ooops, you might want to pick up that towel Mom. Be as vocal as possible. You NEED a treat now or your whole purrrrfect little life will come crashing down on you. When she stops mid-dish to give you a treat, you know you've successfully obtained Pawsomeness!

Good luck my fellow feline furiends!



A Very Sad Story

March 24th 2010 12:42 pm
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Since Mom's found out about the kitten in her tummy, she's been reading different websites and forums and she came across this terrible story.

A pregnant woman described how her initial love for her 7 month old kitty turned to pure hatred. This woman raised this indoor kitty from birth and they had been inseperable, until she became pregnant. She developed an unexplained hatred for her once best pal. She talked about how just seeing the cat would make her feel like she needed to put the cat outside. One day she said she hated it so much that she had an urge to let it run away. Instead of seeing a doctor for a very obvious mental health issue, she decided to get this poor kitty neutered and declawed. I'm all about neutering and spaying, but declawing?! That is just wrong! My mom along with other mommies, urged her not to declaw her kitty. They gave her resources and explained the side effects as well as how inhumane declawing is. They tried to suggest alternatives like softpaws and nail trimming, but she didn't listen. My concern is that if the kitty is now declawed, and this woman doesn't get help, what if she still hates the cat and decides to put it outside anyway? This poor guy won't have anyway of defending himself because his mom was selfish.

I just hope that we can spead the message that just because you're mommy or daddy is having a bad day (or a bad life), that it is never fair to cripple us by declawing us. I pray that this kitty is okay and that his mom decides that a loving, unselfish, family would be best for him.

Mom made sure to tell me that she would NEVER subject me to such an awful fate. Eventhough, I'm not angelic, she'd never do something so cruel. I believe my mom. When she says never, she means never.



It's St. Catty's Day!!!

March 17th 2010 1:09 pm
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I'm not sure what all of the hubbub is about, but I'm all about the green today. It matches my eyes and my favorite blankie. Mom said she'd give me extra treats tonight because I'm her lucky little man. I heart her!

Since it's warmed up here over the past week, Mom has been leaving the windows in my bedroom open. I love the sunshine and fresh air! I'm so glad that Spring is right around the corner. Unfortunately, it also means that those pesky birds will be out and about soon, constantly taunting me with their chirping and flying right by my windows. One day I'm going to figure out how to sneak out and catch one of those naughty birdies. That'll totally teach 'em not to mess with me.

In other mews, mom's belly is growing. She's having a kitten!!! (At least that's how I think it works.) I've been very helpful and extra nice to her. I've been hopping up onto her chest and kneading, in hopes that she'll get used to it when the kitten comes. She and Dad are excited and my little blonde mom is very excited. My little blonde mom keeps saying that she hopes Mom is having a girl. BOOOOOO! Us boys are way more pawsome! Mom said she wouldn't be able to clean my litter box for awhile because something about it being safety purrrcaution. She has designated the job to Dad and my little blonde mom. Let me tell you, they need a tutorial. I mean how hard it it to clean up after me? Luckily Mom has been on my side and making sure they do their job as it should be done.

Oooooh, I finally figured out how to open the linen closet. We've been at that house for a good 9 months but I finally figured it out. I've been taking a lot of my naps in there. It's like it was made for me. There are pillows and blankets and everything. It's perfect!

Well I think you're all caught-up meow!



Rain, rain go away...

January 21st 2010 9:58 pm
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It has been raining for days here. ***Wait, it was just hailing.*** Mom has been keeping the blinds closed during the day to conserve energy so I don't get to see much sunshine. It's really affecting my sunshine nap schedule. Mom says the rain should stop any day now, but it can't come soon enough.

It's been pretty cold here too. At bedtime, I've been climbing under the covers with Mom to keep warm. Sometimes I get too warm and climb out on top of Mom. Between you and me, I think she needs me to sleep on her. I'm like her kitty security blanket. I just do it to keep her happy.

On the bright side, I have been keeping up my resolution. I managed to climb up onto the fridge and knock some things down. You know, cereal, vases, lunch boxes, catsetera. I've also been making sure that Mom has been getting up super early to give me love and kisses. I mean she's GONE ALL DAY! She's probably out napping somewhere, lucky. She shouldn't need much more sleep.

I think that's enough for meow.



New Year, New Madness

January 7th 2010 4:16 pm
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2009 has come and gone. Mom mentioned that I should make a resolution. Alright kitties, you get to hear it first... I am making a resolution to wreak as much havoc as possible without getting caught.

Let's start with the beginning of the year...
Mom took down my tree with all of the toy balls on it. She spent so much time carefully removing the toy balls and packing them away. Later (after everything was placed back in the garage) a handful of toy balls reappeared.

Mom and dad woke up to the table cloth on the floor. *Man that table cloth makes for awesome table skating. It just slides all over the place*

I found an avocado on the counter the other day. It beared a striking resemblance to a large ball so I batted it off of the counter hoping it would bounce. No luck, it just went "Splat!" and left a green mess on the floor for mom to clean up.

Yesterday, mom came home to my breakfast on the floor. I think I might have eaten it a bit too fast. Oh well, it tasted good the first time.

Early this morning I found a box with a string attached to it on the counter. I naturally started to play with it and chewed on the string. Oddly enough the string was flavored. Mom found my toy on the floor this morning and told me that kitties don't need to floss. I don't quite know what she meant, but at least I have minty fresh breath now.

Well now that I'm reading this, I think I'm off to a great start with this resolution thing.

Happy New Year Furiends!


I'm off to a great start

December 7th 2009 10:18 pm
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Well in 1 week I managed to take almost all of the toy balls off of the big tree (well the parts I could reach). This past weekend, mom and dad were trying to go to sleep and I discovered that if you knock the toy balls off the big tree they roll and bounce. We have tile in my big runway so I decided to play with the balls there. The great thing is that they bounce and make lots of noise on the tile. I thought mom and dad would love to hear how great it sounded on their tile in the bathroom.

Dad didn't like it so much because he took it away from me, so I got another one off the big tree. (You've got to believe me, it's got toys for days on it!) I batted it down the runway into mom and dad's bathroom again and again dad took it away from me. I repeated this action until I had taken 5 balls off the big tree and mom and dad locked me in their room for the night.

Mom looked at the tree tonight and asked me where all of the toy balls are. I looked away as though I had no idea where they went. She found my stash under the couch. She fished out about 12 balls. Then she found a few more in my hiding places.

I'm determined to take all of the balls off before Christmas. Now I need to find a new hiding spot....



My tree is up again!!!!

November 29th 2009 7:40 pm
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I am so excited! Mom put up the giant tree and put my favorite little balls on them. It looks furtastic! I can't wait to destroy it. Mom yelled at me a couple of times already for knocking off the balls. I don't know what her problem is. Isn't that what they're for? Why would she put up a whole bunch of balls if they aren't meant to play with? Mom even wrapped boxes with some pretty paper. I wonder if I can scratch it like last year? I've been spending most of my time under the pretty tree. Mom thinks I am being a good helper and protecting it. Little does she know that I'm actually waiting until she goes back to work to make my move on all of these balls.

Victory is mine this year little balls. Victory is mine...


The Holidays are Coming

November 3rd 2009 12:20 pm
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Halloween is over. That means that the holidays are right around the corner. It's good news for me because mom starts baking yummy smelling goodies and then she and my little blonde mom decorate a giant tree with lots of toys that I love to play with. I also know that Santa Claws comes and gives me more toys and treats. I can't wait for that tree though. That is my favorite part of the holidays. Last year I managed to hide 6 little tree toys from mom. She found them when we moved, six months later.

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween and received more treats than tricks. Poor mom was sick with the flu so I was her lap buddy and made sure she stayed rested and hydrated. I gotta keep her healthy. She is in charge of setting up that giant tree.


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