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Forever Young

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Lilah's 2nd Bridge Anniversary...

May 2nd 2011 4:28 pm
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Dear Lilah,

I can't believe it's been two whole years since your little body gave in and went to the Bridge. How I loved you so. You only spent 5 weeks with us, but you were part of the family. I often look at your pictures...I wonder what you would have looked like all grown up. Unfortunately, we never had that chance. God needed a baby Angel and he chose you. Your picture with the Easter Bunny still remains on the fridge. I just can't take it down. The most precious little sweet, so pretty...but it wasn't meant to be. You never had a chance with the horrible FIP. It's so unfair...How my heart aches....wishing I could see you now. You would be such a beautiful girl... a Siamese/snowshoe mix. Your fur would have darkened...your markings would have been so striking...your blue eyes so sparkling. May you shine on, little girl, and know that even though I only had you a short while, I WAS your mommy, and forever will be.

Love and miss you forever, Mommy


Roses are Beautiful.....

June 21st 2010 6:18 pm
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Dear Lilah, your Rose bush is amazing....light pink little buds are all over looks so pretty out there...just like you, my little Angel..Mommy will always love you and will think of you everytime she looks at your roses.....


Little baby....Mommy is still here

May 9th 2010 10:36 am
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Little's Mothers 2nd one with out you. I hope you know that I was honored to be your mommy, even if it was only for a few weeks. I am still your mommy, even though you are an Angel...that doesn't change anything. I am your mommy forever, and I will love you forever. Love, Mommy


One year at the Bridge today

May 2nd 2010 1:34 pm
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Dear Lilah....I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you today. Little girl, I wish I could have saved you. You tried so hard to be part of our family. I'll never forget the far away look in your eyes as we rushed you to the ER. I was afraid you were going to die in my arms. I was hoping their would be some sort of miracle when we arrived, a way to save you.....but it was not meant to be. They said you were fading fast, and that I should help you to the bridge. Poor little girl, I only knew you for 5 weeks. You will forever be a baby, a little kitty Angel, forever and always.

I look at your pictures and wonder what you'd look like now. You'd be 1 1/2 years old. I'll bet you are a Beautiful Angel, and that you are happy there at the Bridge. I pray that your big sister Ava is taking care of you and that you are both ok and safe.

Your rose bush has grown taller than me. I bought a trellis to help it along. I can't wait to see the first pink buds. However, I'll never forget the one white rose that mysteriously bloomed all by itself around the time Ava passed. Was that you sending me a sign? All of the roses had bloomed and vanished by then, yet somehow that one white rose just appeared. It was wonderful to see. Little Lilah...Mommy loves you.....


One year ago....

March 27th 2010 2:35 pm
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Dear baby's hard to believe that one year ago yesterday you came home to live with us. I was so excited! You were such a cutie! Little soft, pretty blue eyes and the tiniest meow....almost like a little screech! I look at the few pictures I have, and wish I would have taken more. I look at the unique markings, and I will forever be left wondering what you would have looked like if you were given the chance to grow up.

It wasn't meant to be. Poor were so sweet. I remember laying with you on the floor in the climbed all over me and just purred and purred...We took a nap on the I wish we could have had more of those moments.

You were sick when you came home....but I thought your runny poo and little appetite were just part of the adjustment of going from a shelter, to a rescue group, then to my home. I thought it would pass. The VET thought FIP. I didn't know anything about it then. I was in for a hard lesson. However, you perked up during your 3rd and 4th weeks here....but sadly, things took a turn for the worst....and exactly 5 weeks and 2 days since I had brought you home, you started to fade fast.

At noon, you were up, begging for my beef 5:00 I was rushing you to the ER because you couldn't stand up. You had fallen asleep with Ava, for the first time with out her being mad! The two of you napped for a couple of hours. Ava got up due to my yelling at the TV during the Kentucky Derby. I remember thinking it was strange that you hadn't changed positions in almost 2 hours....despite my excitement. When I got up to make another sandwich at 5, you didn't come to ask for any. So, I went to you....tried to pick you up, and you cried out.....I knew the worst was happening....just didn't think it would be so fast...I cradled you in the towel you came home in....and off to the ER we went......You somehow held on for the 20 minutes it took for my mom to arrive and then the 15 minute dash to the ER. Less than 20 minutes later, I held you as I helped you to the Bridge. I cried for you, Little deserved so much more. My little baby.

I will be watching for the pale pink rosies on the little bush in the garden. I hope to see them they were planted for you.....Love you Little will never be forgotten....Mommy


I gotz a roze!

February 22nd 2010 6:40 pm
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Thank you Alfie for the roze....I like prezzies! It's been almost a year ago since Mommy adopted me. She was thinking of me last night, and about how sad it was when I was called to the Bridge after only living with her for 5 weeks. I hope your mommy is ok Alfie, and that she understands that sometimes us young kitties are needed at the Bridge too. Purrs of comfort to you and your mommy. Love, Lilah


Thank you

December 30th 2009 6:10 pm
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Thank you to everyone who remembered me on my DDP honor. It felt good to know I was remembered!

Thank you Tate, for the Snowman!
Calvin-Jingle Bell!
Angel Salem-Stocking!
Buddie Always Loved- a magnificent Yellow Star!
Sampson and family -Rose!
And thanks for all the kind messages, Sammie, Soc, Mea (Angel), and her family Mikki, Milo, Mimu, Miko, and Maui- Snowflake!
It really meant a lot to me and Mommy! Happy New Year to you and all of the other Catsters out there! Love, Lilah


I am remembered!

December 24th 2009 10:36 am
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Thank you Catster...I am so happy to be remembered...on Christmas Eve of all days...According to my papers, I was at a local Animal Control last year. Admitted just a few days before Christmas. I had no idea. I stayed there for 3 months until a nice lady from a local rescue group took me to her house. 3 weeks later, and I was in Mommy's house. Only I was sick. The rescue offered to take me back, but Mommy was determined to keep me and to see me through all of it. After several vet visits, I went from ok to bad - to ok -to good - to ok and then to bad really fast. I only had 5 weeks at my new forever mommy's house. Those 5 weeks were the best because I was loved. I had toys, even though I only played a few times. I had soft places to lay down. I had Andy. Ava finally accepted me a few days before I got bad again. I'm glad, because when she came to the Bridge 3 months later, she remembered me. Just like I am being remembered today. Merry Christmas to all, especially those little kitties who don't feel well, and to the wonderful people who try anyway...I have a new friend at the Bridge today, he's cute..big ole ears and a silly smile! His name is Tiny Tim. I will show him around the Angel baby playroom...Love you all! xoxoxoxo, Lilah


Baby at the Bridge

December 23rd 2009 4:00 pm
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Dear Lilah, Mommy hasn't forgotten you. It's been almost 8 months already since you had to go. I pray you are safe and with Ava, and that you know I'm sorry you never had a chance to grow up....I wish I had more pictures. I only had you 5 weeks. I'm glad I was touched by your presence. You were a sweet little girl. Merry Christmas to you, Angel Baby...Love, Mommy


Dear Lilah,

November 3rd 2009 5:07 pm
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Little kitty, it's been six months yesterday since you were called to the bridge. I guess Heaven needs kittens too. I hope you will remember me as your mommy, even though you were only here 5 weeks. I still fell for you and wonder what you would look like now because you'd be all grown up. I hope you felt safe here and that I will get to hold you again someday. I'm sorry you had to go so soon. You must be a very important kitty there at the bridge. Love you, Little Lilah.

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