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My life as a Loke

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Still truckin!

March 27th 2011 2:34 pm
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Thank you so much to all of you for the birthday wishes! My mom says she cannot believe I'm 3 years old already!

Alot has happened since I wrote last. Mom made a big life decision and decided to switch careers, which involved going back to school. Unfortunately, her dad is deathly allergic to cats and she could not keep me with her when she moved home for the year, so I'm staying with mom's friend, Auntie Layal. She loves me and has lots of other animals and also is a vet tech so she can attend to my special needs. Mom says we will be together again soon (hopefully this fall when she's done with her nursing program) but I have to say I've enjoyed having my very own bedroom all to myself at Layal's, and also have made lots of new friends! Mom comes to see me as often as she can, but I'm doing very well and haven't had a seizure in months! I'm just the sweetest, cuddliest little ball of fur you can imagine, and although my mom misses me terribly, I'm glad she has good friends who were willing to take care of me for the year :)


Hi, everyone!

April 29th 2010 5:49 pm
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Wow, I know it's been a long time since I've been on my page, but I wanted to tell everyone hello and give you all an update.

We take things one day at a time here in our house. It turns out the accident did have some lasting effects on me, and the damage that was done cannot be reversed, but I do just fine and don't know I'm different! Mom just has to be careful who she lets into the apartment because I get stressed out so easily that sometimes I have seizures. The part of my brain that was damaged has, according to the doctors, died and been rewired. Mom always knows I've had a seizure because I cannot see for a few hours. My vision always comes back, and I've had many visits from many doctors that say I'm otherwise in excellent health. I've had everything, from my blood to my liver tested for problems, but without a CT or spinal tap we'll never really know how much of my brain was damaged.

So mom tries her best to keep my house calm and quiet...

I guess I'm just a special kitty! My mom already knew that, though ;)



September 13th 2009 9:31 am
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I am back to playing and cuddling with Oliver!! I know he missed me and mom is so happy to see her boys getting along again. We're a happy kitty house once more!


This is weird

September 7th 2009 3:41 pm
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So over the past two weeks, mom has been keeping a very close eye on me and she has noticed some differences between now and before the surgery.

First, I tremble every so often like I'm cold, but I'm not cold. My doctor says that it is because my cerebellum was damaged and that I could have tremor for the rest of my life. It doesn't seem to bother me, it just looks strange.

Second, I no longer get along with my kitty brothers. I won't even let them sniff me before I hiss and growl at them like I don't even know who they are. Mom thinks I've forgotten that I'm a cat instead of a person, cause my tail goes right up in the air and I start purring as soon as I hear my mom's voice. This makes mom sad because I used to be so close to Oliver and she thinks he must miss having me as a playmate. We were practically raised together since we're only a month apart in age. Now I want nothing to do with him or Cosmo, and mom wonders why. We used to cuddle all the time!

Third, sometimes mom thinks I forget where I am, cause I cry out for her and I seem lost. Once she talks to me, I stop crying, but for a minute there I seem to lose my way. Maybe my sight comes and goes, or maybe I really do lose cognition for a moment and it takes a little while to regain it. I always find the litterbox and food/water, but sometimes when I'm in the windowsill or in the bathtub, I get confused and meow until my mom talks to me and calms me down. Then I'm all purrs and snuggles. It's the strangest thing.

Mom is kind of worried that this is a regression and that I might get worse. She hopes that I won't turn into a mean cat who can't get along with others. She hopes I don't start hissing at her or that get so disoriented that I stop using the box. Hopefully this will pass.


Vet says I look great!

August 31st 2009 10:18 am
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I went to the doctor yesterday for a final check to make sure I'm all better, and she said I look great! The only remaining symptom I have is a slight tremor, which happens sometimes when kitties have damage to their cerebellum. The doctor says it shouldn't interfere with my activities and that it doesn't hurt. It's only noticeable when I'm scared. Other than that, I'm a healthy boy. Mom still wants to get my bile acids checked to see if I have a liver issue (that could have caused the reaction to the anesthesia) but there is no rush. I have a list of meds I can't have and I can never go under general anesthesia again. I am even more cuddly now than I was before all of this. I pretty much am glued to my mom's side. I think it's because she took care of me and protected me during my recovery, and a few nose kisses and nuzzles are the least I can do to thank her ;)


Triumph at last!

August 25th 2009 9:37 am
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I can see! I can see! I can see!

I am back to chasing feather toys, taking naps in my mom's arms, exploring the apartment, and taking the world in WITH MY EYES!

It will have been three weeks on Wednesday since this all started. Mom says it's a miracle! I've made a complete recovery. I'm so happy to be back to myself.

Mom realized last night that I could see. She did the cotton ball test (you drop a cotton ball in front of my face and see if I follow it with my eyes) and I passed with flying colors. I chase her feet under the covers and run after toys when she throws them.

Mom and I are so lucky to have so many friends purring and praying for us. We have no doubt in our minds that all that support gave her the strength to keep believing in the possibility of a full recovery!

Thank you so much to everyone! I'm back to living a normal, wonderful life with my mom who loves me even more now that she knows what a strong, resilient kitty I am.


Zoom zoom

August 18th 2009 3:29 pm
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Thank you, everyone! I'm busy zooming around the living room right now, but my mom reads all of your comments everyday and it gives her strength and hope! Mom hopes I get my sight back, but I do love making her laugh with my goofiness right now! I jump up on things now, including the windowsill, but it's tricky getting down, so I sometimes fall off and then get all wide-eyed and spastic for a minute while I remember what just happened. It cracks mom up! I've learned how to get up on the bed and the couch, and I'm getting braver about getting down.

Mom thinks I actually am beginning to see a tiny bit, since I wince slightly when she waves a hand in front of my face! Right now it seems my right eye reacts more than my left to sharp movements, and the reaction on either side is so subtle that it would be easy to miss if you weren't really watching. I like to explore vertical surfaces by standing on my hind legs and pawing at them, and mom thinks this is very cute until I do it to her and scratch her legs a bit ;) I also have stopped coming when she calls me, so she has to look for me to make sure I'm still getting enough to eat and finding the box alright on my own. I have one hiding place she doesn't know about and it worries her when she can't find me. Luckily, when I really need her, I call her. She always comes and finds me then.


Getting better every day!

August 17th 2009 7:08 pm
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Loki continues to improve. He is now out with his brothers (no more being locked in the bathroom) and is using the litterbox every time, no accidents! He is also figuring out how to jump up on furniture, although getting down is much harder! He's working on it, though. He doesn't run into things much at all anymore, and he runs around the apartment like he can see, but I know he still can't. It's really remarkable how well he's adapting though! It will be two weeks on Wednesday since this all started, and he has plenty more time to keep getting better!



August 14th 2009 8:53 am
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I am now using my litterbox!!! I was so proud of myself, and my mom was so happy she scooped me up for an extra long cuddle and she cried from happiness. I used it all night in my bathroom (mom keeps me in there when she's not around), and haven't had any accidents! Mom is going to see over the next couple of days if I can stay consistent and then start letting me out with my brothers in the rest of the house for longer times while she's home. I'm also drinking normal water with no added flavoring! In only 9 days, I have pretty much returned to being myself, except for the blindness, which I have adapted to pretty well! I'm playing (the shower curtain is my favorite toy right now), grooming myself (and my mom), eating dry food and drinking normal water (though I have to step in it before I realize it's there), and now, using my litterbox like a pro! Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who have supported my mom and me. We both are so grateful and I know it's helped me recover faster. Mom will keep you posted if my sight starts to return...I have a good feeling that it will just be a matter of time for my little brain to solve that one final puzzle for itself! Mom is now calling me her little miracle kitty.


Another step in the right direction

August 13th 2009 3:57 pm
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Today, I am eating DRY food and drinking flavored water all on my own. My mom is so proud of me!

I am pretty much acting like a normal cat, with a few exceptions. I'm still blind. I will follow my mom's voice and my coordination is very good, so I'm moving around great and I purr constantly.

I still will not use my box, and this still perplexes my mom. I sniff at the box and it smells interesting, but I don't know why it's there or what it's for. I go to the bathroom wherever I am at the time, and sometimes I walk in it cause I forget it's there two seconds after I go. I find my food and water just fine, and I can smell my mom and my medicine, so I don't think there's anything wrong with my sense of smell. Mom thinks the seizures made me forget.

I am keeping myself clean and playing with mom, though. Really, everything seems normal except the bathroom issues and the blindness. I think I can adapt to the blindness if I can just get this litterbox thing nailed. Then I could be out with my brothers and not be kept in the bathroom. Mom lets me out once in a while, but she doesn't want me to get scared and overwhelmed, so my visits with my brothers are brief and I still don't seem to recognize them. I spend most of my time in the bathroom where my mom sits and plays with me. But I know she wants to let me out with the rest of the family!

Still, eating dry food for the first time in a week is a big step!

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