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Personally Pigeon

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I just found out ....I'm a DDP ! :) Thank you All!

August 12th 2012 6:35 pm
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Hello Furiends!
See this smile put it there! :)Thanx fur reading my Diary & fur All your concern & Kind messages! It meant Alot to Mom & I ! We're sooo LUCKY to have Special Furiends like you!

P.S. Thanx so much Catster Diary Picker fur making me a Daily Diary Pick! We miss Catster! :(

Miss & love ya All so much! :( ♥
Pige & Mom


2nd entry today - I Miss You All so much! :(

August 5th 2012 3:49 pm
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Hi Furiends! Just wanted to let you know I've missed you all while I've been away! :( Mom has been through some trauma recently and has also been very busy working , helping to care fur our human Grand daughter daily ( and weekends too) and just trying to keep it together! I miss Catster , our Group , Kewlest Catster Kitties (Thanx to All the Admins./members fur keeping our Group going strong!) , the Admins./ my furiends & members , the other Groups and of course All of you/my furiends! Thannx to those who have sent caring Pawmail & Gifts/Cakes w/nice messages! I truly Appreciate it! I'm hoping I'll be back active again but until then keep on having Fun in Catsterland!
♥ Love & Miss ya Furiends!


P.S. I apologize fur missing so many of your Special Days, Awards etc...I hope they were Pawsome and Memorable and I wish I couldv'e been here! :(


Thanx fur my cakes! You're All just as Sweet!

August 5th 2012 3:37 pm
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Hi Everyfurbuddy! What a Nice , Huge Surprise! Thank you All fur thinking of me and sending cakes with Nice Messages! I'd Never now have a chance to thank you all personally however...I've read all your nice messages and some w/ Kewl pix and it means alot to me! What Great Furiends I have! :)
I'd also like to thank HQ ,of course fur allowing us all to share some cake! ...So Pawsome! I miss you all very much and think about you alot! I hope to be back & active again sometime! I Truly Enjoy Catster, our Group Kewlest Catster Kitties and all the others Groups , Furiends& Catster Fun! Thanx again!
Love ya All ♥


Whooohoo It's my 5th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 2nd 2012 9:08 am
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Hi Furiends! Just wanted to Thank All of You fur stopping by my page to help Celebrate my 5th Birthday! It's Furiends like you that help make it Xtra Special!!! Thanx fur your photo comments, Pawmail & Gifts ( I even received a Kewl Birthday card in the mail from my Good Budd, Bugsy! ) and Most of All..... just fur thinking of me! I was born into Awful Living conditions but ...'Life is Good' now!!! Gonna go get spoiled now some far I've already had some chicken (Chinese style), treats and I'm hoping fur more Cuddles and some playtime before Mom has to go back to work! I can't understand why Mom just didn't take the day off to spend it with me?!! I know she wishes she could have though!!! Oh well...I'll take what I can get! MOL I'll have Mom all evening when she gets home to Celebrate more! Thanx again Furiends! Love ya All ♥


I was Thrilled to find out who my Special Secret Admirer- was!!!!....

February 19th 2012 6:22 pm
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Hi Furiends! My KCK 'Secret Admirer' was the Beautiful,
Princess Tu Two!!!! She Spoiled me Rotten! MOL She has a Heart of Gold and I was sure to let her know that! Thank you again Sweetie fur Everything and being my Secret Admirer .... but Most of All fur being my Furiend!
Love ya Princess Tu Two! ♥

P.S. We All had so much Fun at KCK with the "Secret Admirer' thread ! Thanx again to our KCK Admins. Dante & Bugsy fur making sure all our messages, pix, etc...were delivered to All our KCK Secret Members!
KCK & I Love ya both ♥


Our furiend ,Sweet ♥ Lumi ♥ made her way to Rainbow- Bridge today

February 12th 2012 1:43 pm
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It is difficult to write this sad news I have just received , the tears roll as I type. :( Yesterday we learned that Lumi ( Beloved family member of Big Harry & The Gang and one of our KCK Admins. also)was rushed to the emergency Hospital and was having tests done and Mom was awaiting the results. Today we got the sad news , Lumi is an Angel now. Her Mom & Dad were with her as she passed peacefully . They adopted Lumi at age 15 . Mom is devastated . Please send Purrayers . Here is
Sweet Angel, ♥ Lumi ♥ 's page link
or in case link doesn't work ...
Thank you furiends.
Keeping Angel ♥ Lumi ♥ and her family in our thoughts and Purrayers.
♥ With Love Always,
Pigeon & Mom


She Likes me!!!!! ♥

February 3rd 2012 11:08 pm
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Hi Furiends! I'm Proud to say that I have a Secret Admirer!!!! It's so much Fun !!!! ♥ So let me tell you All about it ... My Thoughtful , Generous, S.A. has sent me a Friendly message, a Kiss (Lips) Gift with a nice poem that even says, they "Like Me" in it!!!! :) and a really Kewl Valentines Day pic. ( it's on my page ...check it out! even says "Be Mine" on it!!!!!) But...More Important than's the feeling of someone Caring about you... a Secret Admirer with a Big Heart !!!!! I may be falling in Like or Love myself! ♥ ...but I don't know with who?!!! MOL Thank you Secret Admirer fur Caring! Also, Special Thanx to KCK Admins. , Dexter, Dante & Bugsy fur working hard in Kewlest Catster Kitties 'Secret Admirer' thread, sending our Love around Catster!
Thanx to my Sweet Secret Admirer & also to my Bestest Buds Dexter, Dante & Bugsy ! ♥
Happy Valentines Day Everyfurbuddy! Hope you have a Secret Admirer too! Love ya ♥
P.S. Any ideas to who my Secret Admirer may be?!!!


My Trip to The Big City

January 26th 2012 8:09 am
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Hi Furiends! I recently went to one of our States Best Animal Hospitals, Angell Memorial to see a small tissue Specialist for a 3rd and the last opinion on my soft cleft palet diagnosis. As usual, I charmed them in the office with my Sweet personality and Unique Purr( these Vet. Specialists had never heard a Purr like mine neither.)! The Good News is....I do Not have a soft cleft palet ! The Bad News is.... I will Always have to live with my Respiratory Disease,Rhinotracheitis (or Herpes 1 )symptoms. There isn't anything to do to cure it , Mom just has to get me on antibiotics if I get a bad infection. I contacted this Disease from my past upbringing , living in deplorable conditons, in a house with 95 other sick, neglected cats/kittens , a Hoarding / Animal Abuse case .
Mom prays that No cat/kitten has to live through this or any other type of animal abuse! Please, Never hesitate to report any type of animal abuse if you see / hear of it!
click here for the ASPCA

Stay Happy & Healthy Everyfurbuddy! Love ya ♥


Thank you Catster /Zealie Maker fur making our new Furever- 'Heart of Gold' Star!!!!!!

January 14th 2012 10:38 am
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Thanx so Very Much Catster fur making a Beautiful 'Heart of Gold' Furever Star!!!! I am gonna need Alot of Zealies as Every single one my Furiends Deserve one of these! My Furiends are the Most Thoughtful, Kewlest on Catster!!!! Thanx again Catster /Zealie Maker and also to my Pawsome Furiends!!! Love ya All ♥


Happy New Year Friends!

January 5th 2012 8:51 pm
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Dear Friends,
I hope you & your Families are all doing well and that you all Enjoyed the Holidays! We've Missed you All very much while we were away! :( My good furiend , Bugsy may have informed you ....It was a difficult month for us, as Mom had computer issues, along with some family matters, but the worst thing was Mom had pneumonia. At one point, she thought she was better, relapsed with double pneumonia in both lungs and was hospitalized for a short stay. Sadly, we missed Christmas at home and here Celebrating with all of you at Catster and in our Group ,Kewlest Catster Kitties and our other Favorite Groups ! Thanks for your Christmas Gifts/cards you sent us through the mail and the Zealie Gifts/messages! You're all such Pawsome, caring friends! Your Friendship is Truly our Special Gift! Thank you all! We'll be Thanking you individually and trying to catch up again but , of course, we'd like to be having Fun , Everywhere, with All of you Now, but it's going to take some time . So, if you do not here from us right away ... you will , we hope soon! We hope all of you and your Families have a Happy , Healthy 2012! We Love ya, Pige & Mom ♥

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