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My Turn @ The Computer

September 6th 2009 3:55 pm
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Hi Diary. Hey Pals- I don't usually break into my nap time for this writin' stuff. Besides, my paws are pretty big 4 these little keys. I purrfur 2 lay on the keyboard while ma Momma tries to click the keys! Here's the deal, though: My little Sis, Kiara, is about to go away again. Momma takes her in that house on wheels, sumtimes 4 days! Don't get me wrong, I like the quiet 'round here...but this seems like it's pretty serious. Kiara has always been a bit of a spoiled little yapper. She's got sumthin' happenin' in her tumma bones. She gets pretty sick. Momma gets really upset. I wish the little yapper would show me a little more respect, but I hate to see her in trouble. She's gonna have some cutting & changin' in her tumma in about a week. I think it's a really good thing, but things here are sure upside down! I gotta ask ya'...Will ya Please Pause to Paws-Together for her & My family? I kinda LOVE the little one, you know. She sleeps alot...almost as much as me. She has 2 take all kinds of med'cines. Momma has to get her outta hidin' for sum of 'em sumtimes. 'Guess that 1 is really gross! If you could smell the food she has to eat, you'd walk away from it! It smells like an empty cardboard box! I know, cause I LOVE to sleep in cardboard boxes! I don't eat 'em, tho. 'Poor kid. She's s'posed 2 get WAY better after this op-e-a-shun. Please put yer Paws Together 4 her! Thanks Guys...and girls. Who Luvs Ya? ~Mitter-Pitter~


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