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Home:Vancouver, BC, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Shane, Ladd, Cowboy, Cowboy Cat, Alan & Alan Ladd, Marty & Marty Robbins

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April 17th 1970

Seal Point

Loved riding in the red wagon! Playing with the Sheltie dog who will be on these pages now, oh yes he will!

Not being allowed to run anywhere I wanted inside the house! I was an indoor / outdoor cat & had a window left cracked for me & a pet door of sorts.

Favorite Toy:
Feathers, bell balls, spinning tops of any kind & had to put my paw out & stop those, toy army men & toy astronauts.

Favorite Nap Spot:
In my human's window or on his bed! I was the little boy's cat not the adults!

Favorite Food:
Anything the humans ate -- did eat cat food but preferred tins of sardines, fish, seafood & I had human food prepared especially for me!

Twirling round & round. Chasing my tail & stopping & grooming it. Hopping & ha! about that not being about to leap the heights of other cats: try straight up in the air & curving over things & onto things!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Shaunessy! Whoa there bud! I was here before you & Thomas both & the reason for the stories of the Lost Boys. No, I didn't run away from them but I was out in the sun laying on the back of the car and Mother brought me a pillow. I was sick very sick but wasn't due to the breeders, oh no. Vet had figured out what was wrong with me & let me tell you I got hooked up to all these wild machines like a human. I was sick & would get well & was sick & would get well. So my companion & hey not a cat but a dog and I was called a dog cat, a cat that thought I was either human or a dog & I preferred the company of dogs! Or people! Didn't much care for other cats. Didn't understand what those things were well except for my litter mates & they were okay, but I left there! I was poisoned by a jealous relative of theirs not a real close relative though he liked to say he was, young adult & he hated me & the dog thought pets & animals belonged outside & shouldn't be pampered & petted & loved the way we were, so every time he visited, he brought us treats. We would get very sick & then get well again. Eventually we died from it and the vet knew, a specialist that we were eating something poisonous but thought it was different things. Not until the end did he realize we were being poisoned on purpose by someone.

Yes, I came from a breeder but my breeder wasn't bad. When I first became ill, they thought it was a kidney disease one that we were known to sometimes have at the time. No, that wasn't it at all. Someone had it in for me, just resented the love showered on the pets in the family, someone who had to come to this area to take treatments at a research center somewhere in our province. We were Americans & Canadians & he also had an ulterior motive -- he was drafted but didn't let us know that & under different circumstances we might have connected him to those who could have helped him but instead he re-entered the USA one weekend and was hanging out waiting to go to California and they caught him with a whole group of others as the bus let's say made a return trip to Canada. We could have helped him, but he went to Vietnam. No, he didn't die and somehow he managed to get himself kicked out of the military which was much more difficult in the Vietnam era & my family had little to do with him after a certain point. They didn't even know he did it -- until he bragged about it to others in the family & to my boy & to neighbors who were quite horrified as we were entering that time of spoiled rotten middle class pets suburban pets who were treated like family. He didn't understand that attitude, grew up with hunting dogs & fight dogs & working dogs and cats belonged in the barn chasing mice & who cared if they died? Not excusing him. My family suspected a neighbor who had poisoned other pets in the neighborhood & boy were they shocked when they realized just who did it. After he admitted to it & gloated, he was never allowed back at my family's house again, but too late for me. The sad thing was he was always so very proud of what he had done. Shaunessy I was the cat who was never spoken of even moreso than you & it's because at least you died of a disease -- I was poisoned & they didn't even know it for five full years for sure. My arrival was at least two full years before yours, at least & I was the very first cat here! The first one! Not Thomas, me Shane named after the Western & you were overlay to make the children forget about me so I was so very truly forgotten but I lived through you Shaun.

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Shane Ladd is Charlie Chaplin!

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Shane Ladd's Wagon Train: Westward HO! To Death Valley We will GO!!!!

Kitthaven Estate's Pool Party w/ me as Nemo!

August 16th 2009 12:36 am
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Both Shaun & I were Nemo & thought we would have some fun playing off our names Shane & Shaun with different forums mottoes about Nemo & some thought there was something fishy going on, but they didn't figure it out at first, but they had a great time diving into the pool at Beckham & Emma's Birthday Bash trying to find us. We both enjoyed being Nemo for the night & hope that we can go to tonight's swim party for Reba's birthday at Fancypants Cafe & be Nemo one more time. We had great fun! We got to swim all around underwater & jump out of the water & surface & we had a purrfect time! I even got a pretty rose from Little Emma from the party who joked that I was a cat fish & that so was Shaun & we liked that little joke about us being cute little catfish! Clown fish cat fish yes, Nemo fish! More about the party & about how it was being Marvin Martian for the week later as I'm a sleepy angel cat & need to fly up into the night air to rejuvenate to go check on the kids in the family & fly on up to the night clouds & over the Rainbow back to the Bridge where we angel cats re-energize & take a type of nap. Not good to stay awake all the time for an angel cat or earth cat or human child, so go back to sleep children in the family. I just woke up & had to purr about the party. Good Night.
Shane Ladd aka Nemo!


Not Shane, Marvin Martian! From the old Bugs Bunny- Cartoons...

August 9th 2009 2:16 am
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Don't you remember Marvin Martian? My kids loved Marvin the Martian and one day they stopped rooting for Bugs Bunny to win & hoped that Marvin Martian would. Now not kill Bugs Bunny but hold him captive on Mars especially my boy male child. He had a vivid imagination & really wanted Marvin Martian to put that wascaly wabbit in the Martian jail. Never wanted Elmer Fudd to win, but did grow to like Marvin the Martian & could do a really good imitation of him once upon a time. So I was very happy when I got to be Marvin the Martian for Robin Hood's Science Fiction Birthday party even if our side of the party and for some others things just didn't turn out very well. We couldn't get a post in & couldn't get a post in & think that finally I managed to get in two & undoubtedly one of those was just to say good night & happy birthday to you Robin Hood. Hope that it was a happy Bark Day for him & that he could actually see the screen to read through his great party & could feel himself in virtual world having a grand old time, a fun time for all! Now we were really annoyed with the cats that convinced us to go to that party but why when I have this great Martian character that I have become & will continue to be for a few days at least. Have a pool party next week at Kitthaven & some time very soon a cruise so will have to change for those but forget about those swimsuits! I am an angel cat & even if I wasn't no! NO! NO! I'm not wearing one of those skimpy things nor will I wear the swim trunks with the belly overhang that we saw at the Kimi "store" -- no think not... NO! Shorts? Hmm. Then I would have people legs & really I quite prefer my furry cat legs. Long pants? That's a definite maybe, but would just love to find some more cartoon characters or animals that I could transform into for the pool party. Otherwise I will just wear my wings & fly around & that will mean an angel wing photo but wouldn't mind having a nice pair of wings. Have seen some just superb great angel wings on some of the other angel cats & want a good first pair myself even if it's a Kimi pair in a Kimi pick. Our people are going to have to go to those groups that teach how to make better pics without using the Imikimi site & learn how to make angel wings for us & do their own pics for us.

You know -- the kids always in the end or in the end wanted the Coyote to catch the Roadrunner too didn't want anything except cartoon violence of the type that happened to the Coyote Wiley or however it was spelled to occur to the Roadrunner but they just got sick of that coyote losing & so did their Dad. Genius of a coyote there. They also wanted Sylvester to catch Tweety, weren't sure that they wanted him to get eaten up on a permanent type basis but maybe swallowed whole a few times and not happy about it as he became over time far too cheerful for him. Hey, I'm a cat so you know how I feel about it --- yes, that's right! Sylvester should have caught Tweety! What a disgrace to us cats that the cartoon cat couldn't even get that stupid silly yellow bird that couldn't even say pussy cat properly! Okay, got to go for now as human needs sleep and I need to go back to Mars and hang out in cartoon land for awhile. Got a great light bulb in the caption over the head sort of idea for how to trap that pesky wabbit!
From Mars, Marvin the Martian (otherwise known as Shane)


ConCats to Thomas & Little Red Wagon

August 1st 2009 12:18 pm
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ConCats to Thomas for being the Diary of the Day yesterday now! Great going Thomas the Great Hunter & my family member! I certainly hope there's never a Cat Whisperer who expects to be able to train cats in dog fashion because somehow us cats would just lose something of our mystery! Happy for you Thomas my friend!

Little Red Wagon

Later we had a larger longer red wagon and we had one that our boy called the station wagon because it had these wooden slat sides to add to the wagon to keep us inside like that was going to work if we were ready to get out and go play in the grass! But he would patiently stop and load us back in several times if necessary because we were supposed to be on great travels to Death Valley especially partly over that tv series of the same name. We acted out different adventures from tv shows of that time, but we also had our own and we traveled different trails though we most certainly avoided the Donner party as a cat or dog might be quite tasty and delicious to people starving in the snow and ice! Our “lad” would get out the wagon and we would usually willingly follow him outside and hop right in because it meant he was going to pull us around the yard and we got to ride and then we would visualize where we were by his narrations. We are in the hot dusty dry trail area. Sage brush on the side and tumble weeds and cactus every now and then. We don’t know yet that the cactus contains water and we should eat it. There’s a water hole right there but we’ve passed others that we know are either natural sources of poison or that have been poisoned by man to thwart our progress. We are a lone wagon trying to catch up to the wagon train for protection because a lone wagon is easy pickin’s for the outlaws and the Indians along the way. There are always bad guys, gun slingers lookin’ to steal and not just our goods and horses and food. No, they’re looking for women to make into saloon girls to entertain the men a fate worse than death so we will have to kill them with our bare hands if we run out of bullets or can’t load the gun fast enough if necessary. If we meet any of the bad guys Shane, you will turn into a Mountain Lion and take some of them out or sometimes I was to be a mountain lion. Laddie (nickname for the dog) you will turn into a bear and go after them. Wait a minute, are there bears in this part of the country? Well, if not for now there are. Oh it’s a shoot out the Indians are coming but luckily they don’t have the repeating rifles that they will be armed with later! Just bows and arrows! We will hide behind this rock and shoot at them. Then he would hand out ammo to the imaginary invisible members of our company including women and explain how to load up the rifles to the women folk. Now don’t aim for the horses cause we need a new horse, and try to aim right between the eyes! Don’t get caught by these particular Indians as they collect scalps and they will add it to their belt kind of like the Head Hunters in Africa! We played Head Hunters sometimes too. Then we would run from imaginary rock to rock giant boulders conveniently placed for our hiding. Finally we would roust the Indians and be able to do repairs to our wagon and load up our new horses to walk behind us until we could train a new pair to drive the wagon!

One of our many adventures in our Wagon Train fighting off the Indians and many, many more to come! And other things…..
Stay tuned until next time as they said on our favorite tv shows!
Shane Ladd from the Wagon Train

** forgot! Thanks to the family of Dion The CatDog cats in that family let's see if I can get them all w/o looking back: Caelian & Thomasina! as we have one in our family too! Takoda Crow another Siamese or Siamese type, Morse the orange tabby big & warm like Morris the Cat, Mosaic & Lilly the Calico Cats & BabyCat Calliope a Tortoiseshell Cat for the great crown that you gave me as the first cat in the house! My first rosette aside from the blue star from Catster & thanks to Catster for my blue star too! Okay, still had to look back to make sure I got it right! Almost & I fixed it! **

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