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Andy to the rescue!

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My Birthday/Gotcha Day!

July 17th 2014 9:01 am
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Today is my 12th Birthday/Gotcha Day! Mommy adopted me from the shelter July 17th, 2002. The shelter said I was about 1 year, it is my 12th Gotcha Day, but I am probably 13 years old. I am Mommy's first baby and she says I am the love of her life! I purray that I will be with Mommy for many many more years! Mommy is worried about one of my toofies, though. It is a front canine and Mommy says it is too red and swollen. I don't feel it and I am playing and eating just like normal. However, Mommy is saying she is going take me to that awful vet place as soon as she finds money. So, I will do my best to hide any money if I find some first! Today is my special day and I can worry about toofies next week!


Purrs and Prayers are answered!

May 3rd 2011 4:07 pm
[ View A Comments (10) ]'s true! Mommy got the call today! My lump on my leg is a fatty lipoma...NOT cancer! I am gonna be ok! She cried so hard...she was so happy...she NEVER gets good news! Thank you all for your purrs of support! We love you so much! Love, Andy and Mommy Karen



April 26th 2011 6:55 pm
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Well, I made it thru the dental...THANK you all for the purrs! They work! Now we must wait for the biopsy results from the lump on my leg...but my VET says she doesn't seem too worried because it was in my skin only...not my other parts like muscle and bone, etc. So, keep the purrs coming please til we know for sure! Love you all! Mommy will give more details soon! Love, Andy


So many friends....

April 20th 2011 8:05 pm
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Thank you for your support..Mommy is too filled up with water in her eyes to write much...she is so happy that you all took the time...we feel bad for not being around so much...we owe you all so much! Happy Easter...Mommy is on vaycayshion starting tomorrow! Yeps, I get her everyday, ALL day, for 10 days! We will keep you posted! Keep up the purrs...Mommy believes in them, and so do I! Love, Andy


Purrs needed.....

April 19th 2011 4:53 pm
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Hello everyone. Mommy is worried because I have to have a dental and then get a lump removed from my leg.....she has been quiet about it because she has too much to deal with and is so scared....I am her baby..her first kitty. We love each other bunches. Please send some purrs our way! Happy Easter to all! We will be in touch soon...Love, Andy


Update from my vet visit...

February 18th 2011 5:05 pm
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Well, I don't need a dental yet....going to eat my dental diet for 2 weeks. I have plaque and Ginger sumthin...not serious yet....but vet will see my mouth in 2 weeks and let Mommy know if she needs to start saving $ for a dental. So, no treats or wet food for me for the next 2 weeks or 3. Only the TD won't stick to the toffs and do its job if other foods get mixed in. :(

As for my has doubled, but still isn't a concern...but should be removed as a precaution. It's not attached to muscle or's loose in the back of my skin. It is very almost couldn't find it! However, Mommy wants to know for sure so she will do her best to start saving up $ for it to be removed. We will do the dental at the same time if needed, and that will save some money AND keep me from having to endure two surgeries. So, not out of the water yet, but we will know more in a few weeks.

Augie, my dog Brofur, is in trouble with his health. We are concerned. Going to 5 lysodren pills a week...he is down from his original weight of 48 pounds to only 35. He has lost a lot of muscle mass. Please send him your purrs. Hope he feels better soon. He's only about 7.

Thanks for your messages and gifts...we appreciate all of you more than you know...Love, Andy


Purrs for me and Augie...

February 17th 2011 5:03 pm
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Tomorrow I am going to the vet for a "recheck". The little lump on my leg has gotten a little bit Mommy wants it checked again. Plus, the VET wants to do a dental, so Mommy is going to have me open my moufie and let her look and see how I am doing in there. I eat a dental diet for a couple weeks once every few's worked to keep me clean for the last 2 years, but don't know if it's enough anymore. Mommy is worried and wants me to be ok. After all, I am her first baby...I have been with her the longest...since 2002! So, please purray for me to be ok!

Also, Augie has relapsed and his Cushing's disease is causing him problems again. He's lost A LOT of weight, and his Lysodren hasn't helped with the peeing in the house....Mommy cleans up at least 4 puddles a day. His blood results will be in tomorrow, so we hope the vet can adjust his meds and get him back on track.

Purrs, Andy


49 dollars for a butt scratchin!

September 5th 2010 5:46 pm
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Yep...I went to the vet to have a little lump looked at on Tuesday. The vet said it was nothing, but Mommy had the feeling she wasn't feeling the little knot, so she kept making the vet check again. Mommy's fingers are very little, so she was able to find it easier and had the vet feel it when she located it. There was also a visiting vet in the room, and she felt what Mommy felt. Then the vet finally did find it. Both vets agreed once again that it didn't feel alarming, and it was not anywhere near where I get my shots. They measured it anyway and put it in the computer, and said to keep an eye on it. They both thought it could be an ingrown hair or fatty deposit. Either way, Mommy was happy and satisfied after I had my butt rubbed and scratched and pinched several times....Yes, the lump is on my back left leg near my booty! Anyway, what it boils down to, is that Mommy paid 49 dollars for me to get a butt scratchin! Hopefully this little knot will go away so I don't have to go through that again! Thanks for purring for worked! Love, Andy


Purrs needed...

August 30th 2010 5:56 pm
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Hi everyone! I am going to the vet tomorrow because Mommy found a knot in my back leg. It's small....maybe a bit bigger than a pea...but it's hard to tell. It's in the loose skin along the very back of my left leg. She is very worried for me. Augie, my dog brofur is sick...he went to a specialist and they believe he has pancreatitis. Now, just when she thought things were going to be ok, she felt this lump on me and is hurting all over again. Please send us some purrs....we will catch up with you all very soon. Love, Andy


Birthday Boy!

July 17th 2010 11:48 am
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Today is my Birthday/Gotcha Day! I am 9 years old! Mommy brought me home 8 years ago today. I would love to go on, but right now my heart is aching....we lost Emily Felicity this week...and now the sad news that Mercy has went to the Bridge as well. We are so sad.....we joined Catster last July, just as Ava was beginning to let go. We know their sadness and we will be keeping them in our prayers......

I did get my Birthday cuddles this morning...then I had to watch Mommy feed the stray cat outside! Well, she said not to worry, that I would be having my dinner from the "Fancy Glass" just like Minka and Arli did on their I will be waiting for that can to open! Give your kitties lots of hugs and kisses......never know what each day is going to bring....Love, Andy

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