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Kitcat's Chronicle

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A trip to the vet ...

November 3rd 2009 11:08 am
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The day Mom has been worrying about ever since she met me, finally came. I was scheduled to be spayed.
I was a trooper. I didn't complain about having no food since last night. I just kept playing! Mom had to lock me up while she let Squirrel eat a bit. Twice! (Once was in the middle of the night.) Another strange thing Mom did is take down our cat tree. She said she doesn't want me jumping off of that for a while. She left it laying on its side so we can still sort of play with it.
Then, Mom had a bit of trouble tricking me into the cat carrier. She tried with the laser pointer, but that didn't work. Then she tried a string, that worked. Once she got me in there, she brought out our food and water bowls for Squirrel. I couldn't get at them. I wasn't hungry or thirsty anyhow. She also didn't feed Lobo this morning. She was afraid I would get into his food and water. As if.
Once I was in the carrier there was not a peep out of me the whole way there. Lobo came with us. Mom said she would take him for his walk after she dropped me off. She said it would help her relax.
There was a bit of a wait at the clinic while they dealt with a little dog, a weiner dog, that had tooth problems. That dog complained the whole time. I tried to tell her to just chill but she wouldn't. She was scared. I was starting to think that maybe I should be scared too, but I wasn't scared. Then the lady at the desk wanted to see my teeth. She was wondering if I still had some baby ones that might need to get pulled. Like maybe they are in the way of my big girl teeth. So, she opened the door to my carrier and I slowly came out. My tail was puffy so Mom knew I was a bit scared, but not too bad. She looked at my teeth and they are purfect. I went back in the carrier. She had a hard time closing the door because of my gorgeous, super long tail. She told my Mom how much it was going to cost and I saw tears in Mom's eyes. But, I think those tears were there for most of the morning. So maybe it isn't the money that is worrying her. Anyhow, the clinic lady took me to another room (I heard Mom say: "Take good care of her!") and it is here that many strange things were about to happen...

To be continued ....

Okay, I don't know what happened. People grabbed me and the next thing I knew I awoke in a different cage and felt real crappy. Strangers looked at me. I slept some more until another stranger shoved me back in my cat carrier. I growled at her! I growled at everybody. I was still growling when Mom came to pick me up. Mom was upset that I was so upset and pacing in the carrier. She expected me to be sleepy. No way. She took me home and I settled down a bit on the drive. She had planned on just letting me loose in the house but decided to keep me in the bathroom overnight. So, she put my carrier down on the livingroom floor while she rushed to prepare my room for the night. Squirrel came and looked at me. We didn't growl or hiss at each other. Mom brought me in the bathroom and opened my carrier. I came out and looked around. I suddenly was super hungry and gobbled the food Mom had put out for me. Just a small amount as the vet had told her not to give me too much. Then, I went for a pee in the litter box. Then, I played with my water and spilled it all over. Mom laughed because I was starting to look like my normal self. She left me to rest while she tended to Squirrel and Lobo. Well, rest? are you kidding? That is all I have been doing all day! I was making so much noise she came back to check on me and had a hard time keeping me from escaping. She brought me a toy, a scratching pad and some more water which I promptly played with and spilled all over. Ha, ha! No way you will ever spay me again after you see the mess I make!
A confused, upset, but glad to be home ...


I'm a big girl now.

October 30th 2009 2:24 pm
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Mom is giving me extra pets and cuddles even though I am being a total brat. I asked Squirrel about that and she said, "It is because you are going in for surgery on Tuesday." I said, "What is that?" She said she wasn't sure but it was something that Mom worried about but had to be done. Squirrel didn't remember her "surgery".
Meanwhile, Mom has noticed how I am noticing what is going on outside our windows! I am noticing birds! I am spending a lot of time looking out windows and Mom finds that cute. A bird watching video is in the making. There is something in my bones that makes me want to catch one of those flying things. I feel like a big girl sitting next to Squirrel with our tails wagging while watching the birds at the feeder. I feel like I belong to an exclusive club.
Mom has days off now so Squirrel and I are going to enjoy having her full attention for a few days.
I heard rumblings about my not being able to have food after 10pm on Monday and water after 7am on Tuesday? What is that?
I guess I will write in my diary again after my "surgery".

P.S.: Mom is doing everything she can so that I do not have to wear a cone after my surgery. I know what a cone is. Lobo had one on for a while and it scared me big time. I don't want one.



October 23rd 2009 1:25 pm
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For about a week now Mom has been puzzled about a few things.
For one, she has not been able to find me at times when I normally would be napping with Squirrel in our loft bed.
For two, she has noticed a light on in the basement that she was so sure she had not left on. She was starting to think she had alzheimers.
And for three, when she was calling out for me, she would hear a big boom, see me come to her all sleepy and still have no idea where I came from.
Anyhow, I'm sad to say, she found my hiding spot: ingplace.jpg
I was going into the basement, climbing up high and making a comfy nest on top of her big backpack. On the way up, I was turning the light on because it is one of those pull on the string switches. I was turning the light on for warmth. I was hoping she wouldn't find my special place. Guess I will have to find another one.


Mom and Lobo are home!!!

October 1st 2009 2:34 pm
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After being gone for a week, I was the first to greet Mom at the front door at 5:30am. Aikikikikikikikofter saying hi to me and Squirrel and letting Lobo say hi to us, Mom tried to get some rest. Well, forget it. We jumped up and down all over her while she tried to sleep. Especially me. It is sure nice to have her home and she seems to be very happy to be with us again. She told me she forgot how wild and crazy I was!!! I got a little bit bigger. Squirrel even put on a bit of weight. She was glad to see that we hadn't scratched each other while she was gone. No wounds on us. But we sure do play rough at times. We each got some lap time with her.


Big Weekend for Us

August 31st 2009 6:42 pm
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What a major weekend for us! Mom finally got some days off and she put up a cat climbing tree for us in the living room! What fun that is. I was climbing on it while she was trying to assemble it. She took video when she could:
Then, on Sunday, Mom finally decided it was time for me to go out in the cat run. Squirrel will probably make fun of me about that because I was kind of scared. Mom realized that it was for sure the first time I had ever been outside. Of course, she took video of that, but her camera battery died before I quit being scared:
We both got fluffy tails when a dog came into our front yard. Squirrel could see it out our window. She knew we were safe, but then, Lobo spotted the dog. He was up on the deck and made quite a fuss and a lot of noise. That spooked both of us for a short while and we both got fat tails.
I’m outside with Squirrel right now!


Toy Tester

August 21st 2009 7:32 am
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I should be a toy tester. Mom has given me the toys that Lucky and Squirrel played with for years and I have pretty well wrecked them all. The lastest was my squeaky mouse. It was pretty tough though. Last week, I gave it a bath in my water dish. By the time Mom rescued it, it was completely soaked and wouldn't squeak any more. A few days later, it started squeaking again! Then, I pulled the tail off of it. Mom found that before I ate it. Then, yesterday, I was playing with it and I threw it up in the air real high! The mouse went one way and the insides of it went another way! So, we finally got to see what made it squeak! Some plastic covered electronic thing with a battery in it. Mom grabbed that and put it away. Meanwhile I kept playing with the mouse and ripped off an ear. I am also wrecking my tunnel. Mom says she might have to buy me a kevlar toy ... whatever that is.
Lobo is also very rough on his toys and she loves him. So I guess she must still love me.


Hey, I Can't Help It!

August 15th 2009 1:34 pm
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I guess I have done a few bad things over the last few days. I gave my squeaker mouse a bath in my water bowl. By the time Mom found it, it didn't squeak any more. Mom said something about the electronics and battery being ruined by the soaking. Whatever.
I also, dragged my tunnel over to and soaked it in Lobo's water bowl. That was fun.
Apparently, I was bad all night because I kept jumping all over Mom while she tried to sleep. Too bad for her that she dismantled my time out room. She thought I was ready to no longer have to be locked up in the bathroom. So, she removed my litter box from there and can't lock me up there anymore! At least not for long.
This morning, I spilled Mom's full coffee mug all over the coffee table and onto the "remote controls", whatever that is.
On the bright side, my squeaker mouse started squeaking again!
Mom keep saying, "Lucky for you that you are so cute!" I also scratched her a few times in the last few days. All accidents.
But, I am happy to be a big girl now and not be locked up in the bathroom at night. Mom is slowly moving my litter box down to the basement where Squirrel's is.


Bad Rep

August 3rd 2009 12:38 pm
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Okay, I've been here long enough to notice that Mom usually tells bad things about me. Like my smelly gas. My craziness. My being a pest and all. So, I asked her to please tell about some of the good things about me. Here goes:

1.) Kitcat is gorgeous.
2.) Kitcat purrs any time I touch her.
3.) Kitcat is super crazy and active, but not mean.
4.) Squirrel, Lobo and I love watching Kitcat play.
5.) Kitcat seems to like me and follow me around.
6.) I love having her on my lap and stroking her feline fineness.
7.) She trusts me already.
8.) She talks to me.
9.) Kitcat is truly fearless.
10.) Kitcat has been perfect in her litterbox manners.

There you go Kitcat,


Mom says I really scared her ....

July 29th 2009 6:11 pm
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She came home from work last night and I somehow climbed up onto the highest piece of furniture in the whole house! Even Lucky never got up there. So, Mom tried to help me down but couldn't reach me! That is how high it was. So, she went to get a step stool. Before she could get back to me, she saw (to her horror) me jump down. 7 feet onto hard floor. She was shocked and very upset. I just ran away like nothing had happened. She came and got me and checked me all over and told me how much I had scared her. She says she is happy that there is nothing any higher in the house than that. No need to worry about the loft bed anymore unless I land on something sharp or a hard edge.
She is slowly starting to learn that I am truly a wild and crazy girl!!!
I chased the big cat again today.
Then, later, big cat gave me 5 sharp taps on the forehead. And then, she did it again!!! Mom laughed because I didn't move. I just closed my eyes and let her do that! Squirrel didn't use her claws.
Mom was home most of the day except when she took the dog to the vet. It is all in his diary:
I have a lot of fun with him. I think he likes me.


I'm on a Time Out Again!

July 28th 2009 11:25 am
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I chased the big cat today and made her squeal!!!
Then, I tried to charge out a door and got squirted with water! What is that all about?
I played and played and climbed stuff. I walked right up to the dog, stared him down and said to him "What are you going to do about that?" Later, I wrecked a toy. And it isn't even noon yet! I am on a time out so Mom can do her work on the computer and Squirrel can rest in peace.

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