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Baby's life

Lovebug Tag

July 22nd 2011 8:41 am
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I want to thank Ashlynne for tagging me. THANK YOU GURLFURRIEND!!

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?

I don't have much to say but when I do, I'm not happy.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?

I make an effort. I fling the litter around but I've got better things to do. (Enclosed litter boxes are a MUST with Baby)

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?

I love going outside, softy foods and sometimes brushing is nice.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?

Coming inside, especially at night. Getting my nails clipped.

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?

I'm wary of visitors. I find a place where I can watch but not be seen. IF it's someone I like, I will come out and sit next to 'em.

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?

I LUFF my lil girl, Ingen. Spot can be okay but he can be an awful pest too. Dogs, well, I avoid them-fortunately I am very fast.

If you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! I don't want to "force" anyone to play but it is fun learning about efurone.

On a side note-I went to the VET yesterday. If you've read Mr. Spot's diary you know that somecat has been peeing outside the box. Well it seems it's ME. I have a UTI and I am now on Clavamox for the next 2 weeks. So far Jen has only given me one pill and it went well. A little snuggle, drop the pill, drown me with water and a treat. We shall see how the rest of them go, now that I know what to expect. MOL

Purred by: Ashlynne (Catster Member)

July 22nd 2011 at 9:51 am

Thanks for playing, Baby!

I'm sorry you have a UTI. That'll be a lot of snuggles and treats you'll get while you take the Clavamox, and I hope you'll feel better soon. We're purring for you!
Purred by: Tink the Cat (Catster Member)

July 22nd 2011 at 1:04 pm

Good for you for taking your pill like a champ!! Keep it up and you'll feel better soon! Loved seeing your answers!! Luv, Tink
Purred by: Eva V

July 22nd 2011 at 3:07 pm

Loved reading about you, Baby.
I am sorry you have a UTI but it's great that you are taking your medicine. That and lots of TLC will have you feeling better in no time!
Love and purrs
Teddy Bearz
Purred by: Zachery Tristan (Catster Member)

July 22nd 2011 at 5:31 pm

Baby, my fellow litter kicker! How are ya? Take your meds!
Purred by: Baby (Catster Member)

July 22nd 2011 at 5:36 pm

Zach, 2 down and only 26 more to go!
I'm feeling fine. You wouldn't efun know I'm sick if it weren't the litter box mishaps. I'm my usual loving, crabby, spirited self.
Purred by: Zachery Tristan (Catster Member)

July 22nd 2011 at 5:37 pm

Purred by: Alex R

July 24th 2011 at 5:38 am

It was fun reading your answers! But we were sorry to hear about the UTI; hopefully the meds will clear that up quickly.
Purred by: MILO BLUE EYES DB#73 (Catster Member)

July 24th 2011 at 11:00 am

I also enjoyed readin' ur diary, it's really fun to learn new stuff's 'bout our grand furiends! I sorry to hear u got da terrible URI thin', but good da clues there to halps Jen know what's wrong too~! Get better soon. U 'n I lubbs goin' outside 'n brushes too! Come see my diary sometimes!

Hugs 'n nudges,
MILO da Meezer
Purred by: Baby (Catster Member)

July 24th 2011 at 1:32 pm

Milo, I have a bladder er kidney infection (not sure which) so it's a UTI (urinary tract infection) but thank you for your concern. Oh, and I read your answers too. Ingen tends to be our spokes cat.

Well the "PILLING" is becoming a challenge. I get 2 pills a day for 2 weeks. The first day was easy. Jen had the "element of surprise" on her side. The next day, I knew what was going to happen and I did NOT cooperate. I got purritoed, twice--HOW HUMILIATING! This morning Jen squished it into my treat and I ate it right up. Can't wait to see what she does this evening. Each day is a new adventure and only 23 pills to go.
Purred by: Eva V

July 24th 2011 at 4:43 pm

Have you tried pill pockets? May work for a while.
23 days,sounds like an eternity. Hope you don't have to be purritoed again. Good luck!




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