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May 12th 2013 11:06 am
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I jus' wanna wish alla mama's a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Tha's the fur-mamas, the nonfur-mamas and efurone tha's a mama.


lil Gurlie

May 10th 2013 9:21 am
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OMC, who knowed lil gurlies, the peeple kind, could be so mush FUN?!?! We gotsa lil gurlie 'at comes to our 'pawtment. I seed her before but I's skeered. Today when she comed ofur, Novi hided, lil Bear was bein' a pes' (like a'ways) & I watch the lil gurlie. The lil gurlie let me sniffy her so I letted her pet me. She was furry nice. Jen gived the lil gurlie a string toy & we played fur while. Fin'ly Jen gived her "da Bird" (my favorite toy). We haved so mush fun. She waved it 'round & I jump to gets it. I haved a really good time with a lil gurlie. She a really nice lil gurlie & she really like playin' with me--jus' ME.

Oh, & Novi is a DOTD taday. CONCATS lil BROFUR!!!


I am not a FOOTBALL!

May 1st 2013 2:38 pm
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Let me tell you what Jen do to me. I's jus' walkin' 'round the 'pawtmen, when SUDDENLY she grab me up like I'sa football, run ina bedroom & close a door. And you know what we do then--WE PLAY with NO BOYS to bother us. I really like the playin' part but I'S NOT A FOOTBALL!!! MOL


I's sharin' fur B'izzard

April 26th 2013 8:54 pm
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help needed for disabled kitty
April 26th 2013 8:19 pm
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Skittles mom in Va is taking care of a disabled kitty
Long story, but the rescue lady has been very nasty,
this poor scared little girl is partially blind, and needs help
some of what Skittles mom writes...
She has been through a lot and is partially blind so she scares easily. She is living in a crate at my house...and that is actually where she is happiest. I tried moving her into my room and she was very upset. She loves being pet and when she is at her most trusting, even asks for belly rubs.

She is in Northern Va.
If anycat knows of someone trustworthy to thae this poor scared disabled girl, please paw mail Skittles, or myself, i will forward
Purrs for little Evie
She deserves a goods loving home

Hopeful purrs,
The catfather Blizzard


My trip

March 4th 2013 1:52 pm
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OMC it was AWFUR, just awfur! Jen gotted out the carrier. WELL, I know what that mean. It mean is time to hide. BUT, Jen wasn't trying ta get me. She's chasin' Novi! I's safe. Least I thinked I's safe. Novi was bein' diff'cult so Jen gived up and gots me & putted me ina carrier. HEY, THIS NOT FAIR!!!

I singed my protest songs (JEN IS MEAN; O WOE IS MEOW; IS UNFAIR; & my favorite "I DON'T WANNA GOOOOOOO). Jen feeled bad but she dinnit stop 'til we gots to the vet. She petted me while we's waitin' & I quit singing. Fin'lly we's ina room & the lady was RUDE to me. She taked my temper'ture (you know where that goes) then she weighed me. I's 7.3 lbs. Then the lady leafed me & Jen ina lil room. I's starin' out a winnow & singing 'gain. 'Nuther lady came & gived me my shots. I's healthy & home 'gain now.

Af'er we gots home, Jen & me played with Da Bird. I luff that toy. Then she sitted ona floor & luff on me fur a while. You wanna know what happen, next? You gotsa read Novi's di'ry. MOL



February 21st 2013 12:06 am
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Jen is unfair to gurlies. She likes boys better. I p'litely telled Jen is time to play with me. I meowed & run ina bedroom. Well, Jen followed me (like a well trained peeples should) & gots my da Bird to play with. We played fur just a minute, when lil Bear started whining. You know what Jen did? She leafed me & played ball with lil Bear. HEY, I TELLED YOU FURST is time to play. **stamps lil paw** WHAT 'BOUT ME? She don't care. She goed and played with that darn Bear anyway.

Once she gots him tired, she lock him ina bedroom so's we could play ina livin'room. He wasn' happy but I dinnit care. Jen gots da Bird 'gain an' I was playing, til Novi started playing. He's WILD and kinda skeers me so I watsh them play. After alla that, she fin'lly played with me, just ME. (Novi gots putted ina bedroom with HIS buddy) SHEESH, whatsa gurlie gotta do 'round here to get some 'tention? I know I's a quiet, sweet lil gurlie but I needs play time too. Maybe I gotsa be louder & more 'noxious like those boys.

I telled Jen 'gain later "is time to play" and we play ina bedroom without those wild boys. At least this time she dinnit gets 'stracted. So unfair!!!



February 14th 2013 2:34 pm
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Is Valentine's day & we been sending alla our furriends a FREE chocolate heart! YAY fur FREE prezzies! Sorry if I missed anyfur but Jen runned outta time & she won't let me ona 'puter 'less I's supervised.

B'sides, I gotta get ready fur my date with my Valentine, Ruffy . I's so 'cited. He so mush fun but he not been feeling good. Maybe we jus' snuggles & eat chicken. I dunno. I jus' knows I like spending speshul times with MY Ruffy. MOL



Valentine's Day

February 11th 2013 11:14 am
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Here it is 'gain. That speshul time of year when you can just feel the LUFF efurwhere. The young kits looking fur a speshul somefur. O'der kitties enjoyin' young luff. Isa wunnerfur time.

Poor Novi is having a hard time gettin' a Valentine. Furs' he don' knows who to ask. Then he's nerfus cuz the gurlie might tells him NO. So, you know what the silly boy does--HE ASK Samoa . Talk 'bout a kitty bein' way outta his league. SHE'S A QUEEN!! Ms. Samoa nicely telled him NO. I kinda think he's a lil reliefed. Af'er he ask her he's thinkin' 'bout what a wild boy he is & how he s'posed to act 'round a Queen. He'da been fine. He can be a furry well mannered kitty--sumtimes.

I gots my Ruffy . He's quite the big orangy flirt (when he not looking fur chicken--MOL). He been having ruff times lately. He haved surgery fur a spot on his nose & gots ringworm & gotsa allergy to the med'cines fur the ringworm. BUT he still MY speshul Valentine. **waves & winks to Ruffy**



Jen, 'sulted ME!

December 3rd 2012 12:23 am
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I nefur been so 'sulted in alla my life. Can you belief Jen don't trust me? Her sweet, preshus lil Ingen--NOT TRUSTWORTHY? What she means by that?

Okay, let me back up. Jen have ta work today ana roommate maked these lil chickens (cornish game hens). The roommate telled Jen, ona phone, that she gonna leaf it ona counter covered up fur when she get home from work. Jen telled her to put the foods ina oven cuz we kitties is "sneaky & prolly eats it all". I don't know where she get that idea. Jus' cuz one time me & Baby gotsa sausasage offa counter & shared it with lil Bear, don't mean I can't be trusted 'round foods. Oh yeah & there was that one time with a hamburger. Is on'y 2 times. (**note from Jen--because I learned my lesson and didn't leave meat on the counter anymore).

Don't worry, I gots some too. Jen shared with me & Novi & lil Bear. We don't lets her NOT SHARE with us. MOL


Sit right back down, sis'er!

November 17th 2012 1:21 am
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Hi efurbody,

Can you b'lief it? Af'er Jen writed Novi's di'ry, she THINKED she's done. I looked at her & sayed "where you going? You jus' sit right there & start typing MY di'ry." SHEESH, alla my furriends prolly think I's lost er hidin'.

Anyfur, I's reading Granny Nat'lie di'ry 'bout 'dopting a o'der kitty. It maked me think. I's 'dopted when I's jus' a cyoot lil kit & Novi was 'dopted when he's a lil kit. The on'y time I's "on my own" was when I gots lost. I's all 'lone with no foods fur a whole day. I's purrty lucky cuz I hided ina room, so I's dry & warm. When I comed out the nice lady feeded me & ya'll know the rest of that story. Anyways Jen tells me 'at I coulda been 'dopted by somebody else. I's 3 then so I's no cyoot lil kitten. I wunner what woulda happened. I's glad I dinnit hasta find out.

It make me sad to think of kitties without good homes & furmilies. Jus' think, if Granny Nat'lie hadn' been 'dopted I'd nefur gets to read her di'ries and she's a really smart kitty. She gots her peeples trained really good--we all needs to know how to do that. MOL

Well, I's gonna let Jen gets sum sleep. Is late here. I make her write fur me 'gain, BUT jus' in case I gonna wish efurone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Alla us Catster kitties gots so mush to be thankful fur.

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