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Lil Bit

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From the "servant"

August 6th 2009 10:52 am
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I am Ingen's servant, because nobody OWNS a cat. For this first entry I am going to tell you about her, after this she is on her own.

Ingen came to our house by chance--LUCKY KITTY! She has no idea how mean the streets can be to a tiny kitten. She was about 10 wks old and weighed 2 lbs when I found her on my front porch. She was just a "lil bit", which is what I called her. Officially she is named Ingen, but I just call her Bits (short for lil bit). She's a cat--she doesn't answer to any name anyways.
Baby had just moved in and she took to that lil bit right away. Baby allowed Ingen to suckle, even though Baby had never had kittens. For 7 months it was just the 2 cats. (I also had an old dog but had to put him to sleep)
Four months ago, Spot came to live with us. Poor Spot was declawed and has no defenses against these females (Ingen and Baby still have their claws).

Anyways, about Ingen. She is still the littlest and most curious of the kitties. She LOVES to go outside. I take all of the kitties into the backyard and they wander about. Ingen has quit trying to escape the yard, but only because I stay with the cats while they are outside and I've plugged all the escape routes (I think, I've gotten them all).
She does NOT like to be picked up but she will snuggle when she chooses. When I first brought her inside she had ear mites and then got an eye infection. We kept having to pick her up to get her medicine into her ears and eyes. I believe she associates being picked up with being "tortured".
She was always so quiet and barely made a sound. She has recently discovered her voice and is becoming quite the chatty kitty.
She loves to play with Baby but is not so sure about Spot. He is almost 3 times her size. She has learned a few things from Spot though, like always go for the "high ground". She will instigate Spot and then go above him (on a chair, or the cat tree) . If he gets her before she gets above him, then she meows and Baby attacks Spot.
She also loves people food, which is all my fault. She knows that she can't get food from the others in the house, but her loyal servant is a SUCKER!
She is a smart lil bit, but she what she doesn't know is that things are about to get really interesting around here. Tonite I am picking up my new puppy. I'm sure that she will have PLENTY to sound off about with the new arrival so stay tuned.



September 18th 2009 10:07 am
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Bear, keeps chewing on me! I would like to get to know him but it's kinda hard when he is chewing on my head. It's kinda scary. I am not a fighting kitty--I'm a loving, cute kitty. I just scream and then Jen gets him off me.
Harumph, I am on "house arrest". Jen lets us kitties go out in the back yard. I LOVE TO GO OUTSIDE!!! Spot and Baby just loll around and don't go anywhere. Just because I went out front and over to the neighbors houses, I can't go outside without a leash anymore. I didn't go far and I was gonna come back. Jen says I was "running away" but I wasn't.
Yesterday, Jen took just me (no leash) and Baby outside and sat with us. We had catnip (fresh plant-that's the best) and we just rolled and played. I was very good and didn't even try to go out front. I've been cuddling up to her and looking my very cutest, in hopes that I can go outside without a leash. So far it's not working but.....


Peaceful day

September 19th 2009 5:27 pm
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Hi everyone,
Today was a good day. That darn Bear was gone all day. I got to wander around and play without being chewed on. The only bad part was that Jen was gone all day too. She is the one that lets us kitties outside.
I am again on "house arrest". Jen tried to trust me outside without my leash and I got out again. I was just next door enjoying the flowers but.....Jen doesn't like when I wander around. When she found me, I kept running away and I wouldn't go in the house or the backyard. It took her a long time to finally catch me. I think she was really upset with me. I don't think that I will ever get off house arrest now, no matter how cute and cuddly I act with her. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.
We also got a new couch. Baby and I really scratched up the other couch. It is in the same spot as the other couch so we can climb up on it and look out the window. It has more wood stuff and less stuff to scratch. Maybe we will have to start scratching our scratching post/kitty tree. We'll see.
When Jen did get home she put some stuff on all of us kitties and then let us outside for a little while but it was getting dark, so we couldn't stay out for very long.
Even though Bear is back he is not chasing us kitties and he is not chewing on me. He is sleeping. So it has been a nice, peaceful day for me.


LOL Entry

September 22nd 2009 8:50 am
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Hey Everybody,
It's me, Ingen. I was just reading Milo's diary and saw that he wants to be an LOLCAT. I do too. Jen put my picture of me peeking out from the bushes (my profile picture) on LOL cats. We think it is the cutest picture of a kitty, ever! Please go to LOL cats and vote for me.


The weekend

September 29th 2009 8:14 am
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We kitties had a peaceful weekend. Jen took that darn Bear and they were gone. It was so nice to have the house to ourselves without that darn Bear. I didn't have my head chewed on at all for 2 whole days!
The only sad part was that Jen was gone too. NO OUTSIDE! I just love to go outside. It was so nice over the weekend and we was stuck inside. Now that Jen is back home the weather is YUCKY! It has gotten cold, and rainy. I want to go outside but I want it nice and sunshiney. Oh well, what's a kitty to do? Even the people can't fix the weather.
Ever since Jen came home, Baby and I have been sleeping with her again. We used to sleep with her all the time but then we just stopped. We all sleeps in her bed, me, Baby, that darn Bear & Jen. Sometimes Mr. Spot sleeps with us but not all the time. I guess he wants more room and there isn't much room on the bed. Plus, I think he doesn't like that darn Bear, more than I don't like him.
I guess I shouldn't say I don't like that darn Bear. I would like to get to know him, but he plays too rough for a dainty little girl like me. I mostly run away from him cuz he keeps chewing on my head. He doesn't bite hard but.......he is chewing on my HEAD!! It's very upsetting.
Well, Jen has to go. That darn Bear needs her attention. I will write again soon.


Diary of the Day

October 1st 2009 9:38 am
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I am very honored to receive the Diary of the Day. How cool is that?

Today we are just hanging around. I went outside for a few minutes and I didn't have my leash. Jen was watching me real close so I didn't try to leave the back yard. It's also getting cold outside and I don't like being cold. Maybe that's why I didn't "escape". I don't want to be stuck outside in the cold.

Not much to say. Thank you all. I am honored.

I also wanted to thank Tate, Tonka and all of their puppies for the shrimp. That is very thoughtful and I LOVE shrimp.


Going outside

October 11th 2009 9:13 am
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As I've written before, I LOVE TO GO OUTSIDE!!! Jen has been letting me outside, without a leash, whenever she takes that darn Bear outside. When he comes inside, I have to go inside too. They are short visits but lots cuz that darn Bear has to go outside, ALOT!
I have been very good and staying in the backyard. That darn Bear is usually busy doing his business (how disgusting) and then Jen keeps him distracted so he doesn't bother me.
Yesterday, we were outside and he came over to me. I was just looking at something in the grass and that darn Bear comes over and starts pawing at it. I don't know if he thought he was helping or what, but I don't need your help, thank you very much! Besides I wasn't sure what he was up to. We did this whole thing again so I just gave up and asked to go inside. I'm still not sure what to make of that darn Bear. I'm thinking that he doesn't mean to be mean to kitties, he just doesn't know how to play with kitties. PLAY, PLAY, PLAY-that's all that darn Bear wants to do all the time. He doesn't just wanna lounge around and enjoy the sunshine or take long naps. He is such an annoying animal.
I see he ratted me out on his diary so here is my story. He kept bothering me. He was chasing me and running around. He wouldn't leave me alone so I snuck out through the gate and sat in the front yard. Jen didn't get upset with me and I am not back on leash arrest. She put that darn Bear in the house and then I went back through the gate into the backyard. She stayed outside with me, JUST ME, for a little while but then we came inside. I guess she understood that I was just trying to get a little peace and quiet.
The other kitties think it's too cold to go outside. They come out and then want to go right back inside. Not me. It's not too cold. Maybe I just love going outside so much. There is grass to nibble on, birds to watch and bugs to chase. OH, let me tell you about the bugs. There are these big black things that jump. Jen says they are crickets. I love to "hunt" for the crickets and I am pretty good at catching them too. Sometimes, I like to just watch them but it's more fun catching and eating them.


The baby

October 31st 2009 11:06 am
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Hi everybody,
We had a baby at our house! Jen was taking care of him for his mommy. His name is Warren. He smelled so funny to me. I kept sniffing and sniffing him. Jen told me its a baby--a little person. I never seen a baby before. He is very small and he doesn't move around very much, so I didn't play with him. One time, he bopped me on my nose, but I don't think he meant anything. I think it was an accident cuz I was sniffing him and his little arm just moved. Besides it didn't hurt me.
Jen kept giving him this stuff (formula) and I really wanted to try it, but she wouldn't let me. It smelled interesting. OH, and get this--he isn't litter box trained yet. He wears these special pants and the big people have to clean him. I wonder when he will learn to use a litter box? Hm, Jen said he is a little person, so maybe he won't use a litter box. Maybe he will do his business in the big bowl like the big people. I guess I will have to wait and find out.
That's the big news at my house.


That darn Bear

November 15th 2009 12:16 am
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Yesterday that darn Bear was gone all day. It was nice too. We, all us kitties, got to play in the back yard and didn't have to worry about him chasing us. It was kinda like old times, before he came to live with us.
When he came home he was just crying and laying around. He hasn't bothered us kitties all day. I don't know where he went or what happened to him, but I like that he isn't chasing me. What I don't like is that Jen is giving him all her attention. WHAT ABOUT ME? I'm still adorable.
I don't know how long this is going to last, but I'm gonna enjoy it as long as it does.


That darn Bear

November 22nd 2009 8:09 am
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Hey all,
I knew it couldn't last. That darn Bear is back to himself and bothering us kitties. Mostly I just stay quiet and he doesn't see me but....when he sees me he chases me. Jen tries to get him to stop bothering us kitties but...he still does it. Jen just shrugs her shoulders and tells us "he's a puppy. I will keep trying, but you just keep being faster, ok?"

Jen FLUNG me again. She doesn't mean to fling me its just that I like to sleep with her and I'm a "lil bit". Well, I was sleeping on top of her but she moves too much so I slept on the bed next to her. I guess she didn't know I was there. She woke up and flung the blankets back and she flung me too. It is such a rude awakening to be FLUNG! Jen felt so bad, she tried to apologize but I left her and hid from her all day. I didn't even sleep with her last nite. Something has to be done about this flinging business!

OH, and today, I finally showed myself to Jen and do you know what she did? She broke THE rule--SHE PICKED ME UP!!! She knows better than to do that. I will come to you, when I want. Well, it was ok, THIS TIME. She didn't torture me with medicine so, I let her snuggle with me for a moment.

I AM A FINALIST IN THE 5th ANNUAL WORLDS COOLEST DOG & CAT SHOW!!! Jen was reading Newman's page. He has a link to another page and from there she went to the contest and found out I am a finalist. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! OMC-I'M A FINALIST!! I am in the "outdoor & country cats" category. YIPPEE-I'M A FINALIST!

I have to go, that darn Bear has to come in from outside and I gotta hide. This is NOT how THE COOLEST cat should be treated!!!

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