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Lil Bit

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HAPPY BIRSDAY, to ME (& lil Bear)

May 30th 2014 11:47 am
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Hello efurone,

Been looooong times. I know is late but I wan'ed to tell you 'bout my birsday. I haved a wunnerful time, efun tho I haved to share it with lil Bear.

Furs' Jen waked up late an' goed 'way. She taked lil Bear with her. I don' mind cuz I don' wan'sa goes anywhere. I likes it here at my 'pawtment.

When Jen gots back she sayed HAPPY BIRSDAY lil gurlie. I knowed she's talking to me cuz I'sa on'y lil gurlie here.

Me & lil Bear gots tunie fish. Charley gots some too but Novi don't like tunie fish. Can you efun 'magine that? What kitty don't likes TUNIE FISH?
Af'er the tunie fish, me & Jen played with my new 'Da Bird'. Was jus' us gurlies. Then we goed ina livin'room (Jen maked lil Bear go ina bedroom) so's we could play 'Da Bird' with the boys. OMC, we played & played & played. We's all sooooo tired. We's huffin' & puffin' but jus' keeped playing. Was a good time. Af'er 'Da Bird' we gots treats then we haved a CATNIP PAWTY!!!

I's sorry we dinnit has any furriends ofur fur the pawty but I wan'ed to share with you 'bout the funtimes I haved.


MAYBE I teached her too good

May 19th 2014 1:13 pm
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Furs' I hasta say Jen is sneaky & stubborn, an' maybe I teached her too good. Maybe she learned how to be's sneaky frum me. I dunno but was NOT GOOD what she did to me.

I seed Jen getsa carrier out & leafed it ona floor. WELL, I KNOW what that mean. That mean a kitty's going to the vet. There I was sleepin' peacefurly and comfor'bly ona coush, far 'way from that carrier. You know what she do to me? She GRAB ME, whila roommate gotsa carrier, an' SHOVED me in it!!! I's not efun 'wake yet. Tha's sneaky & unfair. 2 big peeples 'gainst 1 lil sleepin' gurly kitty.

Jen sayed that I's actin' too lovey an' that she's worried 'bout me. I telled her I'M FINE! What's wrong witha "lovey Ingen"? Don't you wants me to luff you? Jen sayed she KNOW me & something isn't right. I telled her I'M FINE but she don' lissens to me. Alla way to the vet, we 'scussed this but she winned.

The vet lady say I's beautifur (of course) and sweet (duh) and look healthy (SEE JEN, I telled ya). She lissen to my heart and say I has no murmur. They taked my temper'ture (humiliating) and is purrfec. My teefs got lil tarter but in furry good condition. On'y I gotsa lil UTI. Not bad but now I gotsa takes med'cines fur it. The vet lady sayed we gotsa watch fur hyperthyroidism. She sayed I's good fur now but...somethin' to watch fur.

After alla that, Jen taked me home 'gain. I was a lil mad with her but I can't hold a grudge fur long. I was lovin' on her and demanding my plays jus' a lil while af'er we gots home.

Tha's alla my news. Write 'gain soon.


Long time, no meow!

March 19th 2014 6:00 pm
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Hi efurbody,
Is been LOOOOONG times since I sayed anything. I's so happy 'at Catster is still here. Me & Jen was so worried.
Le's see...wha's been happ'nin in my lil world? OMC, we haved 'nuther doggy for long times (from Jen--I was dogsitting for 3 weeks)!! I liked her better 'an lil Bear but then she goed 'way. She dinnit chase me--she chase my brofurs. MOL I hafta say was kinda crowded 'round here with 2 doggies and 3 kitties.

I dinnit tells ya--we gotsa 'nuther kitty. His name is Charley Beans. Jen finded him las' year at our other 'pawtment. Mean peeples moofed & leafed him. He was sooooo sad livin' ou'side. He cry & gets beated up alla times. Jen fin'ly convinced him to come inside. He stayed fur a while then goed to 'nuther home but he's not happy there. He hided alla times. The peeples ask Jen if she wan' him back so he been livin' with us since October (seem like furever to me).

Charley is more skeered of stuffs 'an me. He gots lots better. He not so skeered alla times. I think he luff me. He try & do bad stuffs with me but he can' cuz he fixed & so'm I. Silly boy. We's becomin' furriends. Novi be's mean to him & he run 'way. STUPID lil brofurs. Charley a nice boy-LEAF HIM 'LONE, NOVI!

Well tha's all fur now. Now 'at we knows Catster is gonna stay, maybe Jen fin'ly gets 'round to makin' a Charley page. Hmmmmm?



October 29th 2013 10:36 pm
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Hi efurbody,

Is been long times since I writed. We haved lotsa stuffs happ'ning round our place. Jen been too busy to lissen & write fur me.

Furs' our roommate been having real bad times. She's sad & skeered to goes ou'side. I been takin' good care of her. I lets her pet me lotsa times. I lets her gets me plenny treats. We naps together ona couch. I check on her ina peoples' litter room. I efun sneaks into her "secret room", jus' to keeps her comp'ny (really I's 'scaping alla yucky BOYS, but we boff wins). I helps to makes her feels better. Isa big job fur a lil gurlie like me but is okay, I's lil but I gotsa BIG heart.

I don' 'memmers if I telled you 'bout Charley er if on'y Novi talked 'bout him. At our old 'pawtment, mean peeples would moof 'way & leaf their kitties b'hind. The poor kitties gots no homes, er peeples er nothin'. Jen feeded the kitties but lots was wild & woulnant lets her touch 'em, 'cept Charley. Charley he jus' cries. He let Jen pets him & luff on him. Me & Novi sniffied Jen af'er she luff on him. Novi would sneak ou'side & says HI to him sometimes. Af'er the other wild kitties hurted Charley, Jen feeled real bad. She try gets him ina 'pawtment but he's so skeered. Fin'ly Novi showed him a good place to hide, unner Jen's bed, so he decided to stay. He stayed fur long times while Jen try to finds a good home fur him.

He a timid kitty, kinda like me. Novi hiss at him & Charley run 'way & hide. Me & Charley, we yells at each other sometimes but we don' fights mean. (They scream at each other like "fish wives", but no hissing or physical fights--Jen)

Jus' before we moofed Jen thinked she finded a good home fur Charley. They's nice peeples an' takes really good care of their doggy & kitties. Charley lived with 'em fur a while (2 months) but he's skeered. He hided alla times & on'y comed out to sleep with the peeples. The peeples called Jen & sayed Charley is not happy. Jen gotted him--WITHOUT ASKING ME!!!

So, now Isa on'y gurly with 3 yucky boys--lil Bear, Novi & Charley Beans. Why oh WHY can' Jen gets me a sweet sisfur, er jus' leaf it alone? I don' needs no more brofurs.

I been so mad with Jen, I don' sleeps ona heated bed no more. I stays ina livin' room er sneak ina secret room. Well today is really cold & I guess I kinda missed Jen, so I sleeped ina bed with Novi, Charley & Jen (you can sees the pitcher on my page. Isa furs' pitcher af'er my main pitcher.) I's a'justin' to 'nuther boy kitty 'round here.

Tha's all I gots fur now. I hopes efurbody is doin' good. Jen purromise we's gonna come play more on Catster.


More adventures

September 15th 2013 4:06 pm
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I telled you we moofed to a new 'pawtment. Cuz we's ona furs' floor, Jen a'ways closes her winnow, when she leaf. Yest'day, she furgetted. Somebody, we don' knows who, taked the screen out. Hmmm, I 'cided to goes fur a walk 'round and check out the nayborhood. I dinnit tells the roommate cuz she prolly tells me "NO, Ingen, you can' goes ou'side". Af'er a while, I gots kinda bored er maybe skeered so I 'cided to comes ona patio. The roommate was waitin' fur me. She try to gets me but I's fas'er than her. Fin'ly she catched me & bringed me ina 'pawtment. Novi attacked me and yelled at me.

I don' knows why I gotsa go on my adventures and skeers efurone. I jus' gotsa be me.


We moofed, 'gain

September 9th 2013 8:43 pm
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Hi efurbody,

We been really busy lately. WE MOOFED! and NO PRO'LEMS this time. MOL!
We dinnit moof far like b'fore. You know what Jen did? She putted me & Novi in lil Bear's crate! Can you efun b'lief it? Is not 'nuf I's trapped with my brofur but ina DOG CRATE! Oh, the humiliation. (Shhh, don' tells him but I kinda liked 'at Novi & me was together. I dinnit sing er nussin'. I feeled a lil safer with him. BUT DON'T TELLS HIM.)

We been in our new 'pawtment fur few days now. Was lotsa fun when alla stuffs was ina boxes & on'y me & Novi could goes all ofur the 'pawtment. The stuffs is ina right spots now. I on'y taked one day to stops hiding & start 'sploring. "YEP, is all my stuffs. It gots my smells on it." I's not so skeered like when we moofed b'fore.

We's ona ground now. I getsa go ou'side like when I haved a backyard. On'y I a'ways gotsa wear my harness & leash to goes ou'side. Jen worries. (SIGH) They's lotsa doggies here but the peeples seems purrty good 'bout keeping 'em on leashes.

Well, I gonna go now. Is play time. Take care & LUFF efurbody.


'Mazing Story

August 13th 2013 1:16 pm
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Hi efurone,

I hope yous all doing good. I been reading the di'ries and keeping up with stuffs, jus' hasn't haved anything to write. CATS, I gotsa story fur you.

Yes'day Jen gotsa message frum Ruffy mama. Ruffy mama & some other ladies is trying to he'p a lady in New York. One of a "he'ping" ladies, Mz K., started telling 'bout herse'f. Mz K. sayed she was going thru really hard times a lil while 'go. She was staying at a motel & thinked she's 'lucinating. She kep' hearin' a noise then she look & they'sa kitty ona desk! The kitty gots skeered when Mz K. talk to her. The kitty, runned & hided unner the bed. Mz K. look unner the bed & finded a hole ina box spring. YOU KNOW WHO THE KITTY WAS? IS ME!! As soon as Ruffy mama telled Mz K. my name, Mz K. sayed "tha's the kitty!" Mz K. isa lady that finded me ina motel room when I's lost an' called Jen.

Jen nefur gotsa prop'ly thank Mz K. Jen writed a e-mail and telled her that I caught up with my furmily & sended her pitchers of me.

Isa 'mazing story-doncha think? BUT there's more to the story.

Mz K. sayed "Ingen was a blessed distraction and a ray of hope that morning, which was sorely needed at the time."& "Hugs to your fur family, and a special kiss to Ingen, whom I think may be one of my angels. ;)"

Cuz of ME, Mz K. gotsa know 'nuther lady, Pearl mama. Pearl mama he'ped Mz K. wif some stuffs back then. Now Mz K. is trying ta he'p nuther lady with Pearl mama.

Isn' that 'MAZING?!?! I gets lost. A kind lady finded me. Lotsa cats'er peeples & kitties he'ped to get me home. AND I he'ped the lady feel a lil better during a bad times. Is susha wunnerfur story! Maybe I isa Earth Angel. MOL


Tattle tale

July 29th 2013 10:17 pm
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Jen letted me & Novi onna balcony today while she's bringin' foods. Well I d'cided to jump ona rail so's I could get a better look at alla stuffs goin' on outside. I's jus' sitting & lookin' round. Novi was yellin' at me. Jen looked out to see what alla fuss was 'bout. She seed me ona rail & maked me go ina 'pawtment. SHEESH, lil brofurs is tattle tales!



June 28th 2013 9:06 pm
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Ok efurbody, Panda's Babies is gonna be 2 tomorrow! CAN YA B'LIEFS IT?! They's gonna be a pawty ina di'ry fur the babies, 'cluding CK & Gris .

COME ON EFURBODY, LE'S SHOW THE KITS ('at's not really babies anymore) A GOOD TIME!!!

Me & Novi is gonna be there late (4pm Pacific time) cuz Jen gotsa work but we's gonna be there.



May 26th 2013 12:44 pm
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Yest'day Jen writed a beyootifur mem'ry/letter about us. Today, I's gonna write in my di'ry.

My birsday started out bad. JEN FURGETTED IS MY PSEUDO-BIRSDAY! How can she furget is my birsday? SHE PICKED IT! Fortunately, I gots lotsa furriends 'at sended me prezzies and wish me Happy Birsday. Tha's when Jen 'memmered. THANK YOU FURRIENDS!

Jen dinnit on'y furget is my birsday, she furgetted is lil Bear's birsday too. SHEESH, she's hopeless. MOL

Jen taked lil Bear to the park, which is a'ways a good thing. I getsa lil peace while he's gone an' he not so crazy when he get's back. When they comed home--I GOTS PREZZIES!!! I gotsa new wand toy--Novi played with it. He say isa really fun toy. (SIGH). I gots 'nother new toy but I don't plays with it. Then I gots some Friskies Tasty Treasure foods. I LUFF THE LIL CHEESY BITS!!! 'Cept is PATE. I wants gravy & lil cheesy bits. Well, Jen tried. I eated it jus' to make her feel better.

Jen tried to play with me with a wand toy but Novi kept jumpin' ina games. I don't like playing when he's 'round. He's too rough. Af'er alla that, she leafed me. She have to works.

Was not susha good birsday, but I knows I'sa lucky, well luffed lil gurlie alla times.

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