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I'll always be with you........

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Cat of the Day!

February 21st 2014 11:05 am
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Meowwwwzzzzah! Mommy has been trying to get back into being active on Catster again. She finally had time today to check in...and I surprised her because I am Cat of the Day! She is so happy right now because it brings back old memories of the good times on here and all the fun she had with reading diaries and sending gifties and seeing COTD, COTW, and the DOTD. It was always exciting and fun to see furriends making special pictures of each other. Hoping to get back to those happy times again. Have a great day! Kisses and Squishes! Ava


It's Been waaaayz to longz!

January 18th 2014 11:41 am
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Mommy finally heard back from Catster about the login problem. Thankful it was resolved, but sad that now we must start saving and printing our memories. Mommy's computer is broken, and she can't afford a new one. However, her has a tablet and hopes it will work just as well to get the job done. Her name on the book of faces is Karen case some of my old pals didn't knows thats. So, pawleeze send her a friend request if you see her among the book of faces! We is still hoping that the Community here will somehow be rescued. She will be trying to update our kitty profiles here anyway just in case. Much love and kisses and squishes and purrs and twirls! Angel Ava


Missing you...

August 3rd 2012 11:04 pm
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Dear Ava,
I have been aware of this day approaching for a few weeks now. I celebrated your "Gotcha Day" last week...just like I always have. I woke up yesterday, and I cried for you....with sincerity... I have been blocking out the pain and emptiness for so so long. I can't believe 3 years have passed since you went still hurts like it was yesterday. I dream of you often, and I look to the stars and pray for you quite frequently. Ever since the 4th of July of 2009, just weeks before you had to go, I have been watching these beautiful Chinese Lanterns float by....Every year I go outside and sit and wait....and every year since then , I have seen them go by. I make a wish and say a prayer as each one passes.

Things are so different now, yet still the same. We had each other for such a short time, yet it feels as though I had you forever. I miss you, I miss Catster, I miss the friends I made because of you.... However, time goes on. Writing to you was the only thing I could do, and it helped me to deal with our loss... I will never understand why we had such a bond, and why I had to lose you so soon. It hurts me so much to think about you, and how sad you were those last few weeks. My little Angel, you were so knew that you were sick...I could see it in your eyes. I could feel it in your breath...What a fought as hard as you could, and you held on as long as you were able. I would have done anything if I could have saved you, but there wasn't anything I could do. Amazing how one little sweet cat can come along and change a person forever...I feel as though you were given to me from God for a reason. I pray you are out there somewhere, happy and safe, yet aware of my love for you and how much you meant to me. I have been going through a lot of difficult times since you left, and I know you are aware. It's because of you that I am able to keep fighting...trying hard to move forward. Yes, little girl, taught me so much about life, love, acceptance, and what matters. I wish that I could hold you...just for a second...right now...I miss you so much...I know if I saw you I wouldn't want to let go....I would only pray for more...but if I could have that chance...that one know you are okay....then I would cry and cry...yet I would be happy...comforted...knowing that your spirit lives on...knowing that I WILL see you again one day...and we will never again be apart....My heart feels you close....I love you more than words can say...I miss you, Ava, I really do...Please watch over me...especially Andy...and all of the other furs. Deep inside, I know Andy remembers you, and always will. One day, we will all be together again...I pray...I hope....Believing that makes life worth living. Thank you for coming into my life, and making me understand what love really is....Miss you forever....Kisses and Squishes....Mommy


one week ago...Miss u Augie

October 18th 2011 10:18 pm
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There's a little black cat...who lives outside my place of work. I watch this cat, from my window, occasionally hunting and catching his prey. I admire that cat, for being on his own, and yet finding the strength, courage, and willingness to survive on his own. I often think about that cat...wonder if I had spotted him as a kitten, if I could have "saved" him. Yet, now that he is grown, I know tha...t the chances of him adapting to a domestic life are slim. I take comfort on those days when I see him taking control of his own life...making it into what he knows as a good life. After all, that's all he does to survive...the instinct is innate...

Yet today, as I left work, after another long and exhausting day...I stopped just before the door. I looked outside, saw the tiny raindrops beginning to fall...the darkness slowly overcoming the light, and the cool breeze coming through the doors. I then pulled my hood over my head, and reached into my purse for my keys. As I made the walk to my car, I was surrounded by silence...and a strange yearning to know where the cat was...if he was okay. I then began to wonder what winter would be like for this cat...alone...on his that large empty field. Suddenly, I stopped. Something made me look out to the field. There, over 100 yards away, was the black cat. Sitting on top of a fence. In the cold rain.

I wanted to go to him, yet I knew from experience that it was no use. I felt sad as I was about to enter my warm and dry car. Then, to my surprise, I noticed the cat was moving. Yes, in the cold rain, he was walking along the top rails of the fence. So gracefully, so full of confidence. Oblivious to the cold, the rain, the darkness surrounding him. He had a will, a will to survive. To carry on with his day, his move forward with out fear or hesitance. It was in this moment that I, too, realized what was possible. That I, like that cat, can keep moving forward, on my own. I too, like that cat, would survive.


Augie is now an Angel...

October 11th 2011 5:09 pm
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Mommy is in shock...she can't write...but she took Augie to the was the best decision to help him make his journey...


It's been so long...We miss you all

October 10th 2011 8:26 pm
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Mommy has been having a bad year. Everything is going wrong...and it just keeps getting worse. Please say a purrayer for her...and send some Purrs for Augie, my Dog brofur. He has been suffering from Cushing's Disease for just over a year now. He's very frail...but he's been eating and acting pretty good. He has his bad days; However, he has more good than bad.

UNTIL this weekend. He won't eat his kibble...not since Friday. Last night and all day today, he won't drink his water. He doesn't want to stand up, but he can when forced. He just seems very lethargic, weak, sad...Mommy has tried giving him water and chicken broth with a dropper, but it's not enough. He did eat a hamburger at noon because Mommy wanted him to eat SOMETHING...She doesn't have any money to take him to the please purr that he gets through this somehow. It's going to be a long night. Kisses to you all, Angel Ava


2 years without you...

August 3rd 2011 7:25 pm
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My dear Ava....I can't believe it's been 2 years...I still can't let you go...I miss you so much. I know you are near...I know you see my tears...feel my sadness...I hope you don't get sad too. I am so glad you were a part of my life. I know that I was your REAL Mommy...even though your first 8 years are a mystery. I would give anything to hold you feel your soft fur...your sweet kisses. You were the best hugger! You held on so tight, and gave kisses at the same time. I always knew you had a special soul. Please don't be sad...Mommy will be ok. I know things are falling apart here...but I will find a way out of this mess...No one will take our home from us. I will do whatever it takes to stay here...keep the others safe...and nurture your garden for as long as I can. Please continue to fly free...and I will see you again...I know I will. Love you and miss you, little girl...Forever and always...with all my heart...Love and Kisses, Mommy


Dear Ava...on your Birthday

July 27th 2011 2:01 pm
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Dear Ava,

I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I had to let you go. 4 years ago today, I brought home the most beautiful precious girl I have ever known. You were so came right of the carrier and immediately greeted the entire family. No separating were home...forever. I just wish your "forever" could have been for more than 2 years. I miss you today as much as I ever have. The pain never lessens, the memories never fade. I dreamed of you last nite. I know you are still with me...and will forever be. Happy Birthday/Gotcha day...I hope you are flying free...and I hope you are thinking of me too. Forever in my heart. Love you always, Mommy


Wow..I am a DDP!

May 11th 2011 7:49 pm
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Mommy is so happy! It's been a while since she's had time to play on Catster like she used to. Imagine her surprise this morning when she saw I was picked as a DDP! It's been really nice reading all of the comments and rosettes. Mommy misses you all so much! She will help me send out Thank You's later....Kisses and Squishes, Ava


Purrs and Prayers answered!

May 3rd 2011 4:09 pm
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This is from Andy's diary! Thank you all for your support...and to all of the Angel Kitties who watched over my Andy with me! Kisses, Ava

From Andy:'s true! Mommy got the call today! My lump on my leg is a fatty lipoma...NOT cancer! I am gonna be ok! She cried so hard...she was so happy...she NEVER gets good news! Thank you all for your purrs of support! We love you so much! Love, Andy and Mommy Karen

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