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The Omega Chronicles

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Thank you so Much!

May 20th 2013 12:29 pm
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Awww, I just want to meow big thanks to all my wonderfur friends on earth who took time to celebrate my birthday with me! You all are so sweet and wonderfur to remember me!

Thank you to:

Tony, Anna, Greystone, etc. fur the pawsome kite!
The family of Big Harry fur the pawsome heart!
Goldie our Angel for the pawmail and cool card!
The beautiful Jezebel fur the sweet pawmail!

I had such a great birthday up here! You wouldn't believe how extra yummy the cake and ice cream are!

Thanks also for all the neat flower bouquets for Mother's Day, etc.! You guys are so wonderfur!

Angel kissies,


Diary of the Day? ME!

May 10th 2012 12:57 pm
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Awwwwws. Yesterday I was Diary of the Day!

I was so purry excited to be DOTD! Thank you, Catster, I really appurrciate it!

I also need to meow thank yous to:

Pansy fur the cute Ladybug and fur making me a DOTD plaque!

Grace, Casey, Leo & Frankie fur the cool lucky baseball!

Sugar, Sweet Angel fur the pawsome bluebird to chase!

Rory, Tundra, Manytoes, & Lynzee fur the pawsome DOTD picture they made for me!

Big Harry fur the furtastic DOTD picture he made for me!

Angel Buddie, Da Tabbies O Trout Towne and Smiley Cassanova fur the sweet pawmails!

Thank you all so much! You're so sweet to me and such great friends, and you totally made my day (and my Mommy's, too)!



Thank you so much!

May 4th 2012 1:57 pm
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You guys remembered my birthday! I had such a wonderfur birthday here, and the fact you remembered me made it even more special!

I'd like to meow a big thank you to The family of Big Harry- Dreamboat #57, Patches, Angel Abigail, Zack and more! for the heart!

Thank you for the comments AND pawmails from:

Sweet Jezebel DG 29
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne

And comments from:

Pansy Beautifica
Gnarly Micah Zach (Cool name, Dude)!

And for pawmails from:

Goldie Our Angel and Liliana Houseafluff

Thank you all for making my birthday so sweet and fur being my friends!



Happy Birthday to my Fursibs!

April 25th 2012 6:18 am
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Today is the first birthday I'll have at the Bridge, and I'm SO excited! I'm having the most PAWSOME day already! Goldie already stopped by to celebrate with me, and we had the BEST breakfast EFUR! And sweet Jezebel already sent me birthday greetings!

My fursibs on earth are also celebrating their third birthday today. My human sister is trying not to be sad, but she has been whispering, "Why didn't YOU get a third birthday, Omega?"

I'm sending her and my mommy lots of angel kisses to let them know I'm having a PAWSOME day and still love them purry much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE GREY, FLASH AND HITCH! I hope you'll eat lots of treats and chase that red dot in my honor! I heard a rumor that up here, I'll actually get to catch it today!

Off to try!


I'M A DDP!!!

January 20th 2012 1:18 pm
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OMC! I'm a DDP today! Oh WOW! The Sis-cretary is leaking like Niagara Falls again. She doesn't know why, she just, it's just so sweet that I'm a DDP.

Thank you so much, Catster, for picking me as a DDP!

Thank you Big Harry, for the beautiful picture you made me to celebrate my honor. Awwwww.

And thank you for all these stars and Rosettes! Thank you so much. When the Sis-cretary is through dripping, she's going to help me write out my Thank Yous. I know I keep meowing that, but I pawmise! Soon!

Love, love, love you all!
Omega, Angel Dreamboat #8


I'm a Dreamboat!!!

January 18th 2012 6:59 am
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The beautiful, sweet, wonderfur *Samoa* has named me Angel Dreamboat #8. I'm so purry excited to be honored as one of Samoa's dreamboats. It's such a pawsome thing for her to do for me right now. My Sis-cretary is so touched and all leaky again.

We are super touched too as to why Samoa specifically named me Angel Dreamboat #8. I was the 8th kitty pulled out of my Sis-cretary's car engine! Isn't that too pawsome? AND she loves my white mustache. *giggle* My mommy and Sis-cretary love it, too, b/c the funniest thing about it is, it's mostly only one side of my face!

THANK YOU, SAMOA!!! We love you and your sweet family SO MUCH!

It's been a week today since I made my journey and left my family. They are still struggling because there are just no answers to be found for why I had to leave.

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, and google being the tremendous help it is, they've started thinking I may have had cardiomyopathy or some kind of condition like that all along. Being feral at birth, it's hard telling what I might have been born with. One of my mommy's friends has daughters who work in a vet's office, and they've helped her so much. They told here this is very likely, and that if I had been left on the streets, if she and the Sis-cretary hadn't taken me in, I probably would have died a long time ago. But then there's the big question about the ethylene glycol showing up in my blood. They worry so much about did they drop a pill and not know it, or did my mommy get something on her socks when she went out to feed the strays?

They just will never know for sure. They whys and hows and what-ifs are really getting to them, and they're still purry sad. Please keep purring for them.

I wish they could see how indescribably amazing it is here. I'm having such a pawsome time with my furmily members who are here and with all these wonderfur Catster friends I've met already. The laser pointer light show is OUT OF THIS WORLD! OMC it's SO pawsome! I am having the best time chasing it and jumping even higher than I could on earth to try and catch that red dot! And OMC, the socks! The socks are EVERYWHERE!

Thank you so much for all the pawsome stars and Rosettes and comments. They mean so much to us. And thanks again SO MUCH, Samoa! You are da bestest!!!

And CONCATULATIONS to all this year's dreamboats!!!

Angel kisses,
Omega, Angel Dreamboat #8


I'm In Heaven Now!

January 12th 2012 7:30 am
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I died yesterday. I slipped in to a coma, and my kidneys started failing. I died soon after. I fought so hard to stay with my wonderful family, but I just couldn't fight anymore.

I was only two years old, so my family is taking it really hard. It was sudden and shocking, so they're devastated. I wish I could tell them it's alright, I'm in an amazing, peaceful, indescribably beautiful, treat-filled, sock-filled, toy-filled place.

Sweet Calvin met me and gave me my wings first thing! My brofur Nicky has already taken me on a sock hunt. I've met all my other fursibs who are here, too, and all our wonderful Catster friends who got here before me. It's the most superdooper wonderfur party already!

Please purr hard for my family and all my fursibs, especially Sunday. He was my bestest friend and always will be.

Thank you for all your stars and Rosettes and the purrs for me as I was battling my illness. When my secretary is able, she will help me thank everyone properly. She and my mommy really, really appreciate you all more than you'll ever know.

OK, I just spotted an extra special sparkly sock...gotta go get it now!


Please Keep Purring!

January 10th 2012 8:00 pm
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Please keep the purrs going for me. I'm in purry bad shape.

Well, technically, I'm drunk! They discovered I have a toxin in me. It's the kind of toxin that's in antifreeze, but I stay indoors, so they know I can't have gotten in to antifreeze. They're going kind of bonkers trying to figure out what I ate or stepped in, and of course I'm not telling.

So they're treating me with an "antidote" kind of thing. If I respond I might have a chance. It takes 36 hours, and 36 hours will be up in the morning. Mommy and my human sisfur are worried sick.

My mommy came to visit me in the hospital today. I knew who she was. I tried to get her to take my IV off and tried to meow to her that I wanted to go home. The doctor said there is a little improvement on the x-rays in my heart and kidneys. So it's kind of a good sign, but not enough to get our hopes up a lot yet.

Thanks so much to the following for the Powers of the Paw:

Blizzard aka the Catfather and Family
The Family of Simone, River, Jubilee, etc.
Zach Frost

Thank you to Da Tabbies O Trout Towne, Simone, Miko and Pansy for the sweet comments.

Thank you so much for all your purrs and support. It means the world to us.


Please Purr for Me!

January 9th 2012 9:12 am
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I am a purry sick kitty right now and could sure use your purrs.

I'm in the hospital, and the V-E-T told my mommy they think I'm in heart failure and have been throwing blood clots. Right now they have my breathing under control and I'm feeling fine and acting normal. So it's kind of a wait and see.

I'd really appurrciate it if you could send up purrs for me right now since things aren't looking so good. My secretary, aka human sisfur, and mommy are worried sick about me, so please purr for them, too!

Thank you so much Boogers and Newman for the Powers of the Paw! You are pawsome, and I'm so lucky to have you for friends!


Birthdays are a TREAT!

April 28th 2011 9:28 am
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Treats, treats and MORE treats! Yup I love birthdays! I got loads of treats and lots of time chasing my other favorite thing in the world besides treats...that red dot! I also got new Easter egg shaped sports balls to roll all over the house. But I stopped for treats.

In addition to Samoa's pressie and Callie Rose's pawmail, I got lots more furtastic gifties! So I wanna meow huge thanks to:

Gorgeous Hannah fur the yummy cupcake and compliments *blushes* and ammo about my name meaning Great O! *beams*
The beautiful Pansy for the brusselball and saying I'm too handsome to be Sawyer's bro! MOL! *head swells*
Inky for the birthday comment! I notice Inky isn't adoptable anymore! *cheeeeeeeers wildly and eats treats*
Our pawsome pals Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the "burd day" pawmail wishes! OMC we all love that burd day word!

Thanks also to Catster for the paws and treats! How'd you know I love treats?

I really appurrciate everycat celebrating my burd day with me! You really made it extra treat-filled!!!

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