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The Shortest Long Journey ever!


March 4th 2014 8:10 am
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So I don't know what is going on.

Pita is gone. Shadow is being nice to me. Ashley plays with me. And Cami - well, she is Cami. She loves on me, sleeps with me sometimes, and plays with me - then yells for the momz to save her, like I am hurting her instead of winning!

The momz put me in jail for a week. Small spaces, other 'jail-birds' and strange people. They touched me and fed me and talked to me. I could not scratch them or bite them or growel at them because I was so scared. But when the momz came back I was so happy, the first thing I did was bite them both.

Then A-ma let me climb all over the big car. And when we got home I got treats and she has been letting me eat the other kidz food. Other mom says I am helping her 'clean up' after them, but I know she is just trying to be nice since I have lost so much weight.

In 16 months I have gone from 17.14 pounds to 10.1 other mom said. I can run and play and climb to the top of all the trees now. I still play by myself on the back stairs - I push my spring down and then run down and up chasing it. It is really fun. I just wish someone would play with me.


Cat Date 2013 September 19.

September 19th 2013 7:23 am
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Boy I have come a long way and not gone anywhere.

Kris ended up not being able to take me when Mr. got sick and went to his last forever home.

So I have stayed with Momz (Teddy and Sandra) and the other girls, Shadow, Cami and Ashley-Cooper.

PITA the old man has been a very good friend to me. He lets me bathe him even though I am not too good at it. He also lets me love on him when the other's won't. He does not mind head-bumps and nose rubs, I think he even likes them a little bit.

But he has been grouchy lately and won't come to foods with us. And he is always tired and sleeping on his bed staring out the window.

Yesterday Tia Vero came over and sat with him and played with us. Then Momz Teddy left with him in the outside-box, the one I don't like riding in. They were gone a long time. When Momz Teddy came home, Momz Sandra was with her, and they had the box, but not PITA. They were both very sad and very 'huggy' and quiet.

The box smells like the medicine place and none of us like that smell, but now we can't find PITA..... maybe he found a new home. I sure miss him.

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