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Pawritings of an Imp

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Birthday Girl!

January 12th 2014 6:13 pm
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Oh my, oh my! It's my 5th birthday! And I have such good friends who remembered me today!

Thanks to Jezebel and Travis and to Newman for the warm birthday wishes via the hot mugs of chocolate.

A special thank you to the Penny, Minnie & Bliss for the lovely red heart rosette. You guys are always there passing out your sweet wishes to my family and me whenever you can. Those are greatly appreciated ... always.

Oh and I got a star! A DIAMOND!!!! From my very good friends Beepers and Ashlynne. A DIAMOND for my birthday! Thank you so much. For those who don't know, I knew Beepers and Ashlynne when they still lived in Ohio so we are very close friends.

Another star! This one came in the form of a pulsing gold heart from my very good friends Webster, Ringo, Dusty, Iris and their newest family member Buddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

PJ and myself made mom promise to keep our pages more up to date this year. Looks like we are off to a bad start with our bio fields out of commission. Really sad to see since PJ was one of the original instigators on decorating our pages and shared the stuff he figured out with everyone. We hope this isn't the end of Pawsome Pages. Just never know what the future will bring. Hoping for good things here.

Finally, one last thank you to Catster for providing the hot chocolate for free this past weekend. I know a lot of us needed it.

Purrs from a Wichenmaat ~ Katrina


Kittens, Kittens and More Kittens

July 11th 2010 7:54 am
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I had my babies very early today, July 11th, between the hours of 2:00am and 3:30am. I had a lot of babies! I think mom is in shock. Me, I'm just tired, but being a good mother.

Mom had thought I had all my kittens and had gone to send out notices to a few of her friends. When she got back, she was like "What the heck?", but she jumped into action. I was too exhausted to do a good job of cleaning the last two, so mom cut the cords and removed the afterbirth for me. She then pulled the first bunch to be born about a foot away and kept them warm to give the last 2 a chance to eat their first meal. After about 15 to 20 minutes I had all my babies with me and it's been a feeding frenzy ever since. So far, so good.

So how many kittens did I have? Well, take a look at my main photo and count them! The first 5 with the correct answer will get 10 zealies each. Please only one answer per family. Thanks!

Here's a little bigger picture for you to look at. Count the tails but not mine!


Awaiting the Next Batch!

July 10th 2010 8:14 am
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A lot has happened in the recent months. My 2 handsome blue point boys found wonderful new homes. Ike left May 1st for his new home in southwest Ohio. Mom saw him at a cat show 2 weeks ago. She said he was looking very good and very happy.

Andrew took a trip with me to see his dad, Sorn, in early May. I stayed with Sorn and Andrew went home with mom. He then took a plane trip from Cleveland to Atlanta on May 13th. He is now living the high life in Alabama at a horse farm. He rides around the farm on a golf cart and gets to take a few road trips too. His new mom is also showing him so maybe our paths will cross again someday.

As for me, Sorn and I are expecting again any day now. This time I'm having more than 2 kittens as I am much bigger than what I was with Andrew and Ike. I'm taking life easy now, but mom is turning into a nervous wreck! I did get her to relax the other evening. She was sitting on the sofa with her feet up. I came and stretched out on her lap. Mom could feel my kittens moving on her legs. Made her smile then giggle and I got a good ear and chin rub from mom.

I'll let you know about my new babies when they arrive! Later!


They Are Growing so Fast!

February 28th 2010 5:05 pm
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I hope you have been checking out the pictures of my sons as they grow up. Tomorrow they will be 6 weeks old. They are turning into excellent climbers. Not so good at getting down yet, but give them time. I'm sure they will figure that out!

A couple of weeks ago, Samoa named Andrew and Ike as her Dreamboats-in-Training. They were too young then to understand what all the fuss was about. I am sure it won't take them long to know now!

Mom has been taking some video of them playing, but she hasn't found an editor that she likes yet. As soon as she does, I'll have her patch something together. In the meantime, Mom caught a bit of me and her talking about where my boys were today. So my first video starring my sons is now up on my page. Naptime Interrupted is the title and we would like to heard what you think about it! Thanks!


What's in a Name?

February 9th 2010 7:49 pm
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My boys are 22 days old now and growing faster than weeds! They are way above average in size with each weighing more than one pound now. They are starting to play with each other now too. Mom got a short video of them, but needs to edit it a bit. Hopefully that will be soon.

What does bother me is mom keeps referring to them as #1 and #2. I'm sorry but these are my babies! I refuse to called them numbers anymore!

My name, Katrina, reminds some of hurricanes, so mom got the list of retired hurricane names out and we picked out proper names for my sons. Son #1 will now be called Andrew and son #2 will be Ike.

I'm pleased. Now we are a family.


A Little About My Kittens and Thais

January 24th 2010 6:57 am
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My kittens are 6 days old now. I had two boys and both are doing quite well. They are growing so fast that they are double the size of when they where born.

We have not name my babies, so for now they are know as Kitten #1 and Kitten #2.

Their little pink noses are now turning gray and so are the edges of their ears. That means they may be the same color as me, but the Kitten #1 is a tad bit lighter. If he stays that way his color could be a blue point. That means his nose, ears, feet and tail will be a medium gray and not dark like my color.

My kittens father is a seal point just like me. His name is Sorn. I met him at a show in Lancaster, PA over Halloween weekend. The next weekend I went to his house and spent a week with him. Sorn's dad comes from a long line of old-style Siamese. His mom was born in Thailand and emigrated to the U.S. a few years ago.

Speaking of old-style Siamese and Thailand, it is official now. The International Cat Association (TICA) has now granted champion status to my breed, Thai! That means we are now a distinct breed just like Maine Coons, Persians and all the other known breeds of cats. That also means we get to compete with all those breeds at TICA shows starting this May! I should have my pre-pregnancy figure back just in time to show in championship classes.

Now if we can just get Catster to list "Thai" as a breed of cat....


A Birthday of a Different Kind

January 18th 2010 4:06 pm
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Today is another birthday around here, but it's not a birthday like one may usually think of. No, today is the birth day of my kittens! I had 2 babies born today.

Mom is letting us rest for now. There will be pictures soon!



January 12th 2010 4:03 am
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It's my first birthday!!!

I wonder what mom has planned for me today. Catster has already been by. They left me a 5 paws rating for my page and 25 treats!

Mom asked me if it was going to be anyone else's birthday today. I checked things out then decided, "No, not today. Maybe later in the week." I think she was disappointed about that. I'm fine about it. After all 2 birthdays are better than one!


Mom's New Coat

December 30th 2009 7:52 pm
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Mom bought a new winter coat as her old one was pretty worn out. It's a nice dark shiny brown, comes down to her knees, and is down filled with fur trim around the hood.

The first day she wore it to work, she came rushing into the house and threw it on the bed as she past by it. Ah, perfect time for Velvet and me to check it out. We on the floor sniffing the bottom hem of the coat, then I jumped up on the bed for a closer examination. There is something very exciting about this coat. I could smell it.

I said, "Velvet get up here and take a whiff."

I moved toward hood. "FUR, IT'S REAL FUR!"

I latched a hold of the fur with both front paws and bit down on the fur. "MINE! ALL MINE!"

Mom flew out of the bathroom. (I didn't know she could move that fast.) She pried me off the fur telling me, "No, No, No."

"But MOM it's REAL fur!"

She dumped me off on to her bed and turned away from me with the coat. I didn't have time to think. I took a flying leap over her right shoulder and landed on the hood. I immediately latched onto the fur again and mom once again pried me off.

On to the bed I was dumped, only this time mom held out her right hand to hold me back as she reached to hang the coat up and out of the way with her left hand. I was sizing up the situation, trying to figure out what it would take to leap from the bed to the coat. Mom was telling me "no, no,no" the whole time, but that did not deter me. That's when it happened. Mom took the coat and put it into the laundry room closet.

OK, I can wait. One of these days she is bound to slip up, then I'm going to latch on to that REAL fur again!


First Month at New Home (Part 2)

August 29th 2009 5:56 am
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I love my new mom, but she does have one habit that I find annoying. She isn't very good at helping me with my diary entries! Thought I was going to write about all the stuff going on in my life, but nooooooo, isn't happening fast enough for me. Anyhow...

When we got back from the show in Raleigh (Did I tell you impressed the judges?), I was confined to mom's bedroom and bathroom. After a few days, mom started to let me out in the evening. Velvet was OK with me, but PJ and Callie weren't. Mom decided it would be better to find a way to let us see each other without being able to touch (aka attack) each other.

Mom found a roll of plastic netting used in gardens. She cut a piece 5 feet long and fitted it on her bedroom door. That allowed me to see PJ and Callie and them me but no touchy! After about 3 days, we seemed to have called a truce so mom let me out again in the evenings.

The next weekend, mom let me be out the whole weekend. On Monday, she decided not to lock me up in the bedroom while she was at work. She worried all day about what she may find when she got home, but all was cool. The only thing she found was just about every toy in the toy basket was in her bedroom with most of it under the bed! HeHe!

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