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Go to soon

March 27th 2014 5:03 am
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Thank you everyone for all the wonderful thoughts and gifts in honor of our sweet Decker who had to go to the bridge at such a young age. His handsome face and funny antics will always be cherished in these Humans hearts.

Girl Human introduced you to your first snow and has the video to reflect on as to how much fun you had. You always loved snow and on the day you went to the bridge an unusually late snowfall fell just for you.

March 25th of this year it snowed again in celebration of your first anniversary at the Bridge. Don't ever think thing happen for no reason because we know they do.

Thank you for sharing your little time here on earth with us and we are sorry your beautiful body failed you and had you go too soon. Male Human misses you greatly as does your Mommy Dipsey. Fly free my beautiful black angel and may we meet again one day. I hope to sit under a tree in the catnip field and have you rest in my lap and watch the snow fall together. Bye for now and until we meet again.


DDP for my tribute post.Thanks Guys

March 30th 2013 6:46 pm
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Today my Angel friend Dexter and I were chosen DDP. What a nice surprise for the both of us. We both only arrived last weekend to the Bridge. I really give my DDP to all my Junction kitties an Humans, I had to leave. Thank you for the honor.


My day has come so soon

March 25th 2013 9:20 am
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My profile has been updated with my story. I hope you will stop in and read it. Thank You everyone for being my Catster Friends. I will miss you guys but will be watching over you. Call me when you need me.

Your Sweet Angel:


Not good news

March 24th 2013 10:12 am
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News is not good today___ Decker who has just celebrated his 5th Birthday is having the same issues as he had in November. The surgery has done nothing to improve his urinary/badder/kidney problems. We are at square one. We believe we will have another Angel going to the bridge to soon in his life. We thought that he was doing so well. In a matter of 24 hours he has gotten much worse. Prays and crossed paws are needed.

I do want to thank everyone for all their wonderful gifts, messages and cards for our sweet Decker's 5th Birthday. Sorry we have not gotten around to giving our thank you's from the Junction. We have been having a lot of things happening with Grandma Human and have not had time to give our gratitude to each and every one of you. Please bare with us until we do.


Dr. Who????

December 30th 2012 3:17 pm
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Decker update.
Went to the Dr. for his ck'up. Had to have his distemper shot and was not pleased with that idea. He had already removed his own stitches but all looked well. He was very good kitty but cried in his little high squeaky voice that, he did not want to go on this trip . He has finished all his pills and is well on his way to being the Handsome guy he has always been. We have not placed his Mommy back with him. Next we will be seeing if he's like a lot of us and what's to have a place to call his own.


So many frurrends to thank

December 24th 2012 8:13 am
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We are having a cold rainy day. I'm cuddled up warm in my house recovering from surgery. I thought I would share our nice warm fire with you guys. I'm drinking my warmed kitten milk and know I must save some for Santa Claws. Enjoy your Holiday if your on the go please be careful and watch out for those with their minds on something else. Thanks for your friendship, kind words, prayers and contributions you have given for Peaches and I during our illnesses . Nudges to all.


Did not miss one thing!!

December 18th 2012 6:20 pm
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Girl Human did not wake me up until noon today. I got lots of rest. I laid under the heat lamp in front of the window and slept away the morning. I ran into the enclosure and Girl Human stuck the food dish under my nose. I was surprised it had my normal food in it not that awful stuff. I ate a little but was not to hungry. Girl Human is just trying to get me to eat something. Girl Human put a pill down my throat then turned me upside down and checked my stitches. I was a real good boy. I did not complain once.
Girl Human cleaned up our litter box area and scooped the potty. She opened the door and I ran out. That stupid cage would not let me out. She picked me up and told me it was cold. My belly would get cold. She placed me back on the shelf under the heat lamp. She told me to rest. Mommy and I slept the afternoon away.
Male Human came home a few hours later. He let my Mommy out. He brushed and talked with me and stayed with me until Girl Human had dinner ready.
Tonight Girl Human gave me some kitty milk. Something I have not had since I was a baby. She watered it down a lot. It tasted sooooo good. I drank it all up. I didn't share it with Mommy. She got to go outside so, I get the milk all to myself. Girl Human said it was for me any why.
So all in all it was cold and windy and I didn't miss a thing. Girl Human said I can't roam any more. My Mommy never goes out of the back yard so she is allowed out once Male Human is here with her. She is his Girl.


Not my world

December 17th 2012 8:42 pm
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Totally mad at the world today. I'm home and I can't go outside. I have to eat this yuckie CD food. I hate it. I want my old food back now. I'm spending most of my eve. going potty. They say that's good but, I don't think so
. I got to go out in the enclosure to see it. Didn't like it .Ok I know Male Human worked hard on it but I still don't like it. I have real stitches in my belly and have to return in 10 days. I have to take pills. I'm home. I will whip my tale to show my utter disapproval to this new way of living.


Still in the Hospital guys

December 16th 2012 6:36 pm
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I am still here sitting in this cage and mad mad mad. Male Human stopped to see me yesterday and I purred and slimmed and did all I could to try to talk him into taking me home.
You know what he did!! He shook his finger at me and told me, I need to go potty before I can come home. If they would give me a half way good potty to go in I would be happy to. Give me a couple inches of litter for crying out loud. What's the deal. Girl Human paying for this high priced hotel and I don't have a jacuzzi tub or anything good.
The food has not improved here. They did give me a different one and I ate a little of it. I just want to get home.

Male Human has been busy all weekend building a buffer cage on the front of the house to prevent escapes. He did finish it today. Good thing we had a couple extra days as Decker was originally suppose to come home Friday. Male Human was out in the 30 degree nights with flood work lights on trying to get it done. He was a little relieved for the reprieve so he could be a little more detailed with the project.

So now we wait for the next step of the return. Thank you everyone for the nice notes and gifts. Also thank you for having our Decker's diary chosen as DDP.


Surgery over

December 13th 2012 1:46 pm
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Decker had to have surgery today and what they thought was a big stone was a big blood clot. They did a few awful things to his bladder and put in another catheter. They won't let him come home until Sat. morning. He is still on IV's and Antibiotics.
Girl Human visited him yesterday and he was very mad at her when she left him behind. The Vet said he was going to move him to a larger cage today once he wakes up more.
Male Human is building a small outdoor enclosure for him to enjoy on nice days after he is feeling better. He will not be allowed to roam the outback anymore as Girl Human worries about him to much. He will get a lot more roaming space next summer. An expansion of the runs is hopeful. God willing.
Thanks for stopping in.

Our Vet has set up an account for Calico Junction for anyone who would like to help out with the mounting vet bill. Pawmail us and we can give you the info needed.

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