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Sex: Male   Weight: 10 lbs.

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Baby Boo, Loki Bear, Lamb

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
January 18th 2003



(1) Not being an only cat any more (2) Having his claws trimmed

Favorite Toy:
(1) His brother, Pumpkin (2) soft balls

Favorite Nap Spot:
Top perch on the seven foot cat tree

Favorite Food:
Fancy Feast (though not the fish flavors)

Keeping his brother and sister in line


Arrival Story:
Loki was found in a company truck while he was a very young kitten. I don't know how he came to be alone in the world. The company owner liked him and let him live in a warehouse for months. Finally, he decided that Loki needed a real home, and asked a friend to find one. Two degrees of separation later, they found me. I was unemployed at the time and scared of the responsibility. But I said yes anyway, and we have been very happy since then.

Loki now has an adopted brother, Pumpkin, and a new sister, Lacey. Our little family is complete. Update 9/27/05: My investigation into Loki's fondness for urinating on my bed pillows has led to a diagnosis of idiopathic cystitis. He's on Cosequin and amytriptiline first prescribed in transdermal ointment form to be applied to his ears but he's allergic to that and had the oozing skin on his ears to prove it. We'll see how the new formulation works. My poor little boo -- I thought this was all behavioral but he really is sick. I actually don't care if he urinates on pillows -- they can be washed -- I just want him to feel good. Update 11/13/05: The flavored version of amytryptiline didn't work, either. It tastes awful! (Yes, I tried it.) I will start him on the pill form next week. Update 11/22/05: I am crushing the pills and sprinking the medicine in his wet food. It tastes as nasty as the liquid. Why does medicine have to taste so bad? Meowwww! Update 4/25/06: Loki just couldn't tolerate amytryptiline in any form. But perhaps the Cosequin did the trick as there have been no more "incidents" since the end of 2005. I am keeping my paws crossed ... Update 08/18/06: There have been three incidents of inappropriate urination since Memorial Day. Sigh. Loki's vet said his urine values are "wonderful" so he is not sick, for which I am grateful. But now we have to address his behavior. Maybe he just hates down and feather pillows? Update 12/27/06: Loki still has the occasional incidence of incontinence but since his vet believes this is a behavioral problem, I have decided to accept the occasional trips to the laundromat with the bed pillows. She mentioned medicating him but the problem is just not that severe and I don't want him to miss his life because medications make him sleepy. He slept so close to me last night I could hear him breathe. He's my boo. Update October 11, 2007: I took my first real vacation since 2001 which meant leaving my herd for a week. I spent several hours at the local laundromat in the three weeks after my return as Loki expressed his displeasure at the disruption in his life in that special way of his. It's OK, I missed him, too. He is fine now, and remains a cuddlebug of the first order. Won't let me pick him up, or at least objects strongly now. When he was a little guy, we used to dance. (Well, I danced - slowly - while carrying him.) No more. Oh well. Update September 28, 2008: Not much new to report except Loki still conveys his displeasure at any variations in his schedule -- particularly any absence of mine -- in his special way. One side effect is that I have a found a home away from home at the Slow Nickel Laundromat on C and 11th Streets NE (Capitol Hill). Thanks to my wee boy, I'm now considered a regular. Update March 24, 2009: Loki had his first teeth cleaning last month. He came through it well and required no extractions. I am grateful for the excellent care he receives at Union Veterinary Clinic which was founded by the late Dr. Julie Giles. She was the first vet for all my cats. She helped me sort out Loki's urinary issues. I am so grateful for her care and for the standard of care she established at Union. I hope she is in Kitty Heaven where she will never want for loving companionship. Update May 1, 2009: After an appliance delivery and installation on Wednesday came off on time and without incident, I had some free time and so took one of my cats, Loki, to the vet for a nail trim. As the tech was taking Loki out of the stroller, he asked me if I had noticed a hard mass in Loki's chest. I could almost feel my cognitive functions shutting down as I tried to answer him (answer was no). I couldn't even remember how old Loki is. (Six.) One of the vets checked and agreed, there was something there. So my poor boo spent yesterday with the vet. The verdict is that couple of bones in his upper chest have fused and rotated in an odd but utterly harmless way. I nearly fainted with relief when the vet called me with the news. I was already thinking about how I would pay for an illness. I was prepared to sell some or all of my hockey playoff tickets for the series about to start (Capitals v Penguins - people would buy them). But Loki is fine and I am so grateful. The vet had no explanation for it, maybe he fell and I was unaware of it. Or it could be congenital. I wish I knew, but the important thing is that he is OK. Updated 10/21/09 After a few months without any peeing incidents, Loki had a spate of them in a few days. Back to the vet for tests we went. He is perfectly healthy. I finally decided to try Prozac (and immediately become a laughingstock among my friends). It's been a few months, but I can't really tell if it's making a difference. He went several weeks without any accidents and then boom, three in one week. I will let the prescription run its course and then talk to his vet about continuing. Update 3/30/10: Loki is still on Prozac though I had to ask his vet to find a cheaper source of the compounded version. She did and I am very grateful. Loki seems a little more active since going on Prozac which I did not expect but is perfectly fine. No urination accidents since October! Keeping paws crossed that he is fine and can be weaned off Prozac over the next few months. Update July 15, 2010: After months without an accident, Loki took out all my bed pillows this morning. I started a new job this week with new hours. That may have been enough of a change to upset him. I am keeping him on the Prozac for now. Update September 8, 2010: Yesterday morning while I was still abed, I heard the unmistakable sound of a kitty doing something he should not be doing in my bedroom. Since Loki has had accidents before, I have laid a puppy training pad in a site he has frequented. That's what he hit squarely yesterday. Props to him for picking the safest site. But with two litter boxes outside the bedroom, he had to use the pad? That's my obstreperous boy. January 13, 2011 Yearly exam got off to a bad start when we were two hours late because Loki hid so well. He's fine and will remain on Prozac for a while. He also needs another cleaning. Another staycation year for me. February 22, 2011 After boarding him at the vet on Monday night to prevent a repeat of his disappearing act, Loki had his teeth cleaned today. No extractions needed! March 12, 2012 Loki and I have been on quite an adventure. While I was at a concert on Saturday,January 28, Loki got into a scrap with one of my other cats, probably Pumpkin. Because I did not get home until late, I did not realize until the next day that Loki could not open his left eye. I took him to his regular vet who saw a corneal abrasion. We saw her three times over the next eight days before she said he needed specialist care. On February 8, we saw a veterinary ophthalmologist at South Paws, an emergency and specialty practice in Virginia. $800 later (just for the trip to South Paws), his eye was repaired. Loki's insurance covered this except for the deductible. I just submitted a claim for the $358 in costs for the total of four visits to his regular vet (one was post-op). Loki is fine now and still loves me despite five trips to the vet, four e-collars, and twice daily drops in the eye. Thank the cat goddess I had insurance, though. Update June 27, 2012: Loki started my week by peeing on my bed pillows - and my hair - on Monday morning. I don't think anything is wrong with him, He just wanted breakfast NOW. He did it again on Tuesday which may have occurred because there was lingering scent from the previous incident. So everything on the bed went to the laundromat last night. No incident this morning so I am hoping this was an anomaly. Though I remind myself I would rather deal with this incident than a blockage ... Update Feb. 8, 2013 Loki had his teeth cleaned today as recommended by his vet at his annual checkup last month. Cost was $400 including the blood-work. MEOW! But his teeth cleaned up nicely and he did not need any extractions. May 20, 2013 For the first time in several months, Loki took out a bed pillow this morning. I think he just wanted his breakfast NOW, but I will be watching to make sure he is OK. November 20, 2013 Loki and I saw his vet today. He definitely showed motor problems in the office. He is unsteady on all his legs and circles to the right. It looks like Loki's gait and movement problems don't come from arthritis but are neurologic. Dr. Kats also considered a stroke but his blood pressure is normal. That doesn't totally rule out a stroke but it's a good sign. (If you have never seen a cat get his blood pressure measured, it's really something especially when the cat is not being cooperative.) After I get his blood work results it looks like he needs to see a neurologist. He needs a MRI or other form of imaging. After a diagnosis, there can be a prognosis but unless it's one special type of brain tumor, Dr. Kats would probably not recommend surgery. November 25,2013 Loki update: He had a quiet weekend. He sleeps a lot. Pretty much all he does now is sleep and eat (and use the litter box). I thought he couldn't make it up to the couch anymore to sleep on me but he managed it yesterday. This morning he followed me up to the loft (tread height is about 8 inches). I watched him go down. He wobbled and his back end was not always in sync with his front, but he made it. I don't think it's up that scares Loki - it's down, which makes sense. His appetite is still good. So I am sleeping on the couch to be near him. December 5, 2013 The news about Loki is not good. He has a HUGE meningioma. I saw the MRI as it was being read and the size of the tumor took my breath away. But the neurologist says it is operable. And that is the only choice - surgery or euthanasia. So my choices are go an additional $5K into debt for the surgery on top of the $2.5K to just diagnose the thing or help Loki leave this world. Guess what I am going to do. December 10, 2013 Loki had brain surgery today. Unfortunately, his blood pressure plummeted when the tumor was removed. He's getting a transfusion but the doctor is very concerned. He will be in the ICU (not the normal neurology recovery area) for a few days. I don't know when I can see him; the doctor says it's not good for him to see me if I am not taking him home. The doctor was very clear that he is not "out of the woods" but he has backed off a bit from the edge of the abyss. December 11, 2013 December 11 Loki survived the night in the ICU. He had two transfusions (fortunately, his blood type is common). He was released to the neurology recovery room when his blood pressure returned to normal but was brought back to ICU because his heart rate was too high. February 5, 2015 Sorry for the long silence. Loki is still my baby and I am grateful he is still here. He suffered a meningioma that nearly killed him in late 2013. This is a slow growing tumor so he may have had it for years. But it in 2013 where it manifested itself. Thanks to Union Veterinary Clinic and South Paws - and my willingness to go into deep debt - he survived brain surgery and made a full recovery. It's been more than a year since his surgery, If you didn't know his history, you would never guess it. October 15, 2015 I am stunned to write that my beloved Loki was put to sleep on October 11 at Friendship Hospital for Animals. Loki had not been himself for a few days. His abdomen was distended and he was not eating. As far as I can tell he was urinating a little but I can't tell if he was defecating. He was also increasingly lethargic. I had made an appointment for him at his regular vet for Wednesday but by Sunday I knew he could not wait one more day. The vet confirmed that his abdomen was full of fluid. Just based on that she could not say what was wrong but she said that it was serious and the outcome was not likely to be good. She costed out the diagnostics for me. Those and the additional costs of hospitalizing him were a concern. I went all in before for Loki when despite having a brain tumor, the prognosis was good. But with a poor prognosis, I decided to let him go. I wish this could have happened in a more familiar location. The strangeness of Friendship added to Loki's stress though I can't say enough good about the care we both received. We had 22 months after the brain surgery. His regular vet had predicted that even if the tumor came back, he would die of something else first; she was right. I like to imagine that Loki has found Dr. Julie Giles (his first vet) in Cat Heaven by now. Goodbye, my beloved cat. December 2, 2015 My grief over losing Loki is still pretty raw. But as I look over this record, I see how far back his urinary issues go. All the way back, in fact. I will never know what killed him but I wonder if he did not have a physical problem all this time that suddenly progressed to a non-recoverable point.If that is the case, maybe I need to be glad I had him as long as I did. I miss him so much.

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