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Confessions of an Escape Artist -- The Lilly Chronicles

With the Angels

May 30th 2010 8:53 am
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I tried so hard to get to Mom and to Mother and I yowled but they wouldn't let me by and then they kicked me through the air, but I loved my HuMoms so I kept trying and then I noticed I didn't have a body any more and I had the most beautiful wings. I miss you Morse and I'll visit you flying down often but they've found me now and my little body so full of soul and love is no longer of any use to me. My people are upset. Mother tried to get out of the car to reach me, but they wouldn't let her. Dead via the cruelty and thoughtlessness of man and you know who you are, you cruel ones. Morse, I know you miss me and so do the dogs. Love you so. Give Crow Raven and his new human my love too.


Calia Lilly (Lilly Cat)


Family Pets

Dion The
Morse (Henry)
Mosaic KaLeah
Pinto Paint
Takoda Crow
Caelian Kian


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