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Confessions of an Escape Artist -- The Lilly Chronicles

Where are my butterflies????

September 23rd 2009 7:30 am
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We've been off for three weeks plus & we get back & I sit by Mom at the computer to watch my butterflies fall & they're going in a straight line in one little tiny section of the page! Mom read that Catster & Dogster did some updates & that new codes might be needed, but I really hope that she can re-load my falling butterflies because I was really enjoying sitting on the computer table or in her lap & reaching out & wapping at the screen & trying to catch my butterflies. Well, will have to write about my adventures of the last three plus weeks & there have been more than a few, later.

For now prayers for the victims of the flooding in Georgia & prayers for our furiends. We just read Thomasina's entry & meant to go over to Light a Candle & request prayers but that's a good idea: doing an entry & praying & requesting others to pray so God please watch over those whose homes are underwater & who have unsafe drinking water that must be boiled to be safe to drink & keep them from illness. May the angels watch over them & may any trapped be guided to safety. Yes please dear Lord comfort the poor Crawford family who lost their precious two year old son Preston & keep Cooper safe & the parents safe to bring up their dear remaining son who is even more precious to them now I know. Comfort them in their loss & help them. Watch over all the children who are home in the metro Atlanta area today again due to all of the flooding & unsafe conditions & keep them safe from harm while they are out of school. Watch over their parents who still have to go to work if they're able & keep them safe in their travels. Thank you God that we were spared from this terrible flooding from the overload of rain but for those who can may they help the needy & those without roofs over their heads, without food in their mouths now & those who have lost everything. Amen.

God watch over our furiends meower typists who are ill or who have been in accidents. Especially watch over those who are so ill with the flea & tick diseases as our humans are so very good at protecting us from all the dangerous fleas & ticks with meds & sprays & powders & collars & shots & sometimes they forget about themselves when they walk outside in the woods or the grass. so please watch over the human of Dandelion Wine & Magpie who has the very serious Rocky Mountain Spotted fever & help him heal from it & get back to normal & be healthy & happy again. Watch over the human of Shaun & Shane Ladd & family with the Lyme's Disease & may he heal & return to good health. Help Agnes Dad get well soon too & heal the one who was in the serious car wreck. Thank you God for watching over all our furiends.
Purrs & Mreows, Lilly Cat

C@T = Special thanks to Agnes & family for visiting Billie Bob's place for us @ P*I*F & letting them know that our computer was down so that they wouldn't worry about us. Thanks too for contacting Charlie & Lexi & others by paw mail & letting them know our computer was down. We really appreciated it!


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