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Confessions of an Escape Artist -- The Lilly Chronicles

Dogster Junction Gangster & 1920's Costume Party & Other- Things

August 25th 2009 8:25 pm
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Will meow about the play weekend with the cats another entry & about certain other things. First we got to go to this funtastic furbulous Roaring Twenties costume party @ Dogster Junction this weekend & look at my costume! Isn't it great & don't I just look absolutely beautiful as Bebe Daniels in that great FEATHER hat & fur coat? Oh, all night I kept expecting the birds to rematerialize from that hat as it just smelled so delicious! The birds would have been such fun to chase around even at the party & just know the guests would have loved it but guess the birds were either already deceased or that the feathers were just sacrificed for my catabulous hat! We had such fun at that costume party too! Bear the beautiful black cat gave out party favors and had wonderfur lobster & other food & we had favors of dish detergent to get furs to slide around & motorcycles to break holes in the wall, but most just preferred to throw meatballs & the bacon wrapped was it sausage balls? Especially at Maxi the dog who started it by picking on Georgie & hitting here with meatballs although she did say she just opened her mouth & ate them! The angel dogs seemed to have such fun flying over Maxi's head & pelting his hard hat & umbrella with meat balls. Don't know why he had on a hard hat & not a costume but Maxi is kind of a strange dog. The costumes were great flapper costumes & some furs drove to the party in their only for the rich luxury cars from that time great old 1920's cars! We had raids by undercover Feds called G Men in those days as Prohibition was raging & liquor couldn't be manufactured or sold & no one could drink it, were supposed to dump it if they had it! Caused the rise of gangsters & organized crime said Mom as they were the suppliers & runners of liquor. We were at a speakeasy which was one of those places in the 20's with the door peep holes & the dancing & jazz & the liquor where people drank openly & feared raids by all kinds of law! We got raided more than once & fur flew as all the furs cat & dog hid out or took off! Just the most fun party!

Will save the cruise & other things for another entry when I meow again. Mom needs some good coffee because it has been a very long day. At least the dogs have gone back to sleep. Okay, now I need to get back to my nap on the table -- yes, Morse has one table & I have the other & Mother isn't even fussing & won't let Mom fuss at us either. The tables are covered for now with sheets and full of boxes so part of the time we're actually hiding out in the boxes of papers & old things they're going through & that's why no one is fussing since they only eat at the kitchen table for now. They say they have lots more things from storage to go through & so we're helping -- in a way....
Sweet dreams & Purrs, Lilly Cat


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