Calia Lilly (Lilly Cat)

American Shorthair/Oriental
Picture of Calia Lilly (Lilly Cat), a female American Shorthair/Oriental

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Home:Metro Atlanta, GA  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

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Lil, Lia, Cali Lilly, Lilly Cat, Lilly, Zoomies Cat!, The Escape Artist...

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Quick Bio:
-part feral-cat rescue

December 1st 2008


Chasing her own tail, zooming from place to place at high speed, eating all food except her own, stealing the other cats' toys.

Being locked in anywhere no matter how big the space. She always has to know that she can get out. She's claustrophobic that way.

Favorite Toy:
Whatever you don't want her to have as a toy. Little cat tins that she can roll around. Anything that makes a great deal of noise especially in the middle of the night.

Favorite Nap Spot:
If anyone is laying down on their hair whenever possible. On top of feet & she cat howls with rage if you move! On the lap of anyone sitting & if they get up and put her down she follows them around cat mreow yowling.

Favorite Food:
People food & wild things like birds, mice, squirrels. Chicken. Cheese. Turkey.

Standing on shoulders while you walk around anywhere & digging in her claws. Escaping from any room, any cat carrier, any place.


Arrival Story:
My human Dad kept seeing me outside the window down below it at Mosaic KaLeah's (Leah's) house & he thought I was Leah and was going to just grab me to teach Leah's Mom a lesson and take me home with him and then call her and let her know that he had me. He decided that was cruel and much to his surprise took me in the house and Leah was inside! I am a feral wild Calico kitten and I have been getting into Leah's house and into her room and playing with her and Thomasina and Crow and any other cats there and Morse in his room. So Dad rescued me! I'm used to living off birds, mice, squirrels, moles, and other wild things that me and the other ferals catch and share. Dad was shocked as silly a kitten as I am that I could catch anything but I am a kitten and I do need to eat and I have also been mooching off other dogs and cats and eating food left outside for them. Have had some good milk that way too and some nice people food left outside & scraps thrown out for birds and for dogs and cats.

BabyCat Calliope is very insanely jealous of me. Although she's getting better sometimes I think she is plotting my demise & planning ways to kill me. I'm a consummate escape artist and spend my time annoying the devil out of Dad right now because I am a kitten older one who has the zoomies frequently and so annoy the nearly adult cats and any people in my new home. I can get out a door or window awfully fast too, which drives Dad crazy because he has to chase me down or have me chased down. // My parent cats have been found & my Dad is an Oriental that drives his people crazy (they're re-homing him soon with a neighbor -- poor thing they make him stay outside most of the time because they can't stand his constant yowling and his constant need for attention) and my Mother (they've captured her & she's not real happy about it yet) is American Shorthair crossed with a Rex cat so I guess I'm a mutt cat since my Mom is a feral crossbreed -- well allowed to go feral or whatever. Don't know the circumstances there fully. I have a new home. Daddy Rob will take care of Leah for awhile and yes he knows he can't keep her and he has given me to Meli Mom and he has let his significant female other who wants an Oriental know that he is not sure if he can take it because when I'm closed up in any room even accidentally I yowl my head off and meow just like an Oriental cat and I just drove him crazy mad. He loved me but he also just hated me. But I have a new home and Leah will stay with Rob for awhile and Meli Mom says all this shifting around of cats is what's driving her crazy now!

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Lilly Cat Zooming to Escape Again!!!!

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June 26th 2009 More than 6 years!

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Confessions of an Escape Artist -- The Lilly Chronicles

With the Angels

May 30th 2010 8:53 am
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I tried so hard to get to Mom and to Mother and I yowled but they wouldn't let me by and then they kicked me through the air, but I loved my HuMoms so I kept trying and then I noticed I didn't have a body any more and I had the most beautiful wings. I miss you Morse and I'll visit you flying down often but they've found me now and my little body so full of soul and love is no longer of any use to me. My people are upset. Mother tried to get out of the car to reach me, but they wouldn't let her. Dead via the cruelty and thoughtlessness of man and you know who you are, you cruel ones. Morse, I know you miss me and so do the dogs. Love you so. Give Crow Raven and his new human my love too.


Where are my butterflies????

September 23rd 2009 7:30 am
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We've been off for three weeks plus & we get back & I sit by Mom at the computer to watch my butterflies fall & they're going in a straight line in one little tiny section of the page! Mom read that Catster & Dogster did some updates & that new codes might be needed, but I really hope that she can re-load my falling butterflies because I was really enjoying sitting on the computer table or in her lap & reaching out & wapping at the screen & trying to catch my butterflies. Well, will have to write about my adventures of the last three plus weeks & there have been more than a few, later.

For now prayers for the victims of the flooding in Georgia & prayers for our furiends. We just read Thomasina's entry & meant to go over to Light a Candle & request prayers but that's a good idea: doing an entry & praying & requesting others to pray so God please watch over those whose homes are underwater & who have unsafe drinking water that must be boiled to be safe to drink & keep them from illness. May the angels watch over them & may any trapped be guided to safety. Yes please dear Lord comfort the poor Crawford family who lost their precious two year old son Preston & keep Cooper safe & the parents safe to bring up their dear remaining son who is even more precious to them now I know. Comfort them in their loss & help them. Watch over all the children who are home in the metro Atlanta area today again due to all of the flooding & unsafe conditions & keep them safe from harm while they are out of school. Watch over their parents who still have to go to work if they're able & keep them safe in their travels. Thank you God that we were spared from this terrible flooding from the overload of rain but for those who can may they help the needy & those without roofs over their heads, without food in their mouths now & those who have lost everything. Amen.

God watch over our furiends meower typists who are ill or who have been in accidents. Especially watch over those who are so ill with the flea & tick diseases as our humans are so very good at protecting us from all the dangerous fleas & ticks with meds & sprays & powders & collars & shots & sometimes they forget about themselves when they walk outside in the woods or the grass. so please watch over the human of Dandelion Wine & Magpie who has the very serious Rocky Mountain Spotted fever & help him heal from it & get back to normal & be healthy & happy again. Watch over the human of Shaun & Shane Ladd & family with the Lyme's Disease & may he heal & return to good health. Help Agnes Dad get well soon too & heal the one who was in the serious car wreck. Thank you God for watching over all our furiends.
Purrs & Mreows, Lilly Cat

C@T = Special thanks to Agnes & family for visiting Billie Bob's place for us @ P*I*F & letting them know that our computer was down so that they wouldn't worry about us. Thanks too for contacting Charlie & Lexi & others by paw mail & letting them know our computer was down. We really appreciated it!


Dogster Junction Gangster & 1920's Costume Party & Other- Things

August 25th 2009 8:25 pm
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Will meow about the play weekend with the cats another entry & about certain other things. First we got to go to this funtastic furbulous Roaring Twenties costume party @ Dogster Junction this weekend & look at my costume! Isn't it great & don't I just look absolutely beautiful as Bebe Daniels in that great FEATHER hat & fur coat? Oh, all night I kept expecting the birds to rematerialize from that hat as it just smelled so delicious! The birds would have been such fun to chase around even at the party & just know the guests would have loved it but guess the birds were either already deceased or that the feathers were just sacrificed for my catabulous hat! We had such fun at that costume party too! Bear the beautiful black cat gave out party favors and had wonderfur lobster & other food & we had favors of dish detergent to get furs to slide around & motorcycles to break holes in the wall, but most just preferred to throw meatballs & the bacon wrapped was it sausage balls? Especially at Maxi the dog who started it by picking on Georgie & hitting here with meatballs although she did say she just opened her mouth & ate them! The angel dogs seemed to have such fun flying over Maxi's head & pelting his hard hat & umbrella with meat balls. Don't know why he had on a hard hat & not a costume but Maxi is kind of a strange dog. The costumes were great flapper costumes & some furs drove to the party in their only for the rich luxury cars from that time great old 1920's cars! We had raids by undercover Feds called G Men in those days as Prohibition was raging & liquor couldn't be manufactured or sold & no one could drink it, were supposed to dump it if they had it! Caused the rise of gangsters & organized crime said Mom as they were the suppliers & runners of liquor. We were at a speakeasy which was one of those places in the 20's with the door peep holes & the dancing & jazz & the liquor where people drank openly & feared raids by all kinds of law! We got raided more than once & fur flew as all the furs cat & dog hid out or took off! Just the most fun party!

Will save the cruise & other things for another entry when I meow again. Mom needs some good coffee because it has been a very long day. At least the dogs have gone back to sleep. Okay, now I need to get back to my nap on the table -- yes, Morse has one table & I have the other & Mother isn't even fussing & won't let Mom fuss at us either. The tables are covered for now with sheets and full of boxes so part of the time we're actually hiding out in the boxes of papers & old things they're going through & that's why no one is fussing since they only eat at the kitchen table for now. They say they have lots more things from storage to go through & so we're helping -- in a way....
Sweet dreams & Purrs, Lilly Cat

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