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How to Humor a Human

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We have so many Catster to thank

January 16th 2014 10:56 pm
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You were there when we needed you when our Mr. Z left us. so amny of you displayed his lost posters to your pages around the world and sent us miney to help with our search and to build a reward fund. We never found our guy but Girl Human has a page on Facebook called Virginia Cat Search where she has been helping cats from all over Virginia and D.C. to find there Humans and be happily reunited with their families. This page is a dedication to him and we still search every day for him. It was Nov. 2011 we last saw him. We know his life is different now and we only wish to have good news that he is happy and loved.

Many of you took this long and sad journey with us and we want to thank you so very much for all the wonderful friendship that were developed during that sad time in our lives.

Now Catster has made their decision to remove this site and it is sad that many will loose their information, kind letters and diaries. We are going to try and save as much as we can but know we will never be able to save all our friendships and do hope those who do get this message before the page is finished will join us on Facebook.

Annie Spokescat has a facebook page and invites you to join her and many more Catsters there.

We are on Facebook as Annie Spokescat come on over. i wrote a diary about it today. Here's our link.

our e-mail is

It has been such a great pleasure to have met such wonderful and caring people. I feel like I am loosing a family member and there is nothing to do but watch the screen go blank and all of us no longer can share with each other our funny stories, sadness and help with each other. I hope you will join us on Facebook. Again thank you so much for all you have done for us.


Kites for me

April 20th 2013 1:13 pm
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Thank you so very much Anonymous for my pretty kite for my page. Thanks for remembering me today.


An ever lasting Tribute

November 18th 2012 7:44 pm
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Written by Girl Human:

No tears please this story has a happy ending.

I know so many of you have followed my posts of Mr.Z our Lost kitty never to have been found.What occurred here is angels at Rainbow Bridge sending me a gift.

On Nov. 14th of last year our Mr.Z disappeared without a trace. One November 17th we set the wheels in motion for the big search. Not just a local search but a world wide search. Many of you took the search on the road by posting posters on your pages. World wide. I still to this day see, posters on many of pages. I thank you so much.

I knew the time had come to stop my heart from breaking. If ever you have lost a pet you will understand. For those who have not God bless you and may you never have to deal with it. (No tears please).

Many months ago I read here on Catster, about the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network. I went to their site on Facebook and observed for a while. I then joined in as a cheerleader for the conductors.

The a month or so ago the ANGELS of Rainbow Bridge got into this story. I kept watching posts to see if there were any Trains coming my way. I wanted to become a Conductor. One night I received an invite for an event on Facebook for Nov.17th. (Remember that is when we started our search one year before.)

The event was a transport of a kitty from New York City to Bluefield W.V.they needed 3 drivers in my area. This had to be an Angel intervention.

Now for those of you who do not know about the URRKN, it's a group of over 3800 people who transport cats in a relay, called the Love Train. Traveling from Foster Homes/Homes to a Forever Home nationwide.

Some conductors fly kitties across country, some kitties ride for days to get to their forever homes.

When I opened the invite there was a picture of a kitty looking somewhat like Mr. Z. Well there it was. My Tribute. His name is Langston. He needed my help to get to his destination. My Tribute was set. Due to the secrecy of the trip, I had the worse time keeping my mouth shut as to the extent I was evolved. About to kill me, let me tell you.

I graduated from cheerleader to Conductor. Yesterday Nov.17th, I became Leg 7 of 9 legs to get him from Brooklyn N.Y. to Bluefield W.V..Thanks to an organization that gives Happy Endings. They also gave me one.

Please join, everyone is welcome. It's free. You can be at what ever level you would like. For me it was the Full Monte. What a wonderful feeling it gave me to be able to be part of the happy story for Langston. His photo is displayed on this several page photo for you to enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful group please watch this video

How the system works:
Visit the group pg on Facebook

They need conductors in many Midwest and Western areas so please check it out. It can take as little as 2 to 3 hours of a weekend a few times a year as a Conductor. You can devote more, depending on how much time you want to give to the Love Train.


We still think of you all the time our sweet guy.

November 13th 2012 7:04 pm
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Dear Sweet Little Fur of ours:

One year Nov.14 since you were last seen. We miss you always. We will pray you are in a happy loving home. That your being kept like the king you are. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We will be together again one day. You are always with us in our thoughts and hearts.
Love and miss you
Male and Girl Human.


Reading the past

October 16th 2012 5:57 pm
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I was just reading the entries, I had posted during the last year about our Mr. Z. Nov.14th marks 1 year since he was last seen. We now have no more calls or people watching for him. I still search the net and local shelters but without a clue.
I still pray every single day for his safety, health and comfort. I will not place any other posts here unless the best of news comes.
I want so very much to once again thank everyone for all the wonderful support we have received from you.
You guys are the best. Thank you.


Thank You everyone

May 16th 2012 9:07 am
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It has been 6 months, the 14th since Mr.Z has left home. And the 15th was my 8th Birthday.
Girl Human wants to thank every Catster so very much for all the support and kindness we here at Calico Junction has received during this long journey.
Girl Human decided to go out next Sunday and remove the signs that she has located around the area. She will continue with prayers and checking the internet for clues.
The local Shelters, Vets and Pet Stores know we are still have not found him.
It is time for us to concentrate on improving things here at the Junction.
Thank you everyone so very much once again. Catster's are some very great people.


Still counting the days til you return

January 27th 2012 9:39 am
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What a doll baby he is.
So many weeks have gone by. We have answered so very many phone calls and investigated every one. We have receive e-mails and the very best of all, we have received so much support in so many whys. . We want to thank each and every one of you with your kind words, prayers and most of all your contributions. We have received help through the FundRazr on Facebook, by mail and hand delivered by so many caring people. We want everyone to know that, we still continue the Z Quest and will for, as long as it may take. We ask that you please keep up the prayers and keep up the positive thoughts. We are so very happy that you are being our eyes, on the street, on the internet, in the newspapers, and at shelters and veterinarian. Please keep those prayers and phone calls coming our way. Thank you everyone.


What next??? as posted in Annie's diary today

December 14th 2011 7:26 am
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Girl Human Speaks.

I have been having a lot of response from the signs. I have answered so many calls and received a lot of compliments on the approaches I have made on bring Mr. Z home.

Now, a new wrinkle has happened. 3 of my signs have disappeared. I had received permission to place them. One very curiously is located at the very spot a State Trooper hangs out all the time to catch speeders. The very same State trooper who told me "it better not happen again," just a few days ago while I was placing my signs along the highway.

Either it is a very guilty party or someone who has allowed his job to go to his head. I feel victimized. Several illegally placed signs were left behind and only mine were taken.
One property owner called me twice yesterday very upset that the sign was gone. I thought they may have placed it inside for safe keeping. They were taken off of private property. Maybe this person thought of a better place to display the sign. Could it be??

I'm so very tired. Yesterday, I had to shut off my phones to get some uninterrupted sleep. These poor people were so upset and kept trying to call me. I didn't answer. Now these people are asking for more signs that I don't have.

I have always been a responsible person trying to do all the right things, plus try in bring home Mr. Z. It just makes me ill to know that I'm now fighting the loss of Mr. Z plus a silent battle with a guy who seems to think we are playing a game. This has not shaken my faith. One rotten egg is not going to stop my Quest.

Well, I dare say that this has been a real journey for me. It has been an eye opener to a whole new realm of things. The journey is far from over. I am going to give it my all. One or two people are not going to deter me from my Quest. I have met so many genuine caring people. I'm not going to point fingers and put any heads on the chopping block over signs. It's just the principle as a whole. These signs are not cheap but I will find a way to get more.

All I can say it there are some people who need to grow up and act responsible. The other side is, there are a lot more people who are grown up and accept what's thrown their way. They move on to what is really important and leave behind the ignorant, dishonest, and uncaring.

So on with my quest!!!! Let's bring Mr.Z back to were he belongs his forever home Calico Junction.


More lessons learned

December 12th 2011 3:40 pm
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The weekend has run here and there look for a kitty in this spot ck out this lead.
My first lesson was the law and signs. I was placing a sign at an intersection and placed it a good 6 feet from the curb. I was walking back to my car and a car horn blew and a man waved at me and rolled down his window. It was a State Trooper. He said, you can't do that, It's an access. No it's not, yes it is!!! Well, OK???? I could write you up. Don't let me see that again.
Most of my signs were placed on private property with the owners permission. This sign was in a nice prime place and with all the roads and all the places I had to pick the corner the Trooper would be driving in at 7:15 in the a.m.. My luck. He told me, everyone does it, but it's against the law. You "BETTER NOT DO IT AGAIN".
The bad thing I saw at least 20 signs on my way home right against the curb. Some were real estate signs too. Today I went by that corner and three signs are there now right on the curb. They were hand written cardboard signs not a nice professional sign like mine.
Well that's the way my luck has been going.

We have had a lot of sightings some very lose others several miles. Plus lots of calls just wanting to talk and give advise.

I had a call from a truck driver today saying he saw my cat dead on the road. He was on his return trip when he called and offered to stop and place it off the road for me. When he got to the location it was gone. He said it was definitely dead. Someone must have claimed it. He said, he saw it playing near the road the other day and it was such a beautiful cat. He kept telling me how sorry he was. I drove 35 miles and found nothing.
I'm sure have been meeting a lot of nice people.
It gives me a good feeling to know there are so many really caring people in the day and age. Gives all of us hope. The world is a much better place then we have been lead to believe these last few years.

Here is an e-mail I received from a women in my area. I had sent a picture to her for ID.

WOW!!! It would be easy to recognize him... What a BEAUTY!!! I'm sure he will turn up... I will keep looking... Like I
Said odds were against us ever seeing Tyler again... But he's home safe and sound... Didn't hurt to try...

Her cat disappeared the same week Mr.Z was lost. She was a lucky person and now we are e-mailing each other. I told her about Catster so maybe you will be seeing her here.

Paws Crossed here.


What I have learned to help others

December 7th 2011 3:42 pm
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Note from Girl Human:
Our Mr.Z has been missing now for 3 weeks. One of the best things I have discovered in my Quest for Mr.Z. The purchase of signs. The ones you see stuck in the ground all over with those little metal stakes. They advertize businesses/specials/sales. These corrugated plastic all weather signs are start at around $9.00 with stands. The more you buy the lower the price. I purchased 15-18x24 full color signs. I placed them all around the area. I'm going to move them weekly. I have had more phone calls and people asking more info on the missing Mr.Z. I have received e-mails and calls (14 so far) and have looked at a lot of Black and White cats ever since. Having a few of these signs made in advance to post the day kitty goes missing would be a wonderful idea as an ounce of prevention and a good back up to chipping. One thing I did was place 2 signs in my vets yard.
Another very good contact has been Petfinders. This is a very good, under publicized site. This should be given a lot more attention and advertizing so that the NON PET people are aware where to go to look/post for lost/found pets.
Every Vets should post a flyer or give out flyers to every customer to promote this site more.
I started a Facebook page on Annie Spokescat called, Lost Cat in Stuarts Draft Virginia Mr.Z. I refer people to it so they can see more photos and a video of or guy. I also place a Paypal fundrazr to help with the cost and reward. I have gotten a little response on that. Every little bit helps. The Reward keeps growing thanks to some really fine people. We have not had good news but we will keep trying and using new idea.

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