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Home:Vancouver, BC, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 16 lbs.

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Dandelion, Simba the white lion, Simba, Kimba (cartoons & comic books of the time not the Lion King), Dande, Wine.

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April 27th 1976


Having his stomach rubbed and scratched so that he could claw people after inviting them to do it, except when his beloved Mother did it & then it was fine.

The children in the family. They were mostly evil as far as I was concerned & rough & tormented & teased me every chance they got.

Favorite Toy:
Soap bubbles, dish washing soap bubbles, yarn, thread, toilet paper. The kids destroyed all of my cat toys. Catnip mice. Catnip plants.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere hidden from the kids & I had a way into the attic & Mom made me a hiding place in her closet & under her bed in a box the kids weren't allowed to touch.

Favorite Food:
Leftover human food. Tuna casserole. Macaroni & Cheese. Sandwiches. Certain veggies. Cheese.

Sensing things like storms & visitors long before they arrived and it couldn't have just been by vibration. Leaping very high straight up in the air. Twisting in the air.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Actually I was a friend's cat but I started my life in the same house where most of the other cats on these pages as family did & was the kitten of a cat not yet added. I was given to an adult who wanted to name me after mountain wild flowers and the kids wanted to name me Charlie & Mouse & all kinds of odd things and Fluff ball & they insisted that I had a different name than what the Mother called me. As said, I didn't like the children not at all and I hissed any time they came near me, but it was a very strange airy monster sort of hiss since I was deaf. I couldn't meow so I was also mute. However, I could cat growl and sometimes sounded like a wild cat & sometimes like a mad dog. Loved my Mother and ignored everyone else in the house as they didn't matter. They said I was their cat, but Mother let them in on the truth of that one immediately that I would never be their cat only hers. When she was home, I followed Mom around like a puppy dog but she didn't mind. She called me her guard cat since I didn't put up with anyone giving her a hard time and would bite them in the ankle if they upset my Mom or argued with her. The kids told everyone that I was two things that I wasn't 1) a stupid cat (ha! ha! ha! Dumb in more ways than one!) & 2) a girl cat. No, I wasn't a girl cat just because I adored Mother & she spoiled me rotten. I was a male and even had kittens with the female tuxedo kitty in the house.

Mom & Dad separated for awhile & of course I left with Mom. The two boys went with her & the two girls stayed with him. For a short while we were happy. Mom didn't take me back home with her, said she did and that I ran away tired of being tormented, left me with a friend of hers & she visited me & I always looked forward to her visits as she was almost the only one I allowed to stroke my fur & pet me. Odd thing about me in appearance, odd things was I had one blue eye & one green eye and the inside of my ears were pink and so were the bottom of my paws and the tip of my nose and the inside of my mouth. One of the names the kids wanted to call me was Rabbit or White Rabbit. They truly lacked imagination & creativity but Mom didn't.

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Butterflies are good to eat, quite tasty

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The Cat's Eye View of Dandelion Wine

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

September 20th 2009 5:17 pm
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So sorry that we haven't meowed for awhile but our attention as angel cats, mine & Magpie's has been on healing angel cat purrs at one of our typists as he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. We just found out that two others on our pages have Lyme's so tis the season for flea & tick diseases so remember to spray even if you're a furless beast when you go outside to keep the fleas & ticks & mosquitoes away as walks in the woods where these beasties lurk are popular in the Fall too & they're still out there just waiting to suck blood & pass on their diseases to a human or furred host. Remember to protect your dogs from these parasites too. Some on our pages have stated that this is a very bad year for fleas & ticks moreso than for mosquitoes so if your dog or cat needs extra protection and not just that monthly flea treatment go for it & provide it as this will save you money & heartache in the long run. Some of our humans & our friends' humans have said that the monthly treatment just hasn't been enough this year so they've also been using sprays & powders & flea collars & have even considered stronger measures as one walk out in the grass & the dogs & cats come in just covered & have to be treated. As a human remember to protect yourself too & consider keeping the beloved pet outside to be treated & that way you, others in your home, your house & your carpet & bedding don't get flea or tick infested & the last ones can be a nightmare to clean up & de-infest. Just be cautious & careful. Our human when he came out of delirium & fevers said he didn't even remember being bitten though the doc found a bite place on the scalp in the hair. He had no idea what was wrong with him, thought he just had a bad case of the flu but thankfully got to the right people in time.
Purrs from the clouds, Dandelion Wine (Dande)


Kung Fu Panda = Tiger Panda @ the Pool Party!

August 16th 2009 2:40 am
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Okay before I am Kung Fu Tiger of Kung Fu Panda again someone or some fur needs to fill me in on this cartoon because I am a bit confused here though someone said oh but the kids loved Kung Fu Panda! Yeah, but I am an angel cat & I did not see Kung Fu Panda & the kids haven't talke to me about it & when the adults talk about it sounds like the complete mish mash that children sometimes spout when they're trying to explain something to you but don't have it clear in their heads yet, haven't thought it through, but I wasn't completely lost and could just leap and jump around martial arts or Kung Fu style & play and have some fun & leapt up & grabbed and unknown cat tail and gave him a good quick dunk & returned him to the surface -- didn't even know who it was just did it in the messages and then Inspector Morse that big orange tabby cat said it was him. Whoops! Thought it was Arthur or Morgan from our pages & don't know how I could have made that error except all I saw was a lovely orange patterned tail hanging down in that water like it was trying to catch fish & maybe it was being in character! For a minute thought I was pulling my own tail as my character is all orange but my face overtook the Tiger and so the face was all white. Okay so someone let me know before I leap around in character again or maybe my typist can read up on it. Glad that the kids in the family love Kung Fu Panda & bet they're laughing at the adults right now who can't explain even what they saw of that movies to anyone! Good Night! Again!
Love to Mom, Dandelion Wine


Meowers / Typists / Writers....

August 16th 2009 1:47 am
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Before I write the entry I want to write I need to make it very clear that my typists my meowers my writers have never been and never will be any of the girls in the family not the adopted girls. Nothing against adoption & Mom was a foster Mom & the adopted children never should have gotten in the way of her having her birth children she & Dad both but it did on some of their children. Won't tell you if the boys were adopted or not but the youngest one was being heavily identity frauded by this individual off a short actor appearance & won't give the description but he went missing many years ago after being repeatedly threatened by this actor resembler (the identity frauder resembled an actor not the missing youngest son) and this guy is still impersonating him. The youngest boy of two separate eye colors who so identified with me went missing in the early 1990's and at first Mom thought he went on a Canadian or even USA form of witness protection even though law kept telling her that wasn't the case when she contacted looking for him. She knows in her heart that as he stayed in touch with her that he has passed on but there is no closure. He was a witness against a theft ring -- Mom still doesn't know if that has anything to do with his vanishing & law either doesn't know or won't say & he is their failure a failure to protect their informant. The oldest boy went into the military and he looks absolutely nothing like any actor and is half Spain Spanish and half American and has adult children of his own -- well, had one very young far too young but accidents will occur & either the real one is one of my typists or he will be as could be someone of Mom's appearance who is a birth daughter & won't go into that whole long story as Mom wants quite a few things kept private but no, oh no, Mom is NOT trying to reunite with her adoptive daughters or her foster daughter who cursed her & left many years ago & who wanted nothing to do with her or her views on the world. Trying not to let that color the meows here that long later falling out when they were young adults. They went in search of their birth Mom's & enough said on that one, so absolutely not, this is not an attempt to make peace between them so no, would never do that & know that she doesn't want that one to happen that she moved away & Dad moved away & won't say whether together or separately to distance themselves from certain family & they stayed away after the youngest never showed up again. For the longest because he was so heavily identity frauded by someone or ones, he wasn't even listed as a missing person and .... that's enough on that subject as that just tears at the heart strings -- young guy & going back to college & not far into his adult life & just like that missing... That's another thing that connects all of us, the great tragedies in our lives and loss and all of us have lost someone whether a husband or wife or worse child or etc. ... lost people in bad ways. I would never dream of forcing Mom to see anyone she didn't want to see, never.... mending fences in some cases and moving on in others...

Mom's adoptive daughters & foster daughter were not influenced by Mom's life or by her example & thought her beliefs were mistaken, in error & still do & no it's not religion in this case but rather a lack of it as they say they do not believe in the spiritual world believe it is all a made up by man created myths all religions and Mom doesn't see things that way at all though she is not what you would call traditionally religious. Mom's birth daughter all grown up & she has at least one & not going into the complex situations there, but she is so much like Mom it's unreal although when they butt heads neither one sees that at all. That's what this is about mending fences with the son the oldest adoptive son, coming to terms with someone long missing & the horrors of hopes raised over & over & he's never come home, & mending fences & building bridges with birth children. Yes, that's part of what I the cat the angel cat am doing and my meowers -- mending fences & building bridges. ... & we're starting by rebuilding the bridge to the past to trace back to the present -- it's helping...
Love to Mom, Dandelion Wine
** With hopes for mending the family ties where need be ...

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