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Fighting after bathing problem partially solved.(Thursday- 21-4-2011).

April 20th 2011 8:37 pm
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As mentioned before, matata would get very viscious and agressive towards matahari after being bathed as she looked different after a bathe.Yesterday i experimented by having both of them being given a bathe together in the bathroom by housekeeper Sabina.Dias.After the bath, observed that matata was less agressive and i seperated matahari from him, getting her coat partiaslly dried with a hair dryer.Later allowed both the cats to ineract with each other and observed that matata was not as viscious as before, just curious , sniffing at matahari from a distance but never growling or attacking like a dog.The day passed off peacefully between the two, finally having their food together at night and dozing peacefully.Hope this is the remedy for bathing them in the future.


Cat and mouse( Real life Tom & Jerry episodes)living in the- same house?Wednesday(20-4-2011)

April 20th 2011 3:48 am
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The "rat Plague" seems to have truely engulfed my house with the rats from my storage loft just refusing to vacate the loft.Yesterday night(Tuesday 19-4-2011) i saw a baby rat searching for an opening to the outside through our bathroom ventilation grating. As the same had been covered by a wire-mesh the rat couldn't fid its way out as i had ree-fitted the same after driving out the huge mother rat.Little did i realise that a few baby's were still left inside the storage loft as it is a narrow inaccessible place to thoroughly check. I really got the shock of my life on seeing this miniature mouse and quickly opened the bathroom wire-mesh.Akin to the opening of a door, the mouse quickly ran out of the ventillation and i refitted the same, happy to have gotten rid of it.
On Wednesday morning, to my utter disbelief i saw a baby rat on the toilet side of the loft staring at me as there was no access to the outside. I removed the wire-mesh grating and after some time it went out but before i could refit the wire grating it quickly returned back with another small mouse as they were pursued by crows.Ultimately, i have decided to let the rats remain in the loft until i totally clean up the entire storage space and chase them out of the ventillation gratings.Later i will block the same with the wire-mesh netting and observe if they return back to the loft through some other opening.It really confuses me as to the boldness of these pack of rats of setting up their nest in the same house in which cats live, not an inkling of "Psychological fear".Similarly, persian cats matahari and matata seem to be the lazyiest and most useless rat-catchers unlike some "mouser cats" who would definitely have "Smelled" their prey and ttacked them from their hiding places in the storage loft.My previous cat trxie had the "Mouser cat" instinct, occasionally climbing onto the storage loft and returning back after inspecting the loft.During her tenure we never had any "rat Plague", the same starting in 2007 only a few months before her death when she was ill and couldn't walk properly.Strangely, we have been living in this house since 1975, never facing any "rat problems", the same occuring only in 2007 and now in 2011 and at both times, we had cats!Prior to cats, we owned dogs.


Rat prefers our house storage loft inspite of 2 cats in the- House. A bizarre "Tom Jerry Real-Life"?

April 20th 2011 3:44 am
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In my previous entry i have mentioned a "rat Invasion" of our house storage loft and the manner in which we got rid of them. As mentioned, the entry into our house storage loft for the rats was through the "Drain Pipes" and "Toilet/bathroom" ventilation conduits.I had installed a grill to block rat entry into our house through the ventillation conduits, the same rusting over the years and hence broken through by the rats.Since the last few days the ventillation was open without the "wire-netting" fence as i had to fir new wire meshes. Finally, fitted an "alluminium wire mesh(anti-rust)" onto the toilet/bathroom window ventillation gratings on monday(18-4-2011) and happy to have got rid of the "rat invasion".Suddenly in the night, my house-keeper sabina spotted a rat peeping from the loft into the bathroom and she panicked, telling me the same. I was perplexed and initially doubted her version since before fitting the new wire fence i had thoroughly rummaged the loft with a stick to scare away any rodent.I went into the bathroom to inspect for any signs of a rat and sure enough saw a huge mouse searching for an exit from the loft as i had blocked the ventillation gratings with wire mesh. I quickly removed the 'wire-Mesh fence" of the bathroom in order to allow the rat to escape, deciding to fit the same the next morning after re-checking/cleaning the loft storage space.Next day, early tuesday morning we cleaned the loft, the rat having made its excape through the open bathroom grating. I later re-fitted the "bathroom grating fence" hopefull that this is the end of the terrible "rat invasion" that has been plaguing our house-hold inspite of the existence of cats.This particular rat must have been the mother rat and i was surprised of its courage to re-enter the house loft inspite of its baby's being destroyed as also its nest.This proves the fact that rats also have a preference for certain locations irrespective of the dangers, being prolific breeders like their nemesis, cats. I still find it difficult and embarrassing to have faced the problem of rats in my house-hold inspite of maintaining a decent house hygeine, besides ,having two cats in the house.Rats are a major menace in Mumbai, thriving in the poshest of localities,buildings restaurant kitchens and also gutters and sewers.


Domesticated indoors pedigreed cats are no natural house- "PEST CONTROLLERS"., unlike feral or outdoor cats.

April 10th 2011 9:34 pm
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On Saturday(9-4-2010) decided to check and clean my loft store-room as i suspected a rat of colonising the loft as they had done years ago in 2007, almost creating a rat plague in our house.My house is a small 1 bedroom/hall flat in a plush upscale Mumbai locality,one of the costliest "real-estate" prices in the World, large accomodation compared to the average living conditions of the common Mumbaikar.Our previous albino/siameese mixed cat "trixie" was very agile and used to regularly visit the loft/storage space making us wonder as to the reasons for her strange behaviour of climbing onto the loft unlike Persian cats Matahari and matata who like climbing onto dangerous house window ledges.Little did we realise that rats used to visit our loft regularly, gaining access through the drain pipes and the toilet window ventilation openings.We live on the 5th floor and hence it surprises me as to the reasons for rats taking a liking to our residence or the same might be prevelant in other house-holds in the building with the "Pest-Control" company's being put into business! It was only after "trixie " developed a fatal illness and became sluggish that the rats colonised our house loft and ran berserk all over our house, literally creating a feral rat colony on our storage loft, embarrassing to the cleanliness of our house-hold as well as public reading. The problem became worse in 2007 with the rats at times stealing food kept open the kitchen and hence i finally decided to close the bathroom and toilet ventillation gaps with wire netting.After cleaning the loft and getting rid of the rats, finally closed the ventillation opening with gratings and thought that this was an end to a problem of epic proportions akin to the "bed bugs" plague of New York in 2010.I have personally seen the havoc caused by rats on some ships,the same controlled by means of a complete "SHIP DISINFECTION" where the entire ship is evacuated ashore and a "Pest Control Company" comes on board , fumigates the entire ship, killing all pests.This is usually done regularly during 'Dry-Docking" of the ship or during "shore Repairs", an expensive procedure for shipping companies. Trixie expired in 2007 and i later purchased matahari who in 2009 gave birth to kittens, one of the off-spring being "matata".There were no rat problems for the last few years, but suddenly on Friday(8-4-2011) i noticed a banana partly eaten in the kitchen, typical marks of a rat.Having been an avid reader of Jim.Corbert wild-life hunting books besides being an 'Air-gun hunter" myself in the 1970's decided to track the rat.I left the partly eaten banana overnight in the kitchen waiting to confirm my doubt and akin to a "man-eating animal" the rat did return to finish the banana at night.On saturday ,my house-keeper Sabina and myself decided to clean and check the entire loft storage space.On removing the wire-gratings, observed huge holes in the rusted wire-meshes created by the rats, hence gaining access into our loft storage space.To our amazement we discovered a few rat babies along with the mother rat nestling in a nest created in the corner of the storage loft. The mother rat ran through the gratings while we got rid of the baby rats, becoming our own house "Pest controllers".Would anyone believe a rat laying babies and robbing food from the kitchen of a house which has 2 full-grown cats?This proves the fact that pedigreed home reared cats lose their natural instinct of hunting prey unlike common village and mongy house-hold cats which are natures natural "Pest-Controllers".I thought that the presence of a cat would act as a deterrent for rats , the same proving me totally wrong.Rats are very intelligent and can size up the capabilities of their eternal nemesis, the cat. Our previous cat "trixie" was a mixed breed albino siameese and hence had some natural instincts of the normal cat unlike Persian cats matahari and matata who are total "lap-cats", loving the comfort and security of their human owners.
The "Pest control" business is a booming industry and i have personal experience to understand the reasons for the success of the "Pest-Control" industry all over the World.Its strange, bizarre and true that although we humans try our best to erradicate pests like rodents and pest insects they are still considered the living world's best survivors, capable of surviving even nuclear radiation.As for cats, they help in preserving the balance of nature in the natural environment, a real life endless "TOM & JERRY SAGA".


Cat "Matata" is made "Cat of the Day (Sunday 3-4-2011)" on- "Catster"

April 6th 2011 2:52 am
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Tomcat matata was "Catsters "CAT OF THE DAY((Sunday 3-4-2011)".He is an exact real life "duplicate" of the World famous "Garfield" comic & movie animation cat. See the movie "A tail of two cats".Bizarre similarities between "Matata" and animated cat "Garfield". Akin to "Garfield",besides the coat colours being similar, matata also had thin "tiger stripes" on his hind legs which have become less visible as he aged.
In fact when i saw the movie on telivision was totally amazed at the bizarre similarities of the animated cat garfield and matata.


"Lucky Gecko" sighted in house gallery(Wednesday 30-3-2011).

March 30th 2011 9:05 pm
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The baby gecko that matata had caught months ago and from whose jaws i rescued it was sighted in my gallery on Wednesday(30-3-2011), a day after matata's birthday.
I recognised it from the distinctive "Teeth Scars" of matata on its body, although it was now a full grown gecko.The teeth marks on the gecko were akin to a tatoo mark on humans, distinctly visible.The very fact that this gecko survived the near death ordeal in a cats jaws proves the tenacity and natural healing powers of gecko lizards, a natural pest controller of nature.
Matata, although a useless "stud cat" is an excellent hunter and very feroscious, akin to his wild compatriots of the forests, the "big Cats".
Nature in its purest form is very cruel with an unending battle for survival between carnivores and herbivores, predators being on top of the food-chain.


Happy Birthday matata(Tuesday 29-3-2011).

March 29th 2011 8:46 pm
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tomcat matata has completed 2 years of age on Wednesday(29-3-2011).As his dam matahari is seriously ill from an abscess in the right premolar tooth , it was a hectic day of preparations for taking matahari to the vet.At 2 years of age, cat matata still resembles a cuddly kitten, absolutely playfull and the non-human child of the household.He has proved a colosal flop as a "stud cat" but has compensated by providing his house-hold with immense cat antics, a source of stress release to his owner who is a professional gamblor(Stockmarket & sports),one of the World's most dangerous professions, both, financially and physically.hope Matata ives a long contended life unlike his dam matahari who was always prone to allergies as a kitten and is at present recovering from a tooth abscess.


Tomcat Matata, the "JOKER " of Cats.(Wednesday 16-3-2011).

March 15th 2011 7:50 pm
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Cat matata is the ultimate clown of cats, the duplicate "Joker" of his most famous millionaire syndicated mirror-image "Garfield", the cat.See the film "Garfield, a tale of two cats" to understand matata's bizarre similarities with cartoon Garfield.
Cat matata will be 2 years on 29th March 2011 , yet he is absolutely "kittenish" in his behaviour or "Child-like" to use the human equivalent of comparison.He is not castrated unlike most pet male cats, yet, he has totally failed to mate with his dam matahari, inquisitive about sex, but not knowing the "A,B,C,D" of sexual intercourse!
Its only after baths when matahari looks totally different that he behaves like a monster towards her, the same written in previous diary entries, a rare and bizarre phenomenon.After a day or two he gets back into normal terms with matahari, both again on friendly terms with she being the "alpha cat" of the house.Its only after "Baths" that Matata becomes the total "Alpha male cat", total transformation of his personality from a timid 'hen-pecked kitten" to a miniature wild tiger.
My original intention was to "Inbreed" matatahri with matata to create the "Mumbai Persian Cat" breed, a cat breed accustomed to warm Indian climates, later "Outbreeding" their off-spring as too much "In-Breeding" is detrimental to the healthy of the kittens.I have been totally unsuccessful in my endeavour as matata just doesn't get sexually aroused when matahari is in heat. Since the last 2 days(14/15-3-2011) matahari is in severe "heat" yet matata totally avoids her, preferring the company of his human care-takers!I remember the first time i bred matahari with the stud cat from crawford market, the stud cat would just not leave matahari, continuously trying to mount her in the locked gallery, also being successful and hence the birth of "matata' and his 5 other siblings in 2009.How come tomcat mata hasn't inherited the "Stud genes" of his sire?
Matata prefers human company, besides, his dam matahari doesn't accept his amorous advances when he does show some signs of sexual play.Do cats, akin to humans have a preference for mates?Akin to humans, is queen cat matahari avoiding an incestuous mating?As a human, i find my cats mating behaviour very bizarre, unlike normal cat behaviour.Cats , akin to rats are prodiguous breeders, hence most pet cats are sterilised by owners to avoid an excess of kittens, unless they are pedigreed cats of a professiona; breeder.Cat owners and breeders would be surprised that my non-sterilised cats just refuse to breed, something as rare as a "blue moon".
Unlike matahari who is very aloof and likes being left to herself in the house, matata just loves human company, akin to a dog.
He is a total dog in his behaviour towards his human caretakers, respnding to his name when called, scampering around the house, reminding me of my pet dachshund "Lucky(1984-1995)".He also loves jumping onto the bed when i sleep and being petted,facing his rump towards my body with tail lifted high.Another strange aspect of matata is that unlike most male cats he doesn't 'Spray" his urine all over the house, the most horrifying problem of owning "Non-castrated male cats".In looks and stature, matata is the perfect prototype of the "traditional Persian cat", a real compact feline beauty.I should admit, that without parakeet "mittoo", cats matata and matahari, my house would have been a lonelier place.As for matata, he is the "JOKER" amongst my pets.


Tom cat matata back to normal behaviour after "Exorcist cat- scare".(Thursday 10-3-2011).

March 9th 2011 8:07 pm
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Cat matata has gradually returned back to his normal self after his unbelievable change in personality towards dam matahari. This particular behaviour has been detected only after bathing both the cats, with matahari looking totally different when wet after the bathe.We bathe the cats with a cat shampoo and this time the shampoo was different, a common shampoo for both cats and dogs called "Bay-O-Pet" manufactured by "bayo health care".After using this shampoo the aggressive tendency of matata was totally different compared to his previous aggressive mannerisms.This time his face had a peculiar weird snarl, absolutely horrifying and scary,straight out of a supernatural horror film, even to me,a pet animal hobbyist since childhood.later i went and consulted the veterinarian Dr Shivani.Tandel about the reasons for this strange wild behaviour of matata and the reasons were the same.Strangely, matahari now seems to be on "Heat" but matata seems totally un-interested, leading his normal pampered pet life, akin to "Garfield" his World famous cartoon character.No wonder cats were considered as the "Devils incarnate" during medievial times in Europe, especially black coloured cats and hence numerous cats and their human companions called "witches" were burnt to death."Matata's" strange supernatural behaviour after baths has made me realise the reasons of cat superstition and supernatural beliefs as these simple human pets control their human owners unlike dogs.Today, science has an explaination for bizarre "Cat Behaviour" hence education and science have helped erradicate the prejudices of humans against these cute , self-centred pets.


Bizarre horror, unexplainable behaviour of cat matata - towards his dam matahari after a bath.(Monday 7-3-2011)

March 7th 2011 2:55 am
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Monday(7-3-2011):- Today after giving both matahari and matata a shampoo bathe to ward of flees observed the strange aggressive behaviour of matata.He has consequetively demonstrated this behaviour after every bathing and today was the worst side of his aggressive violent "tiger personality" akin to a "Horror Movie".My cats are more calm with my house-keeper Sabina as she feeds them and hence she also bathes them seperately, one at a time.The problem starts after both are bathed and realeased from the bathroom into the house.Tomcat Matata literally growls like a miniature tiger or leopard and goes all out to aggressively attack matahari who timidly runs away, absolutely afraid.Today, thanks to my presence ,a serious authentic "Cat-Fight" was averted since i chased matata away from a docile , timid matahari whenever he growled and attempted to bite or scratch matahari, behaving like a cat possessed, akin to the "Exorcist films", only difference, this was a cat and not a human.""Matata's' facial expression changed beyond recognition, a twisted snarl with his head in the air,strange growling sound, least bothered about my presence next to him with a stick, akin to a ""Circus animal trainer" in the ring.This real life "Cat Drama" continued in my house from morning(approx 1100hrs) upto the night and forced me to stay at home, akin to a guard keeping a watch on a "V.I.P", in this case, my own house cats!This only happens when she is damp and wet after a bathe, looking quite different from her normal self.This behaviour has been observed since the previous bathings and today was observed at its worst.I am totally confused by this strange aggressive behaviour of Matata towards matahari, since even though she looks different after a bathe, her body scent should definnitely be the same.On normal occasions, cat matata is totally dominated by his dam matahari, she being the 'Alpha female", allowing her to eat meals first.She even bully's him and avoids mating with him, chasing him whenever he approaches her, harmless cat play.They both have been existing harmoniously in the house for almost 2 years and hence this strange aggression of matata perplexes my knowledge of cat behaviour.Normally cat matata is the cutest of pet cats, a non-human child in behaviour, absolutely docile and harmless.What is the reason for his change of personality after bathing, both him and matahari?I feel "Matata" has reached peak sexual maturity at age 2 and since matahari seems to be on heat he desperately wants to mate with her, hence the aggression.Matahari is mortally afraid of matata, a strange reversal of fortunes after a simple "Cat Bathe" on Monday(7-3-2011).Hope the situation becomes normal after a few days.

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