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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

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Tomcat Matata given his "De-worming dosage" of- "Plozin".(Friday 13-1-2012).

January 12th 2012 9:47 pm
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Gave cat Matata half a tablet of "PLOZIN", a De-worming medicine, same given every three months.Bizarrely, Queen cat matahari has taken total occupation of my "Television Chair" since the New Year(Sunday 1-1-2012) and sleeps on it throughout the day.Just yesterday she left the chair at night sleeping on the sofa, her previous normal couch place in the house.As for tomcat mata, he has taken a liking to his permanent chair in the hall, adjacent to his dam Queen matahari's arm-chair, also my chair!Its hilarious living in the house with my cats.


Tomcat Matata's fur parasites under control.(Saturday- 17-12-2011)

December 17th 2011 1:43 am
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I had been on almost a months holiday away from home during the month of November and my cats matahari and matata were under the care of my house-keeper sabina.Dias.She bathed matata once during my absence with anti-tick shampoo, also removing his knotted fur while bathing him.After i returned home found a few knots on matata's fur and decided to give him a bathe, the only time he allows us to remove his entangled fur knots which are sometimes infested with flea parasites. He is now cured off his flea parasites but has become a horrible glutton having an insatiable appetite for food.He tends to rob food if kept unattended in the kitchen, a habit he didn't exhibit before.He is in perfect health, robust and sturdy only drawback is his tendency to grab unattended food of which we are careful.


Tomcat matata given his second bathe within 3 days for- "Flea Infestation Prevention".(Sunday 23-10-2011).

October 23rd 2011 4:25 am
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Housekeeper Sabina.Dias gave both the cats,queen cat Matahari and tomcat matata a bathe together as they have a tendency to quarrel if bathed separately.Matahari is very well behaved with a good temperament and hence after the bathe i used the "Hair-Dryer" on her wet fur. She did have fleas which were not visible although she did have the habit of scratching and licking her fur.Hope she remains free of fleas after this shampoo bathe and fur drying.
As for matata, he is a very restive and scared cat by temperament and hence i couldn't use the "Hair-Dryer" on him.This is his second shampoo bathe in 3 days,and hope the fleas have been exterminated although they do relapse after a period of time. we have a small gallery potted garden which is definitely the source of the fleas since both the cats are "Indoor Cats".
Henceforth will give both the cats a "Anti-Flea Shampoo Bathe" at least once a month to control the flea menace.


Matata had a severe infestation of "Flea nests" which formed- hard "Fur Balls" on his coat.(Thursday 20-10-2011)

October 20th 2011 2:58 am
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Finally decided to give matata a bathe and later trim his puzzling fur-ball knots.I gave him a bathe and used "Bay-O-Pet Shampoo" having 0.1% of propoxur, manufactured by Bayer-Pet care for protection against fleas for both, cats and dogs.To my utter disgust and surprise i found dark insects coming out of his fur on rinsing the shampoo, a real surprise to me. I thought that matata's "Fur Ball mats" were due to some moisture absorption and common on long furred cats, little realizing that these "Fur-ball mats" were actually 'Egg-Nests" of fleas on his body.Mata is physically in perfect health and fat unlike normal flea stricken animals which usually become thin due to the parasites, hence i couldn't detect the same and mistook his "FUR-MATTING" as something due to improper brushing.After giving him a bathe i later trimmed away the "Fur-Matted Knots" and tried using a hair-dryer for drying his fur. He was mortally afraid of the hair-dryer sound as well as the hot-air and hence avoided the same.He seems alright and hope the fleas are eradicated, a utter surprise to me since he is not an "Outdoors cat". I presume he got the flea infestation from our house potted garden plants. Strangely, his dam matahari seems free from any flea infestation, her fur absolutely normal and healthy looking in appearance.
Hope other cat owners benefit from this personal experience of mine of parasite fleas on cats.


Matata's fur has a tendency to matt into thich fur-balls

October 14th 2011 10:31 pm
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Matata has rough and coarse fur , brownish in colour unlike his dam matahari who has soft silky pashmina type fur and is white in colour, the typical "Doll-Faced Persian cat". Matata's fur has a tendency to matt into thick fur balls, especially on his under-belly.I still don't know the reasons for the same although he is groomed frequently, the same as his dam matahari.Its become a big problem for me to maintain his fur coat in prime condition as i have to trim the matted fur balls, a dangerous procedure as the chances of hurting his delicate skin while trimming are high. The matted fur balls cause no harm to his physical well-being but do hurt him while combing or trying to clip away the same.


How to train your cat.Understanding "CAT PSYCHOLOGY". Tomcat- Matata's behaviour improves.(Thursday 6-10-2011)

October 6th 2011 4:02 am
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In my previous diary entry have mentioned the abrupt change in matata's "TOILET HABITS".He continuously passed his stools in the house gallery, something he had never done before.
I decided to change the gallery furniture location, covering his "Shitting spot" with a chair since cats mark their spots by urine scent.Since the time of covering the spot of his gallery shitting hide-out with the cane -chair matata has stopped defecating in the gallery and goes to his usual spot in the bathroom. Also seems that both the cats were suffering from mild diarrhea,which could be one of the reasons for tomcat matata's strange change in defecating behaviour.When sick, cats deviate from their normal behaviour.
As of today he has returned to his normal habit of defecating in the bathroom as does queen cat matahari and both the cats are passing normal "Hard stools" and not "Diarrhea stools".
I have left the chair in the same position in the gallery, a change of the gallery decor due to matata.
My case presents a successful rehabilitation of an erring cat mending its behaviour due to right training methods and understanding of "CAT PSYCHOLOGY".
Any other owner would have got berserk with this behaviour of matata and in worst cases would have even got rid of him as is the case with numerous cats that are given to "Cat shelters" or abandoned on streets.
I am very happy that my training of matata has been successful and a guidance for other cat owners having problematic cats or finding suddebn changes in the behaviour of their pet cats.
Don't give up hopes on your cat if it misbehaves, try to correct its bad behaviour akin to a human child as our cats are our non-human children.


Owning cats or a "Cattery" is a major- responsibilty.(Saturday 1-10-2011)

October 1st 2011 3:42 am
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Cat matata has suddenly in the last two months occasionally taken to defecating outside the "Bathroom" his normal toilet. His new place is the house gallery garden and he has consecutively defecated for two days in succession(Friday/Saturday).I feel something might be wrong with him since he is passing loose motions of late, could be an excess of rice in his diet of rice/minced meat.As a "Stud cat" he is a total flop and has put off my plans of breeding a localized Persian cat by 'inbreeding" the dam to the son.He is an excellent specimen of the "Traditional(Doll faced)Persian breed" also having the rare brown colour.I had "Big Plans" of inbreeding matahari to matata and forming a new indigenous bred Persian cat acclimatised to Mumbai's humid climate, "THE MUMBAI PERSIAN CAT".I even wrote about the same on "Pictures of cats " blogs hosted by Mr Michael.Broad from London. As they say, "Never count your chickens before they hatch" and hence i am saddled with a pair of cats incompatible of mating with each other.Otherwise, tomcat matata is the most loving cat i have owned, a little non-human child in behavior, mischievous and loves to eat, a glutton like his dam matahari.
As a animal lover i have tolerated the behavioral shortcomings of my cats, especially matata, but manny cat owners aren't so magnanimous.Manny badly behaved cats or useless stud cats are normally given to shelter homes in "First world Country's" where if no one adopts them within a stipulated amount of days they are then euthanized.In U.S.A cats are euthanized as much as rats in cat shelters, same applies to other country's where feral or stray cats are considered pests.
Just because of my cats i have to have someone at home while away to look after them, the same being done by Sabina my house-keeper.What i am trying to depict is the responsibility of pet owners once they own a pet. Owning a pet, is a life-time commitment for any responsible owner and hence always take into considerations the maintenance problems involved before buying or acquiring a pet.Never ever abandon a pet mid-way ,akin to discarded clothes or toys as they get emotionally attached to their human owners.I have observed these facts through ownership of both dogs and cats in my house-hold, including my oldest living pet, Alexandrine parakeet "Mittoo".
Ultimately, maintenance of cats matata is akin to owning a "white elephant", extremely difficult although i could earn an income by breeding queen cat matahari. As a responsible cat owner i don't want to randomly breed matahari just to make a few thousand rupees as there are no "REGISTERED CAT CLUBS " in India unlike "Pedigreed Dog Clubs".Rather keep her as a normal pet than a "Cattery cat" since randomly breeding her would have no value on improvement of the "Doll-Faced Persian Breed" since her progeny would have no "Cat Pedigree certificates".My main idea was to produce a indigenous "Mumbai Persian cat" by inbreeding dam and son which has flopped and has hence put an end to my ambitions of breeding a new breed of Persian cats.Thankfully for my cats i am reasonably well-off, being a bachelor,hence able to maintain them without any source of income from them!My pets provide me with happiness and are my non-human children and that compensates for the lack of any monetary gains by owning them.Thanks to my cats i have been a prolific blogger, contributing interesting topics on cat maintenance and behaviour.My articles have helped in a small way in raising some money for welfare of cats, including 'Catster Diary" as the advertisements accompanying my blogs indicate.Hence, although i don't personally gain monetarily from my cat ownership, at least my cats have been instrumental in helping the social cause of other less privileged and abandoned cats by raising "Charity Money".This is my way of social welfare, although its linked more to animal welfare.Regarding human welfare, as a bachelor having no heirs, definitely, a bulk of my estate would go to some human cause once i am dead.In life,"You always win some and lose some".


Tomcat matata gets his "De-Worming Dosage" and develops- strange "defecating" habits.

September 27th 2011 7:56 pm
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Got matata dewormed by giving him 1/2 tablet of "Plozin tablet" on wednesday(14-7-20110). The next dosage would be after 3 months.
Matata has developed a bizarre habit of defecating in the gallery when angry with his human companions. He has done this on two occasions for no apparent reason otherwise he is a normal well behaved "Toilet Trained Cat".Another aspect of Matata is that although he is not sterilised he behaves normally, never "Spraying" his urine all around the house, very common with non-castrated cats.He is also a total flop as a "Stud cat", not knowing how to mount a female cat, still behaving like a kitten at age 2 years 6 months.He is more "Dog-like" than "cat-Like" in behaviour and the non-human pet child of the house.
Matata again defecated in the house gallery on friday(30-9-2011), a habit that has become a nuisance for us, his human care -takers. Strangely, he realises his mistake and runs away hiding in the house, akin to a human child who has done a prank.I presume that being a male tomcat matata might be marking his territory, the gallery being his domain, hence the occasional urinating and now defecating in the same place. Hoping that he improves his behaviour to normal otherwise i will have to cope with a truant non-human child behaviour occasionally.This is one of the main reasons that some pet owners abandon their pets or give them to "Animal shelters" in first world Country's. as for me, a confirmed bachelor, my pet cats will always be a part of the house-hold irrespective of their occasional bad behaviour.


Matata's bizarre behaviour with certain strangers.(Saturday- 3-9-2011).

September 3rd 2011 8:04 pm
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My maternal uncle from Mangalore Mr Godwin.Gonsalves had visited my residence on Friday(2-9-2011), a courtesy visit after a year or over. Strangely, cat matata was absolutely terrified on seeing him, avoiding him like as if his life was in matata never exhibited such behaviour in front of other strangers although he has the habit of hiding initially when a stranger enters the house, later getting used to the person's presence.With Uncle Godwin, the cat was absolutely terrified , running helter skelter to avoid him and hid away under the furniture for his entire stay until Saturday(3-9-2011). Whats the reason for cats being frightened of certain humans?
My previous cat , albino/siameese mix "Trixie"(1995-2007) was similarly bizarrely afrain of my house-keeper Sabina.Dias, hiding from her through-out the day although she used to feed her.The same has been written in "Trixie's diary" entry. read the same."Animal Behaviourists" should find some answer to this strange behaviour by cats.


matata gets his "Deworming Dosage".(Saturday 9-7-2011).

July 10th 2011 9:00 pm
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Got matata dewormed by giving him 1/2 tablet of "Plozin tablet" on Saturday(9-7-20110). The next dosage would be after 3 months.

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