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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

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Tomcat Matata transforms into a "HORROR CAT" after a shampoo- bathe.(Sunday 18-3-2012)

March 19th 2012 4:31 am
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I have written in previous diary entries about this strange behaviour of tomcat matata turning ferocious towards his dam matahari after they both are given a bathe.On Sunday(18-3-2012) it was akin to watching a real life "HORROR MOVIE" at my residence.
We decided to give both the cats a bath together as i thought this method would reduce matata's unexplainable aggression towards his dam matahari after being released from the bathroom after bathing.Hence house-keeper Sabina took bothy the cats into the bathroom and washed them thoroughly later releasing them into the house.
I was surprised at matata's aggressive behaviour towards matahari, same seemed to have escalated rather than reduced and i realized that with age he had turned more aggressive, the typical tomcat fighting for his territory.The expression on his face changes as he approaches matahari and his head gets tilted at an angle, growling with a roar akin to a tiger, lion or leopard.He has done the same on previous occasions but today it was extraordinarily frightening and he was utterly aggressive. I separated him from an aggressive attack on matahari once when he charged and scratched her on the nose, a deep scar imprinted on her beautiful face.Later in the night he again attacked her and in the process of separating them i got scratched by matata's gashing claws, a deep scratch on my right thumb and finger.I was bleeding profusely and managed to later stop the bleeding.I didn't realize that his claws were that sharp, akin to a piercing knife and honestly, this was the first time in my life that i got injured from any animal, pet or wild.As for matahari, luckily my hand took the severity of the clawing otherwise she could have been severely injured and now i personally understand the definition "CAT FIGHTS". Normally both the cats are very playful and chase each other around the house before meals, akin to "Catching cook" played by human kids.Besides Queen cat matahari is the Alfa cat of the house and matata always allows her to eat first and later he eats, pampered like a human child by Sabina.Its only after both the cats are given a bathe that the roles are reversed and tomcat matata becomes the absolute Alpha males cat, tolerating no other cat on his turf, typical of cats and their larger cousins lions, tigers, leopards.I have kept a huge walking stick at close hand to ward off any attacks by tomcat matata on matahari, akin to a "Big cat" circus handler with matata providing a free horror cat show.Strangely, both cats were quiet the entire night,my sleep disturbed as i was subconsciously expecting a cat-fight in the quiet of the night, ready to intervene with my stick.In the morning it was the same cat-fight situation at home, myself on tenterhooks with the stick, expecting to intervene in a cat-fight at short notice, my bizarre self-employed job at home!An entire 24 hours has elapsed since the bathing and yet both cats are still the worst of enemies, strange two cats, a mother and her son living together since 3 years in the same house and just a mere 'Cat Bath" making them the worst enemies.hence we humans should never equate our pets on human terms as animals have a different method of living and social hierarchy, cats being identical carbon copies of their cousins the "Big Cats". Even though i consider my pets a part of my non-human family i am always aware that they are domesticated animals that have their own lives and hence should never be "HUMANIZED" as do most pet owners, at times dressing their cats and dogs with fancy clothes and artificial make-up.


Tomcat matata given quarterly deworming tablet- "PLOZIN"(Wednesday 14-3-2012)

March 16th 2012 4:04 am
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Half a tablet of "PLOZIN" was given to tomcat matata, mixed in his meals.Matata is very child-like in behaviour, absolutely attached to his human care-takers, considering us humans as cats! He has to be coaxed and petted to have his meal from his plate by my house care-taker Sabina.Dias.He is the equivalent of a non-human child to Sabina, such is his attachment towards her as she feeds him.He is also very attached to me and keeps me busy with his child-like antics and mischief.He also wakes the household everyday between 0500 hrs to 0600 hrs with his loud 'Cat howls".Without the presence of my two pet cats matahari ,matata and Alexandrine parakeet mittoo, my bachelor life would have been lonesome at home in Mumbai.


Tomcat matata is the morning "Alarm Clock" and is a food- gourmet?.(Wednesday 14-3-2012)

March 14th 2012 3:22 am
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I have previously mentioned tomcat matata's irritating and disturbing cat howls suddenly in the middle of the night.Thankfully, this irritating habit has reduced although he does occasionally howl but quickly quietens on being scolded.His other strange habit is awakening the household between 0500 hrs to 0530 hrs daily by incessantly coming into my bedroom and howling.He does this everyday and this is akin to an alarm clock and makes me wonder as to how he judges the approx time, unlike we humans who can read a clock or other time gadgets.This is the time for feeding him and both, he and his dam matahari get very active at this time.Having owned and bred both cats and dogs i find cats as smart as dogs, only difference is that cats have a mind of their own and hence unlike dogs can't be trained to respond to human commands.Matata is one of the most intelligent pets i owned or came across, bullying us, his human care-takers to pamper him and cater to his whimsical needs akin to a spoilt human child.Tomcat matata is very attached to me and my house-keeper Sabina and has to be "hand-fed' like a baby by sabina otherwise he refuses to eat his food.He also has a special taste for delicious meals and refuses to eat unless his food has a little bit of fish content or pure minced meat without any fat. He refuses to eat minced meat with excessive fat, the cheaper quality sold at the butchers shop, but, his dam matahari never ever fusses about food and eats anything non-vegetarian.Very strange and different behavioral patterns between two cats of the same hereditary lineage.


Tomcat matata mortally afraid of strangers in the- house.(Wednesday 8-2-2012).

February 7th 2012 9:33 pm
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I have always observed that tomcat matata is terrified of humans entering my house-hold barring me and my house-keeper Sabina.Yesterday one of my classmates had come to Mumbai from Bangalore for some professional photography assignment.Mr Leonard.Aarons stayed at my house overnight on Monday and although tomcat matata did come out in the open, at times relaxing on his favourite chair he was still afraid of the new human entry into my house.Leonard took some beautiful photos of both matahari and matata .Strangely matata was absolutely silent at night, not uttering any sound of his usual "Cat howling" disturbances during the night.The next day leonard left our house for Bangalore and matata regained his normal behaviour, although his "Cat howling" was reduced on tuesday night.


Tomcat matata, the ultimate "Poster-cat" for a "MINIATURE- LION".(Sunday 5-2-2012)

February 4th 2012 8:20 pm
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In my previous cat diary entry i had mentioned the unbelievable act of matata catching a bird that strayed into our house balcony and totally consuming the same, just a few feathers left of the bird, presumably a sparrow.Matata is totally non-interested in my parakeet "Mittoo" as he realizes that the bird belongs to the household, only staring at it occasionally when his cage is cleaned.I presume that matata attacked the stray bird for the simple reason that it had strayed into its territory and akin to "Big Cats", even domestic cats are very conscious of their territory and domain and to tomcat matata, the small flat from which he has never steeped into the outside World is his territory.The sudden intrusion of the bird directly into the clutches of matata must have frightened him and hence he attacked and managed to catch this bird, later consuming it totally.Another strange and horrible behaviour of matata is his daily Cat roaring" at nights in the house, totally disturbing our sleep and he has been indulging in this frequent behaviour since a month, stopping in-between for a few days.This behaviour could be due to a mating urge as also the fact that all big cats and small cats are nocturnal in nature.His dam matahari doesn't indulge in this behaviour, only purring and rubbing herself against us when she comes in "HEAT".Anyhow , i have to train matata not to "Cat roar" at nights, a utterly distressing habit to us humans and i now realize the reasons for manny pets, both dogs and cats that are sometimes abandoned by their human owners to "Pet Shelters" or "Streets".As for me, i would never indulge in such an act but would try to correct my cats behavious for the benifit of both of us, his human masters as well as the cats own livelihood in a human household.


"Tomcat Matata", a miniature lion cat catches and eats a- sparrow at home.(Thursday 2-2-2012)

February 1st 2012 10:04 pm
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As a Wild-life lover have watched numerous prey and predator action on "National Geographic" and "Animal Planet" on television.On Thursday(2-2-2012) a scene from the Savannah's of Africa was enacted in real life at my residence in Mumbai, an unbelievable fact of tomcat matata catching hold of a sparrow, killing it and later consuming the entire bird.I was not present at home during this bizarre incident as i daily cycle to Shivaji Park for a swim between 0900 hrs and 1000hrs at the "Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Olympic Pool" , my normal regular fitness program.When i returned from my swim at approx 1000 hrs my house-keeper Sabina.Dias was absolutely frightened having witnessed tomcat matata seize hold of a sparrow in the gallery and carry it below the living room settee.On Inspection realized that matata had eaten the entire bird, just a few feathers being proof of what was once a live sparrow.Having bred matata at home i had realized that he was ferocious, having total "BIG CAT PREDATORY TRAITS", although a total flop as a breeding "Stud Cat", akin to a gelding race-horse ,good at racing but unable to breed. The comparison to horses is because i am a big horse-racing fan and punter, an extension of my "SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT BUSINESS".Matata is equivalent of a miniature lion or tiger, more lion in looks due to his brownish colour and long mane ,having the same "Stalking " qualities of the "Big Cats". He has caught numerous lizards in our house but this was the first time that he actually caught a bird which happened to venture into my gallery.What surprised me most was that he ate the entire bird , a normal feature of "Feral Cats" as home bred outdoor cats normally kill mice or small birds and rarely eat them if house fed."Tomcat Matata" is definitely a "RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT" freak house bred cat.In future i have to be extra cautious while releasing parakeet "Mittoo" in the gallery every evening as matata can't be trusted anymore, can't blame him as its a natural instinct in both "Big Cats" and "Small cats" to prey on birds or mammals.His dam matahari is less feroscious although she has caught lizards at home.


Bizarrely tomcat matata turns normal within a night?(Monday- 23-1-2012).

January 22nd 2012 7:21 pm
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My previous entry was on the extreme "Cat Howling" on Saturday night by matata which kept me awake almost the entire night.Strangely, he was absolutely calm on Sunday night/Monday morning, barring a few "cat howls" in the night before sleeping and early morning, his normal routine.What was the reason for tomcat matata being so irritated and restless on Saturday night, disturbing the sleep of the entire house-hold?Agree, he began his "Cat Howls" a few days before since his dam matahari was on heat, but, it was never ever continuous or non-stop like he did on Saturday night/Sunday morning.He is perfectly normal, not sick, has the appetite of a few cats and loves being pampered by his human owners throughout the day.Hope he remains normal and doesn't resume his night "Cat Howls" again.


Tomcat matata howls the entire night.(Sunday 22-1-2012)

January 21st 2012 7:12 pm
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Since his dam matahari has been on heat cat matata started the habit of 'Cat Howling" in the night, intermittently, disturbing our sleep akin to "Dog Howling" at nights.Now Queen cat Matahari is not on "Heat" and normal but matata still hasn't stopped his habit of "Night Howling".Yesterday night was the worst, he yelled almost continuously giving us a sleepless night.He sleeps in the morning and is very normal in his behaviour and food habits, one of the most gluttonous cats i have seen, including the stray street cats in Mumbai city's roads and markets.Now i understand the reason of some cat owners abandoning their cats in "Stray cat shelters" or "Streets" in U.S.a, these cats ultimately either euthanized or if lucky adopted by some other pet lovers.Hope he stops this sudden bad habit and returns to his normal self since i would never like or ever give him to some other cat owner.He is a very handsome specimen of the "Traditional Persian cat Breed" but a total flop as a "Stud cat" for breeding and hence his loud "Cat howling" when his dam matahari is on "Heat".


Queen cat Matahari in "Heat" while Tomcat Matata "Cathowls"- in the night.(Wednesday 18-1-2012)

January 17th 2012 6:31 pm
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Its been approx 4 days since Queen cat matahari has been on heat but tomcat matata is totally confused of the situation.Whenever tomcat Matata approaches matahari she chases him away and he is literally terrified of her. At night matata has a tendency to "Cat howl", disturbing our sleep.He normally does this when matahari is on heat, expressing his sexual frustration. a very bizarre cat relationship in my house and a advantage for me as i don't have to be bothered about "Spaying" or "Neutering" my cats since they are incompatible and do not mate.Of course, i have failed in my intention of "IN-BREEDING" them to produce a "Mumbai Persian cat".But the in life, you always win some and lose some and all your ambitions, passions or hobby's always don't materialize.


Tom cat Matata, a total flop as a "STUD CAT"?

January 15th 2012 10:08 pm
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Queen cat matahari again showed signs of being in "Heat Distress",absolutely restless, rolling over and continuously wanting to be petted by us, its human care-takers!Strangely, she repulses the advances of matata, chasing him away when he approaches her and he also gets frustrated , showing his resentment by "cat Yovelling" the entire night.The entire Sunday night was a bit sleepless for me as these two cats didn't sleep with matata intermittently yowelling.I don't want to get matahari mated again with another cat as "Monetary Profit" is not my agenda of "Cat Breeding".I was hoping that matahari would mate with her kitten matata in my hope of developing a indigenous local "Mumbai Persian cat" breed, a common method used by "Professional Breeders" to develop a new strain or breed of animals.Have to admit that my dreams of producing a "Mumbai Persian Cat" have flopped and also happy that both matata and his dam matahari get along well, although never mating and provide us ,myself and my hose-keeper Sabina with fun and companionship.

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