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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

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June 20th 2012 3:31 am
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"NUTRITIOUS AUTHENTIC CAT FOOD FORMULA":- Accidentally and bizarrely i realized that akin to its larger cousins the "Big Cats" our domesticated cats love rotting food.
I always fed my cats "Matahari" and "Matata" a combination of boiled rice/cooked mince meat and sometimes mixed fish along with their food which they relished.I have never fed any of my pets ready-made dry "Canin Food pet food ", both dogs and cats which i have owned since 1976.
Recently had purchased some fish little realizing that it was badly putrefied, cheated by the fisher-woman.On arriving home my house-keeper Sabina was horrified as also myself by the stench of the boiling fish.I decided to not throw away the fish, making it into a fine paste and mixing it with the " Boiled Mince meat/Boiled rice" normal diet of the cats.Matahari was also undergoing treatment for severe mauling by "matata" having to be fed two half tablets of Byrocin and Chymoral Forte each every day.She was very reluctant in consuming the food mixed with medicines which was a time consuming affair in my daily house-hold routine.
On mixing the "Putrefied fish paste" with its strange odour into their normal 'Mince meat/Rice these two cats became extreme gluttons , wolfing the food without any pampering or coaxing.The food was given cold, directly from the fridge, akin to "Dry Pet packaged food" for cats.Never before have i seen my cats absolutely anxious for their feed, although they are greedy.Henceforth, wasted or stale fish unfit for human consumption should never be wasted but used as "cat food" and i won't be surprised if the World's most famous billion dollar "Pet Companies" are using my "FISH FORMULA" for their packaged products.If a person has visited a wholesale or a common fish market, the wasted putrefying fish lying as waste cannot be ignored, a vast amount sometimes partly scavenged my birds and stray cats.This same partly rotten fish when processed can be utilized as "Cat food" as i discovered unwittingly in the process of a "Fish con"!Purists and aristocratic cat owners might disagree with my "Cat food Formula" ,but remember, our pet cats are exact 'MINIATURE DUPLICATES" of their bigger cousins , the lions, tigers, leopards and other big cats.In times of "ECONOMIC DEPRESSION " all over the World, instances of cat owners abandoning their pets or handing them to pet shelters is increasing.Maintenance of a pet cat is expensive, especially if the pet owner is unemployed and hence a little economic savings can be made on "Cat Food" by providing the "Food Formula" i have mentioned.Cats are same all over the World in food habits. All big cats love eating "PUTREFIED FOOD" in the wild and same is the case with the domesticated house-hold cat.This is the best locally home-made cat food for cat owners who have the time and convenience to cook their pet food rather then buy the ready-made cat-food packets from the supermarket stores.SHOULD I APPLY FOR A "DOCTORATE" ON MY "CAT FOOD RESEARCH"? My cats are absolutely model cats of the "Traditional Persian Cat" breed and i have never ever fed them packaged "Canin Persian Food" nor other branded cat food in their entire life.Check their photos for proof.
NOTE:- "FOOD POISONING IN BIG CATS AND CATS" :-we humans consider our pets, dogs or cats to have the same eating habits as us.A cat should be treated like a natural animal as in its natural wild environment and not a humanized pet with "HUMAN FOOD HABITS". "Food Poisoning" common in humans is totally non-existent in the wild unless the food of the animal is intentionally poisoned by humans as is the case in some cases of big cat deaths in national parks bordering along human villages,where villagers kill the 'Big Cats" that kill their livestock.Poachers also poison animal carcasses to kill a leopard, lion or a tiger..All "Big Cats" eat carrion food at times, especially when food is scarce and the same applies to our pet household cats.YOUR CAT WOULD NEVER SUFFER "FOOD POISONING" BY CONSUMING PUTREFYING MEAT OR FISH.COMMON STRAY AND FERAL CATS ARE NATURES NATURAL SCAVENGERS WHICH HELP IN CLEANING OUR COMMON OPEN-AIR FISH AND MEAT MARKETS WHICH ARE COMMON IN ASIA AND AFRICA.


Tomcat Matata gets a "Half Bathe".(Wed 23-5-2012)

May 24th 2012 5:25 am
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As matata has a tendency to get his tail inflected with flea feces although nothing is visible decided to give him a half bathe with anti-tick shampoo.After the bathe everything went well and he didn't attack his dam matahari as was the norm when both were given a full body bathe.


Tomcat matata given "1/2 Bathe" with "Bay-o-Pet" anti-flea- shampoo.(Saturday 12-5-2012)

May 7th 2012 9:51 pm
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After the bitter and terrifying experiences that i had after giving both my cats a full body bathe i suddenly hit a idea of giving them a half body bathe.I noticed a blackish colouring on matata's tail which could be flea feces, although no fleas were visible externally.Purchased a "Bay-o-Pet" shampoo from the pet store and decided to give the cat a "HALF-BATHE". Took matata into the bathroom and rinsed half of his lower body from the chest downwards with water, later applying the shampoo.Allowed the shampoo lather to soak into matata's fur and later rinsed him thoroughly off the shampoo.Its important to rinse the shampoo thoroughly with water as it is poisonous to the cat which have a tendency to lick their fur.Released matata from the bathroom and he was absolutely normal with his dam matahari.There was no aggressive attacks nor cat growling proving the fact that shampoo usage on his face and nostrils has some debilitating effect on his sensory nerves.Matata is now normal, fur-coat is glistening.Now i have discovered the technique of cleaning both cats without them fighting after the bathe.


From "Horror Cat" matata transforms into "RUSSIAN ROULETTE- GAMBLER CAT"! (Thursday 5-4-2012).

April 5th 2012 3:45 am
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In my previous blog i had written the scary horror behaviour of tomcat matata.Seems at the age of 3 years tomcat matata is sensing his natural inclined sexual tendencies, hence his aggressive behaviour towards his dam, matahari.She is not in "HEAT" and hence repels his amorous advances which to us humans seem like "Cat-fights".
Now matata is exploring areas outside our 5th floor apartment in Mumbai and just yesterday he shocked us.I was busy in the hall when suddenly my house=keeper Sabina.Dias screamed at me saying that Matata has gone out of the bedroom window. i quickly called his name and came to the bedroom to find him looking harmlessly at us from the floor, akin to a dog, happy to have just gone out of the window and returned back after a death defying "CAT-WALK" on the window ledge.He has done this numerous times in the kitchen, but rarely in the bedroom.
Today(Thursday 5-4-2012) he definitely played "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" and won at odds of 100:1? At approx 1215 Sabina.Dias screamed as i was working on the computer in the bedroom. I rushed into the hall and to my utter disbelief matata had gone out of the balcony ledge with two front paws on the clothes drying wire-lines.He was exploring a way to get out of the house and must have thought of imitating his bigger cousin, the leopard, the stealthiest of big cat tree climbers.Luckily his feet didn't slip from the wire-sling otherwise he would have fallen 5 floors to his death.Strangely, he always responds to my commands and quickly retraced his footing back to the gallery ledge on being reprimanded by me, returning back in reverse, the ultimate death defying 'CAT-WALK". He had never ever done this before in his entire 3 year life-span, the gallery windows always open .At the most, he would sit on the ledge,the favourite resting in the evening of his dam matahari.Seems he is now sexually active and wanting to mate and hope when matahari comes in "HEAT" he does mate with her or she allows him to mate with her.I don't like giving him away to another home as he has been bred by me, besides, he is the most loving pet i owned, absolutely humorous and childish, akin to "GARFIELD" the World-famous cartoon cat.I only hope he doesn't meet with an untimely death by slipping and falling from our house during his "Russian Roulette" adventures.He is the ultimate joker of the house,keeping me busy as well as active by his antics and death defying stunts.


After almost a week tomcat matata becomes normal(.Monday- 26-3-2012)

March 29th 2012 3:44 am
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On Saturday i had been away from my home for a overnight outdoors trek to Phansad wild-life sanctuary , about 5 hour drive from Mumbai city.Returned home 0n Sunday(25-3-2012) evening and was happy to see matata and matahari behave their normal self.I even clicked one of my best photos of these two cats sleeping together peacefully on the settee.Looking at them no individual would believe the fact that just a week ago last Sunday tomcat matata had transformed himself into a real "BIG CAT", same act continuing for almost a week until today.Honestly, if not for my presence in the house i am sure one of the cats would have been seriously wounded akin to 'Big cat" fights that we normally only watch on "National Geographic" or other professionally photographed wild-life media channels.Just an ordinary bathe transformed the harmful and utterly childish matata into one of the fiercest predators i encountered, the first time i got injured by any animal, pet or wild.Now realize the definition of "CAT FIGHTS" having experienced one at close range in my own house and between my own cats.NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER BATHE MY CATS.


Tomcat Matata transforms into a "HORROR CAT" after a shampoo- bathe(5Th Day)-Friday(23-3-2012)

March 22nd 2012 11:24 pm
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Finally on Friday morning, after approximately 5 days it seems that tomcat matata is learning to get back to his normal self.On thursday night i kept both the cats a bit hungry, not feeding them their usual dinner.Hunger for food would bring them close together in the kitchen and realized that matata avoided growling at matahari in anticipation for his regular meals.Both cats were fed seperately during the last 4 days and i was always on the alert with a stick to separate them if they fought.Both cats avoided each other but were peaceful, keeping a distance with matahari absolutely terrified of matata, running to a corner of the house on his approaching her.On thursday night there was a howl, seems matata must have approached matahari and she retaliated by cat-howling with me quickly arriving on the scene with the stick and chasing matata away. The entire night was peaceful and on awakening on Friday morning was happy to see both the cats anxiously awaiting their meals, least bothered about the others presence and matahari losing her fear of matata. Food was given and for the first time in 5 days both the cats initially ate from the same plate, something normal prior to the horror behaviour of tomcat matata.As usual matata ate a little and went away allowing matahari to eat the rest, normal eating habits of both these cats at home.I prevented matahari, a cat glutton , from finishing the entire food, removing the feeding plate.Later Sabina fed matata, his usual method of eating, hand fed by his care-taker, akin to a small human child. After their morning breakfast both the cats behaved their normal self and it was a great relief to my emotional and physical
strain.For 4 days tomcat matata 's behaviour was akin to a human drunk and wonder whats the reason for this b izarre intoxication of Matata's senses after a "Cat shampoo bathe"?After this unforgettable nightmare i have nicknamed matata as "JOKER" for he is the ultimate definition of a "JOKER CAT".As a "STUD CAT" he is useless, hence i haven't even sterilized him as it is unnecessary since he doesn't know the mating process.As a poster "CAT MODEL" he is extremely photogenic as photographs from his kitten-hood to maturity are proof of the same.He is also one of the most affectionate pets i owned, akin to my dogs, besides he is more dog-like than cat-like in behaviour.


Tomcat Matata transforms into a "HORROR CAT" after a shampoo- bathe- Day 3.(Wednesday 21-3-2012)

March 21st 2012 3:01 am
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As mentioned in my previous diary entry, tomcat matata has transformed himself into a "HORROR CAT" after a normal shampoo bathe on Sunday(18-3-2012) afternoon.On Tuesday afternoon i again gave him a bath with just plain fresh water thinking that it would alter his sense of smell as sometimes strong shampoo's can be harmful to sensitivity of a cats nose much sensitive than the average human nose.He responded better after the bath, seemed less aggressive towards matahari and later had his meals alone and first, showing his supremacy as the "ALPHA CAT" of the house, something he never did previously. Previously it was always matahari who was the "Alpha cat" , the first to have meals when it was served to them in their usual plate.Today he approached the plate himself and wolfed his food, matahari avoiding him and later eating after he finished.Later he did occasionally growl at her but the "cat attacks" were reduced and it was a peaceful night , although for me a sleepless night as the strain of being "BIG CAT TRAINER" to these two small house cats must have had a effect on my nerves.In the morning matata became his usual self, cat howling a bit and later leaping onto my bed in the morning to be petted, his usual cat play.I was happy that the entire cat fight episodes had ended and on daylight although they avoided each other they both peacefully ate their breakfast and retreated to their respective corners in the house.Later in the day i suddenly heard a "Cat howl" and to my utter disgust it was matata being aggressive towards matahari and she retaliating in defense.Suddenly it was back to square one and matata regained his aggressive horror temperament, , this being the third day of continuous aggressive " aggressive cat war between the mother cat(Dam) and her son(Kitten now tomcat) matata .A big dilemma has cropped up and if tomcat matata doesn't allow matahari to co-exist in the house then i have no other option but to give him to some cat lover.It makes no sense keeping two aggressive cats in the same house as it would be harmful to the cats as well as to us humans who would suffer emotional stress.Hope the situation gets resolved as it would hurt me tremendously to give away matata, a non-human son of my house-hold, both to me and also my house-keeper Sabina.Dias as we both are unmarried and hence don't have children.Matata, along with his 5 other siblings was born in my house three years ago on Sunday(29-3-2009) and hence the excessive emotional attachment compared to the other pets i owned up-to the present day.i always say that my pets are my non-human children and parting away with one of my children is as big a loss as felt if i had real human children.Honestly, if i had to part away with matata it would be a emotional loss after the demise of both my parents, although he is non-human and just another ordinary cat to other humans.


Tomcat Matata transforms into a "HORROR CAT" after a shampoo- bathe.(Sunday 18-3-2012)

March 19th 2012 4:31 am
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I have written in previous diary entries about this strange behaviour of tomcat matata turning ferocious towards his dam matahari after they both are given a bathe.On Sunday(18-3-2012) it was akin to watching a real life "HORROR MOVIE" at my residence.
We decided to give both the cats a bath together as i thought this method would reduce matata's unexplainable aggression towards his dam matahari after being released from the bathroom after bathing.Hence house-keeper Sabina took bothy the cats into the bathroom and washed them thoroughly later releasing them into the house.
I was surprised at matata's aggressive behaviour towards matahari, same seemed to have escalated rather than reduced and i realized that with age he had turned more aggressive, the typical tomcat fighting for his territory.The expression on his face changes as he approaches matahari and his head gets tilted at an angle, growling with a roar akin to a tiger, lion or leopard.He has done the same on previous occasions but today it was extraordinarily frightening and he was utterly aggressive. I separated him from an aggressive attack on matahari once when he charged and scratched her on the nose, a deep scar imprinted on her beautiful face.Later in the night he again attacked her and in the process of separating them i got scratched by matata's gashing claws, a deep scratch on my right thumb and finger.I was bleeding profusely and managed to later stop the bleeding.I didn't realize that his claws were that sharp, akin to a piercing knife and honestly, this was the first time in my life that i got injured from any animal, pet or wild.As for matahari, luckily my hand took the severity of the clawing otherwise she could have been severely injured and now i personally understand the definition "CAT FIGHTS". Normally both the cats are very playful and chase each other around the house before meals, akin to "Catching cook" played by human kids.Besides Queen cat matahari is the Alfa cat of the house and matata always allows her to eat first and later he eats, pampered like a human child by Sabina.Its only after both the cats are given a bathe that the roles are reversed and tomcat matata becomes the absolute Alpha males cat, tolerating no other cat on his turf, typical of cats and their larger cousins lions, tigers, leopards.I have kept a huge walking stick at close hand to ward off any attacks by tomcat matata on matahari, akin to a "Big cat" circus handler with matata providing a free horror cat show.Strangely, both cats were quiet the entire night,my sleep disturbed as i was subconsciously expecting a cat-fight in the quiet of the night, ready to intervene with my stick.In the morning it was the same cat-fight situation at home, myself on tenterhooks with the stick, expecting to intervene in a cat-fight at short notice, my bizarre self-employed job at home!An entire 24 hours has elapsed since the bathing and yet both cats are still the worst of enemies, strange two cats, a mother and her son living together since 3 years in the same house and just a mere 'Cat Bath" making them the worst enemies.hence we humans should never equate our pets on human terms as animals have a different method of living and social hierarchy, cats being identical carbon copies of their cousins the "Big Cats". Even though i consider my pets a part of my non-human family i am always aware that they are domesticated animals that have their own lives and hence should never be "HUMANIZED" as do most pet owners, at times dressing their cats and dogs with fancy clothes and artificial make-up.


Tomcat matata given quarterly deworming tablet- "PLOZIN"(Wednesday 14-3-2012)

March 16th 2012 4:04 am
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Half a tablet of "PLOZIN" was given to tomcat matata, mixed in his meals.Matata is very child-like in behaviour, absolutely attached to his human care-takers, considering us humans as cats! He has to be coaxed and petted to have his meal from his plate by my house care-taker Sabina.Dias.He is the equivalent of a non-human child to Sabina, such is his attachment towards her as she feeds him.He is also very attached to me and keeps me busy with his child-like antics and mischief.He also wakes the household everyday between 0500 hrs to 0600 hrs with his loud 'Cat howls".Without the presence of my two pet cats matahari ,matata and Alexandrine parakeet mittoo, my bachelor life would have been lonesome at home in Mumbai.


Tomcat matata is the morning "Alarm Clock" and is a food- gourmet?.(Wednesday 14-3-2012)

March 14th 2012 3:22 am
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I have previously mentioned tomcat matata's irritating and disturbing cat howls suddenly in the middle of the night.Thankfully, this irritating habit has reduced although he does occasionally howl but quickly quietens on being scolded.His other strange habit is awakening the household between 0500 hrs to 0530 hrs daily by incessantly coming into my bedroom and howling.He does this everyday and this is akin to an alarm clock and makes me wonder as to how he judges the approx time, unlike we humans who can read a clock or other time gadgets.This is the time for feeding him and both, he and his dam matahari get very active at this time.Having owned and bred both cats and dogs i find cats as smart as dogs, only difference is that cats have a mind of their own and hence unlike dogs can't be trained to respond to human commands.Matata is one of the most intelligent pets i owned or came across, bullying us, his human care-takers to pamper him and cater to his whimsical needs akin to a spoilt human child.Tomcat matata is very attached to me and my house-keeper Sabina and has to be "hand-fed' like a baby by sabina otherwise he refuses to eat his food.He also has a special taste for delicious meals and refuses to eat unless his food has a little bit of fish content or pure minced meat without any fat. He refuses to eat minced meat with excessive fat, the cheaper quality sold at the butchers shop, but, his dam matahari never ever fusses about food and eats anything non-vegetarian.Very strange and different behavioral patterns between two cats of the same hereditary lineage.

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