"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

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Saturday(29-8-2009):- Kitten Matata completes 5 months.

August 29th 2009 11:16 pm
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Kitten Matata has completed 5 months and grown into a mischievious fat kitten.Eating is his hobby and he consumes anything and everything that is "Non-Vegetarian", worse than feral cats, something bizarre.He has developed into a beautiful and fat chubby kitten, a poster boy for the "DOLL FACED KITTEN" species.he is "Toilet trained", hence no major "cat problems" of messing around the entire house.The term "COPY CAT" can be understood by observing kitten Matata and his mother Matahari as he just duplicates her behaviour, something humorous and also dangerous.Hope he doesn't pick up Matahari's suicidal habits of jumping out of the house balcony onto the parapit ledge.


Kitten Matata's bathe -(Tuesday 4-8-2009)

August 4th 2009 7:25 pm
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Bathing should be made a habit from "Kittenhood" otherwise its difficult as cats just hate water unlike their larger cousins"tigers".I bathe Matata once a month , beginning his first bathe as a 1 1/2 month old kitten along with his 5 other siblings.Crawford Market Pet shop breeder, Mr Imran.Khan adviced me to use "Johnson Baby shampoo" for bathing and controlling flee's, which he regularly uses as he deals in a large number of various pets.I previously used human soap for bathing matata's mother Matahari, but realised that it caused rashes and after changing over to "Johnsons baby shampoo" the rashes on cat matahari's skin have ceased. I bathe matata in the bathroom with the door closed so that he can't run away into the house, but, just stand in a corner of the bathroom while i shower them and later apply 'Johnsons baby lotion" instead of soap.My advice, apply a mild shampoo for your cats as ordinary human soaps are too harsh for their skin and could later cause skin rashes.


"Matata" at 4 months of age, a robust hardy specimen of a- "doll-faced Persian"(Sunday 2-8-2009)

August 1st 2009 8:35 pm
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Matata has developed into a fat plump kitten, absolutely mischievous and also lazy.His fur coat is sleek and thick and he resembles more of the original "Doll-Faced Persian breed", a freak amongst his 5 other siblings who resembled their parents and more of the "Angora Breed Genes" in their physique and breed behaviour.The other 5 kittens of Matahari which were pure snow white like her were very agile in climbing unlike "matata" who is clumsy at climbing, having short legs and a stubby fat body structure.Matata is never fussy about his food unlike his mother "Matahari" and eats anything edible, hence could survive under any condition akin to feral cats, a hardy tough kitten.


Matata" given "De-Worming" dosage for the first time.

June 23rd 2009 8:11 pm
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Kitten Matata was given its first "De-worming tablet" on 23-6-2009.
A quarter tablet of "Ploun(cazole)" was given to him. The same dosage to be repeated after 15 daqys.


"Matata" the freak brown "Doll-Faced Persian" male kitten

June 23rd 2009 8:05 pm
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Matahari had given birth to 6 kittens on Sunday(29-3-2009) of which i have given a detailed history in "matahari's catster diary".
Today,Monday(22-6-2009) i had taken "Matata" to the Veterinarian for the first time since its birth for vaccinations and also got its sex confirmed as a "Male".
"Doll-Faced Persian kittens" are very difficult to sex by an amateur breeder as they have long dense fur and unlike puppy dogs their genitals are not externally visible unless examined by a "Cat Expert".
"Matata" is light brown in colour and a copybook model replica of the "Doll-Faced kitten" as shown in glossy magazines.
Hope he matures into a handsome cat as kittens change drastically as they mature and age, a prime example is "Matata's" mother "Matahari" who at the age of 2 resembles an exotic white doll-faced persion leopard cat!

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