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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

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Kitten Matata's unbelievable bizarre "CAT WALKS"

October 20th 2009 5:20 am
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Since centuries cats have been worshipped, hated and held in awe by humans and the reasons are obvious to cat owners.Kitten Matata at 61/2 months of age is duplicating all the habits of her dam matahari, including the "suicidal window ledge walks".Today(Tuesday 20-10-2009) at approx 0630 hrs he just went out of the kitchen window and sat outside on the narrow 3'' ledge staring down at a sheer drop 5 floors below. I quickly extracted him from the narrow ledge through the "Window guard gratings' and spanked him.He kept quite for some time but later within half an hour mimicked the same behaviour on the bedroom window ledge.This was the first time in his short lifespan that he has behaved so bizarrely something just unexplainable to human logic.Matahari previously had this habit but stopped the same since the last few months her temperament and physical structure undergoing a tremendous metamorphosis.Having seen the movie "Catwoman" and also the mummies of "Egyptian Mau cats" in Cairo i am perplexed at the strange mystique that cats have on us humans compared to other domestic pets.I only hope that Matata doesn't meet with any fatal mishap in his strange unexplained death defying "Cat Walks". Unlike his dam matahari, kitten Matata is fat and stubbily built with a low centre of gravity, totally unsuitable for climbing and balancing unlike other normal domestic cats.


Cat Matata a total duplicate in behaviour of his dam- Matahari

October 18th 2009 8:43 pm
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Absolute "BIZARRE" behaviour has been observed , something which makes me believe that cats can communicate with each other, akin to us humans speaking. Kitten Matahari is replicating each and every behaviour of his dam Matahari including the "suicidal habits" of going out of the bedroom window and sitting like a statue! This happened for the first time on Sunday(18-10-2009) when he suddenly went outside the bedroom window and sat still on the thin 3" ledge, a sheer slip landing him 5 floors below.Luckily i quickly caught him and squeezed him inside through the grill gratings, difficult, since unlike Matahari, the physical configuration of Matata is totally different, not suitable for climbing or squeezing through ledges.Matata is a freak of the 6 kittens in the litter, a dwarf kitten and fat, a typical true to type "Short Hair exotic traditional(doll-Faced)" kitten. He has replicated each and every behaviour pattern of his dam matahari, absolutely bizarre to a "Human observer", a genuine "COPYCAT" but of the unexplainable paranormal type.We humans still have a lot to learn in animal body language and sounds.



October 10th 2009 10:45 pm
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At 6 months of age kitten "Matata" has redifined the human term "COPYCAT". He imitates each and every movement of his dam Queen cat Matahari and just today , Sunday(11-10-2009) he demonstrated the infamous " CAT SUICIDE WALK" patented by Matahari.In the morning at approx 0700 hrs he went out of the bedroom window sill grating and came inside after the narrow walk on the 3'' ledge with a sheer drop 5 storeys below. Unlike his dam Queen cat matahari who has longer legs and a more slimmer body configuration, Matata is the prototype "Doll-Faced (Traditional) Persian" cat, short with stubby legs and slightly obese to boot, the ultimate "FAT CAT". Hence his agility in climbing and jumping is a total non-description of the prototype "Persian cat", a normally very docile and pampered breed, a typical lap cat. My ownership, observation and breeding of persian cats Matahari and Matata have made me realise that the "Cat Experts" are still "LEARNING" the behaviour and characteristics of various cat breeds.


Matata's Weight.

October 5th 2009 2:12 am
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Checked Matata's weight on Monday(5-10-2009)at the age of 6 months and he weighs a massive 3 kilos(6.6 pounds).He is short and stubby, a true 'Traditional(doll Faced) Persian"


Fat kitten Matata

September 30th 2009 10:06 pm
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At 6 months of age Matata has evolved into an absolute fat and obese kitten. He is physically very active, involved in kitten pranks duplicating Matahari to the "t'.He is a absolute glutton, consuming anything "Non-vegetarian" and unlike Matahari is not selective in his eating habits, consuming table-leftovers.His nickname is "Kuchra" which means "Dustbin" in hindi as he is the definition of a scavenger cat, absolute strange for the "Persian breed" of cats.He looks cute, a chubby, fat kitten with tiger stripes resembling a miniature "White tiger".



September 20th 2009 8:34 pm
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"Copycat Matata" is mimicking all the habits and mannerisms of his mother matahari, the good along with the bad. The good is that he is now totally "Toilet trained" but the bad is that he wants to sit on the "Gallery Window Ledge", just like Matahari. Hope he doesn't fall off as his mother matahari has a totally different "Body Configuration" compared to him, a short, long body, typical of a "persian cat".Persian cats are not good climbers unlike siameese or other tall limbed cats.On Sunday(20-9-2009) Matata did the ultimate mimickry of Matahari by jumping onto the gallery window legdge and thankfully i quickly took him from the ledge. NOW I UNDERSTAND THE HUMAN TERM,"COPY CAT".


Matata is a "glutton" and robust freak kitten.(Monday- 14-9-2009)

September 13th 2009 7:31 pm
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Matata is now past 5 months of age and is developing well, absolutely tough and robust, a authentic "FAT CAT" and also a "COPY CAT".His eating habits are worse than a "feral cat" as he eats anything and everything "non-vegetarian", unlike Matahari who is choosy in her food habits.Matata is an absolute freak kitten from the litter of 6 kittens delivered by cat matahari, right from his colouration to his body configuration.He is short and stubby with a longish body like a dchshund dog and is more true to the "Traditional Persian cat(Doll-Faced Persian)" pedigree type. His "Cat agility" is less compared to his siblings who were able to climb all over my house at the age of less than 2 months. Matata hesitates and at times finds it difficult to scale heights or jump onto the sofa, skills at which his siblings were comfortable and very skilled.He looks absolutely beautiful with his partial stripes resembling a miniature 'white Tiger".He is absolutely pertrified off strangers unlike Matahari who doesn't bother about anyone, absolutely bold.He is a total "COPY CAT" of his mother Matahari, immitating each and every behaviour of hers and now i understand the reason for the phrase "COPY CAT" in human vocabulary. One of the good "Copy cat habits" that he has picked up from Matahari is usage of the toilet for his daily use, hence no excreta at odd places in the house.Cats change rapidly as they develop as i discovered with matahari and the same could be the case with Matata. At 5 months of age he is one of the cutest and fattest of "fat cats " in India! Readers and viewers be the judges.


Saturday(29-8-2009):- Kitten Matata completes 5 months.

August 29th 2009 11:16 pm
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Kitten Matata has completed 5 months and grown into a mischievious fat kitten.Eating is his hobby and he consumes anything and everything that is "Non-Vegetarian", worse than feral cats, something bizarre.He has developed into a beautiful and fat chubby kitten, a poster boy for the "DOLL FACED KITTEN" species.he is "Toilet trained", hence no major "cat problems" of messing around the entire house.The term "COPY CAT" can be understood by observing kitten Matata and his mother Matahari as he just duplicates her behaviour, something humorous and also dangerous.Hope he doesn't pick up Matahari's suicidal habits of jumping out of the house balcony onto the parapit ledge.


Kitten Matata's bathe -(Tuesday 4-8-2009)

August 4th 2009 7:25 pm
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Bathing should be made a habit from "Kittenhood" otherwise its difficult as cats just hate water unlike their larger cousins"tigers".I bathe Matata once a month , beginning his first bathe as a 1 1/2 month old kitten along with his 5 other siblings.Crawford Market Pet shop breeder, Mr Imran.Khan adviced me to use "Johnson Baby shampoo" for bathing and controlling flee's, which he regularly uses as he deals in a large number of various pets.I previously used human soap for bathing matata's mother Matahari, but realised that it caused rashes and after changing over to "Johnsons baby shampoo" the rashes on cat matahari's skin have ceased. I bathe matata in the bathroom with the door closed so that he can't run away into the house, but, just stand in a corner of the bathroom while i shower them and later apply 'Johnsons baby lotion" instead of soap.My advice, apply a mild shampoo for your cats as ordinary human soaps are too harsh for their skin and could later cause skin rashes.


"Matata" at 4 months of age, a robust hardy specimen of a- "doll-faced Persian"(Sunday 2-8-2009)

August 1st 2009 8:35 pm
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Matata has developed into a fat plump kitten, absolutely mischievous and also lazy.His fur coat is sleek and thick and he resembles more of the original "Doll-Faced Persian breed", a freak amongst his 5 other siblings who resembled their parents and more of the "Angora Breed Genes" in their physique and breed behaviour.The other 5 kittens of Matahari which were pure snow white like her were very agile in climbing unlike "matata" who is clumsy at climbing, having short legs and a stubby fat body structure.Matata is never fussy about his food unlike his mother "Matahari" and eats anything edible, hence could survive under any condition akin to feral cats, a hardy tough kitten.

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