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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

Matata's "BIZZAREST" behaviour in his lifetime.(Monday- 1-7-2013)

July 2nd 2013 7:38 pm
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Matata is today 4 years and 3 months old, a tomcat who has not been castrated. He normally uses the toilet for his normal daily routines, occasionally urinating at odd places, typical of a mature male cat marking its territory.
On Monday(1-7-2013) he shocked me out of my mind by behaving like a possessed cat.In the afternoon he suddenly screamed in the kitchen and i was under the impression that he had attacked matahari as they sometimes do get into cat fights, one such fight almost proving fatal for matahari who was severely mauled.On rushing to the kitchen i was happy to realize that he was alone yet confused as to the reason for him screaming in succh a high pitched cat voice.Confused and puzzled i forgot this peculiar incident.
At night i was having my normal dinner at the dining table when matata suddenly jumped onto the table and over my plate. In his short life span in my house he never ever did such a thing, usually jumping on the table and posturing on the show-case shelf, the favourite resting spot of both the house cats.The next act of Matata was a knock-out blow.After jumping onto the table he quickly went to the table wall where i keep my World-tour memorabilia and souvenirs.Right in front of my eyes he urinated against the wall, myself speechless with shock at this totally unrealistic and bizarre behaviour.After urinating right in front of me at the dinner table he jumped back to the floor and acted as if nothing had happened.i didn't scold him as i understand animal behaviour having owned pets since the time i could walk and talk!What was the reason for this peculiar behaviour of tomcat matata ? Superstitious folks would presume some unworldly spirit had entered the cat as shown in the numerous horror movies all over the World.Was matata telling me that he is the "alpha Cat" of the house ? Did he urinate in front of me on my table to show that the house is he's! Cat psychologists could be able to explain this bizarre and unbelievable behaviour of Tomcat matata on Monday(1-7-2013). My house-keeper Sabina.Dias was present in my house during this bizarre behaviour of tomcat matata since cat owners would think i am exaggerating for publicity.Now readers will know the reasons for me nicknaming tomcat Matata as "THE JOKER" of the house.He is truly entertaining and humorous, especially if he wants to attract the attention of his human care-takers.


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