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"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

From "Horror Cat" matata transforms into "RUSSIAN ROULETTE- GAMBLER CAT"! (Thursday 5-4-2012).

April 5th 2012 3:45 am
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In my previous blog i had written the scary horror behaviour of tomcat matata.Seems at the age of 3 years tomcat matata is sensing his natural inclined sexual tendencies, hence his aggressive behaviour towards his dam, matahari.She is not in "HEAT" and hence repels his amorous advances which to us humans seem like "Cat-fights".
Now matata is exploring areas outside our 5th floor apartment in Mumbai and just yesterday he shocked us.I was busy in the hall when suddenly my house=keeper Sabina.Dias screamed at me saying that Matata has gone out of the bedroom window. i quickly called his name and came to the bedroom to find him looking harmlessly at us from the floor, akin to a dog, happy to have just gone out of the window and returned back after a death defying "CAT-WALK" on the window ledge.He has done this numerous times in the kitchen, but rarely in the bedroom.
Today(Thursday 5-4-2012) he definitely played "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" and won at odds of 100:1? At approx 1215 Sabina.Dias screamed as i was working on the computer in the bedroom. I rushed into the hall and to my utter disbelief matata had gone out of the balcony ledge with two front paws on the clothes drying wire-lines.He was exploring a way to get out of the house and must have thought of imitating his bigger cousin, the leopard, the stealthiest of big cat tree climbers.Luckily his feet didn't slip from the wire-sling otherwise he would have fallen 5 floors to his death.Strangely, he always responds to my commands and quickly retraced his footing back to the gallery ledge on being reprimanded by me, returning back in reverse, the ultimate death defying 'CAT-WALK". He had never ever done this before in his entire 3 year life-span, the gallery windows always open .At the most, he would sit on the ledge,the favourite resting in the evening of his dam matahari.Seems he is now sexually active and wanting to mate and hope when matahari comes in "HEAT" he does mate with her or she allows him to mate with her.I don't like giving him away to another home as he has been bred by me, besides, he is the most loving pet i owned, absolutely humorous and childish, akin to "GARFIELD" the World-famous cartoon cat.I only hope he doesn't meet with an untimely death by slipping and falling from our house during his "Russian Roulette" adventures.He is the ultimate joker of the house,keeping me busy as well as active by his antics and death defying stunts.


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