"Matata" a male kitten of "Matahari" added to- Rudolph.a.Furtado's "Cat Family".

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5 Year old "Matata" almost succumbs to "Shampoo Bathe- poisoning".

July 28th 2014 8:06 pm
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On Friday(25-7-2014) i gave tomcat matata a "Anti-Flea shampoo" bathe using "Bayo Pet Brand Bolfo Shampoo" recommended for both dogs and cats.After the bathe everything was normal and he got dried naturally.Next morning i found "Cat Vomit" and initially thought that it was cat "Matahari" that vomitted as she normally did, vomitting her hairballs.In the afternoon found vomit with traces of blood and realized that it was tomcat matata that was sick.He had vomited after a bathe once before and seems that the shampoo chemical ingredient was ingested into his system by "Fur Licking", a normal practise of any cat.I was worried as unlike cat matahari i could never ever take matata to the veterinarian as he was scared and vicious when caged or handled by strangers, akin to a wild cat.Aklin to a leopard the only method of examining him was by tranquilizing him, bizare for a pet house cat.I decided to treat him myself and kept him on a more liquid diet of mince meat/soup avoiding adding of carbohydrates like rice, his normal food.The "Blood Vomiting" gradually decreased although the vomiting didn't subside, jus became less frequent.In my deepest thoughts i thought that i would lose him to accidental poisoning hoping that he would recover with my feeding methods as cats are very resilient animals.Finally on Monday(28-7-2014) his vomiting stopped and he became his normal self, eating hearty normal rice/minced meat food and also passing normal stools.Cat Matata has used one of his 9 lives, the closest he had come to death due to accidental shampoo poisoning.Cat owners please beware of the "Anti Flea/Tick Shampoo" that you use for your pet cat as some shampoo's can be harmful and even kill your cat as it almost happened to tomcat matata.Most "Anti Fleas/Tick Shampoo's" are manufactured for dogs and are not meant for cats as their system is more delicate than dogs, besides, cats can't be thoroughly wiped dry after a bathe unlike dogs.At times some of the shampoo solution might remain on the cats fur and later licking of the fur by the cat causes the poisoning in the animal.



May 29th 2014 1:33 am
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CATS ARE CARBON COPIES OF THEIR LARGER COUSINS "BIG CATS" :- In May 2014 had been on a safari to "Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve" and was blessed to see 7 tigers in 4 safari rides ! People normally see a single tiger with great difficulty unless billionaires and making up-teen safari tours inside the core forest area of a tiger reserve.I came across one such gentleman at Tadoba tiger reserve who stayed for a month and made almost 40 safari's inside the park with his Rs 10 lakh camera, a sheer hobby ! I was privileged to watch a tigress and her 4 cubs from a close distance and they reminded me of my cats back at home in Mumbai.The approximately 5 month old cubs were as playful as kittens, only larger in size. As for the mother "Madhuri", she seemed as protective as cat matahari was with her kittens and tomcat matata resembled one of the tiger cubs. Read the link:- http://tadobaandharitiger.blogspot.in/ .



May 1st 2014 7:31 pm
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Thursday(1-5-2014) :- Tomcat Matata almost mauled his dam Matahari with me intervening to separate them.and receiving serious injuries.I have observed that whenever cat matahari yells in a shrill voice then tomcat matata rushes furiously to attack her akin to defending his territory against a intruder.It has happened on numerous time but most seriously today.I was working on Matahari trying to remove some fur that had got entangled in her canine tooth due to grooming. She suddenly uttered a shrill "MEOW" to which tomcat matata instantly pounced on her.Luckily i grabbed him by the tail and in typical Wrestling style flung him across the room and chased him.In the effort i received a severe gash but providence and my quick reflexes saved cat matahari from severe injury.After a few minutes they both were back to normal and mingling with each other. This proves the fact that cats do not recognize each other by "SIGHT AND APPEARANCES" as we humans do but by "SMELL AND SOUNDS".Normally matahari has a soft purring sound which does not aggravate tomcat matata. Its only when the decibel level of matahari's purr is raised that tomcat Matata gets aggravated thinking her to be another cat,bizarre but true.Could fellow cat owners explain this phenomenon or their own personal experiences with their pet cats or have i made a new discovery in "CAT BEHAVIOUR"?


Bizarre and strange change in Matata's cat - personality.(Friday 1-11-2013)

November 1st 2013 1:42 am
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Normally male cats turn docile after castration and also tend to put on weight. Matata is as normal as any Tomcat and has not been "Fixed(Castrated)" but yet his behaviour has changed drastically in the last few days.He has turned very docile and sleeps most of the time and does not come to the bedroom to wake me up early morning. This was his regular fixture akin to a dog.Changing the time of his dinner from 1800hrs to 2100 hrs cured his habit of "YOWLING" in the night, his worst habit that almost made me decide to give him away to some other home or cat shelter.In Mumbai cats are not killed in "Cat Shelters" as in Western Country's but the owner has to pay a fixed amount every month for the maintenance of the cat or cats.Destiny and my own animal psychology study helped in curing Matata from his worst habit of "NIGHT YOWLING" and hence he is still in my house.Now it seems tomcat Matata doesn't exist in the house, a totally quiet and mellowed cat.Whats the reason for this abrupt change in his cat personality? Is it his gradual maturing in age as a cat that has created the difference in his personality ?He is the most handsome cat of his breed and as tough as a miniature tiger.Tragedy is that he is a total failure as a "STUD CAT" something which also baffles me.To sum up. tomcat matata is the freakiest cat i have come across in "Cat Blogs" when comparing to other cat owner accounts of their pet cats.He is a freak of nature and the most lovable cat.


Tomcat Matata recovers from severe Vomitting after a change- in food .(Monday 15-7-2013)

July 15th 2013 7:51 pm
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On waking up on Monday morning found the vomit of tomcat matata in the living room.I realized that he was suffering from some bout of minor "FOOD POISONING" and hence decided to give him fresh minced meat without much of fat content.Went to the butchers shop on my mobike and purchased high quality non-fat minced meat.The same was boiled with rice and fed to both the cats.I suspected that Matata was licking the "Cockroach poison" chalk marks that had been placed on the house floor but seems that was wrong. He must have ingested flakes of wall paint as he had the habit of sniffing and licking at house corners where some paint had peeled off from the walls.We banned him from entering the kitchen, his normal habit of venturing into kitchen corners and licking the paint. He is back to his normal habits and has stopped vomiting since Monday, eating his normal food twice a day.
The trouble with Tomcat matata is that he is similar to a wild animal, just can't be handled by strangers and even myself when he is in strange surroundings or in pain.akin to a tiger or lion he would have to be "tranquilized" for medical treatment, unbelievable for a small cat.Besides, most vets in Mumbai do not come home for treatment of pets.Thankfully it was a happy ending to Matata's brief poisoning sickness.


To,cat matata is sick. Vomits after eating food .(Monday- 15-7-2013)

July 14th 2013 7:28 pm
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Have observed that matata has been vomiting his food since the last 3 days. He has done this occasionally but yesterday it was a vomiting of both his breakfast and later dinner.He seems totally normal and also passed normal stools, hence do not suspect any virus infection.As mentioned, he was the hardiest and toughest cat , a habit to eat any non-vegetarian food including bones akin to a tiger or lion.We called him "Dustbin" as he relished our meat and fish unlike his dam matahari who is very selective in her food and not as robust or tough as matata.I can't take Matata to the Vet as he is a miniature "big Cat' and absolutely paranoid of strangers and open spaces. akin to a tiger or lion he would have to be tranquilized before being administered medical treatment by a vet.I have changed his diet today and hoping that he doesn't vomit his food again whicjh could mean something seriously wrong with the cat.In behaviour he is very normal and active, no external signs of any sickness.Hope he recovers as cats although sturdy are very delicate animals.


Tomcat Matata tries to repeat his bizzare urinating- sequence as on Monday(1-7-2013)

July 4th 2013 4:35 am
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Yesterday(Wednesday 3-7-2013) while i was at the dining table at night having dinner tomcat matata jumped onto the table. He quickly went to a corner but before he could urinate i cased him away.He then went to the gallery his normal place for urinating to mark his "Territory" in the house.Chased him from there and then he went to his normal place the bathroom and urinated.Matata sometimes does urinate in the gallery, typical habits of a non-sterilized male cat confined to a small house. What baffles me is his recent habit of jumping onto my dining table and urinating right before me! I wonder what animal behaviorists have to say about this bizarre and unbelievable habit of my cat.In any other house-hold he would have been dumped on the streets or given to a animal shelter due to his habits. Most dogs and cats are destroyed or abandoned by their owners for their behaviour.As for tomcat matata, he is lucky to be owned by a bachelor and hence owns the house along with his dam matahari and oldest pet resident, Alexandrine parakeet "Mittoo".My pets keep me active and are great stress relievers despite their occasional animal behaviour and toilet nuisance.


Matata's "BIZZAREST" behaviour in his lifetime.(Monday- 1-7-2013)

July 2nd 2013 7:38 pm
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Matata is today 4 years and 3 months old, a tomcat who has not been castrated. He normally uses the toilet for his normal daily routines, occasionally urinating at odd places, typical of a mature male cat marking its territory.
On Monday(1-7-2013) he shocked me out of my mind by behaving like a possessed cat.In the afternoon he suddenly screamed in the kitchen and i was under the impression that he had attacked matahari as they sometimes do get into cat fights, one such fight almost proving fatal for matahari who was severely mauled.On rushing to the kitchen i was happy to realize that he was alone yet confused as to the reason for him screaming in succh a high pitched cat voice.Confused and puzzled i forgot this peculiar incident.
At night i was having my normal dinner at the dining table when matata suddenly jumped onto the table and over my plate. In his short life span in my house he never ever did such a thing, usually jumping on the table and posturing on the show-case shelf, the favourite resting spot of both the house cats.The next act of Matata was a knock-out blow.After jumping onto the table he quickly went to the table wall where i keep my World-tour memorabilia and souvenirs.Right in front of my eyes he urinated against the wall, myself speechless with shock at this totally unrealistic and bizarre behaviour.After urinating right in front of me at the dinner table he jumped back to the floor and acted as if nothing had happened.i didn't scold him as i understand animal behaviour having owned pets since the time i could walk and talk!What was the reason for this peculiar behaviour of tomcat matata ? Superstitious folks would presume some unworldly spirit had entered the cat as shown in the numerous horror movies all over the World.Was matata telling me that he is the "alpha Cat" of the house ? Did he urinate in front of me on my table to show that the house is he's! Cat psychologists could be able to explain this bizarre and unbelievable behaviour of Tomcat matata on Monday(1-7-2013). My house-keeper Sabina.Dias was present in my house during this bizarre behaviour of tomcat matata since cat owners would think i am exaggerating for publicity.Now readers will know the reasons for me nicknaming tomcat Matata as "THE JOKER" of the house.He is truly entertaining and humorous, especially if he wants to attract the attention of his human care-takers.


Tomcat Matata cured from the bad habit of "Night- Yowling".(Tuesday 4-6-2013)

June 3rd 2013 11:01 pm
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Readers of Matata's diary would be well informed of his bad habit of yowling at unearthly hours in the night, disturbing his human care-takers sleep!I was perplexed by this habit and initially thought it might be due to a natural instinct for mating , a common phenomenon in male cats.
I finally reconciled with the drastic fact that i would have to live my life adjusting myself to his unearthly night yowls but my house-keeper Sabina.Dias who stays overnight could never adjust to the yowling, her sleep being ruined and hence her house-keeping daily chores of the house also effected.Both my cat, Matahari & Matata are very attached to Sabina as she feeds them and grooms them most of the time.
Just a week ago Sabina happened to arrive home a bit late and hence both the cats were fed at approx 2100 hrs, their normal feeding time being approx 1800 hrs. Strangely y that night Matata was silent and did not yowl, the first time in months he showed such behaviour .A idea struck me and the next day i informed Sabina to give both the cats a late dinner, post 2000hrs.My plan worked and tomcat matata has stopped "Yowling" during the night for the past one week. He does yowl early in the morning at approx 0500 hrs, his wake-up call for his human care-takers.


Matata's fur extremely "Matted" and suspect fleas.(Wednesday- 29-5-2013)

May 29th 2013 11:00 pm
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The heat in the month of May is at its maximum in Mumbai and the cats feel it the most. Tomcat matata has a tendency to develop matted fur on his rump and underside of his body.His tail also tends to blacken and i suspected a flea or lice infestation.Visited the vet "Phoenix Veterinary Speciality" and sought treatment. The Veterinarian Dr Shiwani.Tandel suggested "Fiprofort Plus" anti-flea medication and i purchased the same.Came home and decided to give her a partial bathe on Wednesday as a complete bathe could mean a cat-fight between him and his dam matahari as has happened on previous occasions.After the bathe h seems better and less irritated but the matted hair is still intact in certain parts of his body. Will apply the "Fiprofort Plus" anti-flea treatment after another bathe after a few days.Tomcat Matata is 4 years of age and has developed this matted hair symptoms since the last one year although his dam matahari doesn't have any such problems, very strange and bizarre..

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