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Tons of toes!

Can anybody find meeeeee..

March 11th 2010 8:05 pm
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somemeowy to loooooove!

Birdie and I have discovered that we make good harmonies meowing together. you might say we are Queens of singing ;)

The lap man was sitting in his chair watching TV, some show with humans making weird noises. they say it's called Ameowican idol? Anyway, he was singing along with one of the songs, I think it was Somemeowy to Love, and Birdie and I went over to join in with him! We both meowed right in time with the music. Then he stopped singing and started laughing instead. Was he laughing at our singing? I thought we sounded really good together! Maybe we can start a kitty band...




September 18th 2009 11:33 am
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Our meowmy got something in the mail today called a "Furminator". It looked like a weird kind of brush, and my sister and I loooove brushing so we rubbed against our meowmy to tell her to brush us. It felt soooo good and a ton of fur came off of me! I didn't know I had so much.

We love the Furminator!



August 20th 2009 3:26 pm
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Now that my sister and I are more settled, my new human meowmy leaves our door open so we can explore the whole downstairs!
And I made a discovery - floors that have soft stuff on them! In the places my sister and I have been, we've walked on grass, dirt, tile floor, wood - but never anything as soft as there is here. The humans call it "car-pet". It doesn't look like a car (thankfully!) and it is sooo soft under my paws. We like to roll around on it and stretch out. Maus looks at us like we're weird, but it's new to us! I love "car-pets" !


New cats on the block.

August 4th 2009 1:46 pm
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Hi! My name is Gabielle - or Gabi for short - and I've finally figured out how this whole diary thing works. I've seen Maus using his, and he kept hissing at me when I asked him if I could look at it. :( So I figured it out myself. :)

Musings of my first month here:

I've been in my new furever home fur a month now - I'm comfortable enough to call it a furever home now! It was a scary first week , being in a strange place, but I like it here now.

My sister and I used to live with a lot of other cats, so it was a big change moving into a place with only a few others. We've only met one so far, named Maus, and he's a cutie. :o) When I lived at the cat Sanctuary I liked to curl up with other cats in a snuggle-pile, and I'm hoping that Maus will let me do that with him soon.

Maus wasn't too nice at first, but I think my charm will win him over in the end. He would hiss and growl at me whenever I tried to go up to him. You'd think a nose kiss would be accepted even without permission, right? Guess he doesn't think so. :(

And speaking of my sister, she's still a little nervous about this new home thing and still hides sometimes. She'll get used to it. It's nice here! There's lots of new laps to curl up on, and I looooveee curling up on laps! It's my favorite thing in the world.

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