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Superman Cats Story

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Girl Human was just thinking of me this morning

March 27th 2014 4:49 am
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I can't believe how time seems to go and dates are forgotten. But for some reason this morning Girl Human has left a message for an Angel to give Peaches a special nudge today and for no reason. But here it is a very special day for him and was almost overlooked. Thanks to Catser and friends I was reminded that our sweet Peaches is doing a Happy Birthday Dance at the Bridge with all his special Angel buddies today.

I know he will have a super wonderful birthday playing in the catnip fields and chasing butterflies. Sadness still welds up in Girl Humans heart when she thinks of how wonderful a kitty you were and all the laughs you gave us. We are so sorry you had to make your journey so long before your time due to cancer.

We miss you sweet boy and hope your Birthday pawerty is a super special one. Kisses from us all and a big scratch on your favorite scratch place, the chin. Love you always sweet boy.


We angels of Catser are sad today

January 16th 2014 10:38 pm
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We are on Facebook as Annie Spokescat come on over. i wrote a diary about it today. Here's our link.

our e-mail is


First christmas without you

December 17th 2013 9:34 pm
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As I sit here reading the entry I placed as the last diary entry for your page last April. ?It brings back all those feelings that were always in my heart for you. I am here with the tear running down my cheek and smiling at all those wonderful things you always enjoyed for Christmas.

I miss you being the first to check the gifts to see what was yours. We will miss you this Christmas and for so many more. I know your sitting under the big tree at the Bridge and may all the gifts under it be just for you.

We miss you sweet boy, we miss you. Merry Christmas and may one day I be sitting next to you and we will be enjoying Christmas together once again and for always.

May your first Christmas away from home be full of happiness and joy. Christmas kisses sweet Peach, Merry Christmas.


Missing you

April 13th 2013 9:35 am
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Message to Rainbow Bridge from Girl Human:

I opened a can of one of your favorite foods yesterday and thought of you.

I placed a plastic bag full of newspapers on the floor and thought how, you always chewed the handles.

I washed a bed you always loved and thought of you.

I threw a ball for Pooh Bear to retrieve. I thought of how you taught him to play your retrieving game.

I cleaned under the microwave stand and there was the toy, I looked so hard for the day you left us.

I washed out the pink carrier. I remembered you and how you hated that
non-man color.

I'm missing you when, I dry my hair. Your not there waiting for me to blow your pretty orange hair with the welcomed hot air.

I remember your unique purr and sweet voice.

I remember you when, I see the cup of water in the bathroom sink you would stare at for hours.

I remember you, when I prepare dinner and your not there watching and moving your mouth as if, you were tasting every morsel.

I remember you each time, I eat lamb and your not there to share it with me.
I have a smile on my face and tears in my eyes when, I remember you.
Your always will be in my heart.

You were such a wonderful big part of my life.

Orange kitties rule, you always showed me.
Yes, they sure do.
I will always miss you my sweet Yellow Kitty Angel.


What a very big Birthday suprise

March 27th 2013 4:11 am
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It is almost 3 months since I left my Humans and entered this wonderful dream. Now I realize this is no dream, it is real. Today I celebrate my first Birthday, here at the Bridge.
Monday, I saw a big surprise at the Bridge. As we all were waiting for the new Angels to arrive.
There was familiar fluffy face from the Junction. Across the bridge came a happy bouncing black figure smiling from ear to ear, with tail held high. He was looking right at me. He came bounding up to me with a skip in his step yelling, "Happy Birthday Peaches". It was Decker, yes Decker the handsome black kitty just arriving from Calico Junction.
I remember him as a very little baby only 5 years ago. Girl Human would bring him in the main house for his meals. He was such a funny little thing, so small. We all treated him with kindness, never hissing or calling him names.
We all knew he was special. He was one of the few kitties ever allowed to come in from the outback. Mr.Z was the only other to come in and return to the outdoors. I never knew how special he was until, I saw him watching the snow fall on the stream going under the bridge. This was a very special Birthday gift for me.
There were so many happy Catster kitties and kitties from the Junction here.there We all went to the field and played in the beautiful fresh falling snow before going to the welcome lunch. The best part we were not cold, wet or sick. We are all so happy to be playing together, no fighting just rolling about and having a wonderful time..
On Tuesday we went to the catnip fields to teach Decker, how to fly. He looks so very handsome in his new white wings. He was so funny watching him get use to them.
Today, for my Birthday we are going to my favorite place, the catnip fields. We are to chase Butterflies and fly over the Junction and give our Humans a nice warm feeling and big nudges and some Angel kisses to let them know we are happy. What a wonderful day we all are going to have.
My sweet fur Angel Scarlet said, she has a special surprise waiting for me when we get there. This is the best Birthday ever. Come on Catster Angels let's go have fun. We will meet all the Birthday Angels for a nice fresh fish breakfast at the Angel Cafe.


No more Fleas?????

February 16th 2013 9:00 pm
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I'm not sure, I don't know what to do!!! No more fleas on Catster???? Gosh I sure hope so. I got a message to ck my e-mail and WOWWWwwwwww!!!! 565 messages from Catster alone. Was that a surprise or what???
Maybe they got one of those super strong flea bombs. We are so happy here because there are several very sad kitties who have been missing their furends.
Thanks Catster for the work on getting us all back on track.

Nudges from all of us here at the Junction.

Oh yes, we missed Dipsey's Birthday. Darn her's is always so early and we just miss it every year. Thanks everyone for the messages and gifts for our girl.

Now, I must get back to the Rainbow Bridge "Snow Party Night". It's 70 degrees and snowing at the bridge, what fun no cold tootsies and all the sly riding you would ever want.

Hey Guys, wait for me!!!!!


Photo album tribute

February 6th 2013 2:09 pm
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Girl Human posted a group of photos to my page the other week when Catster had fleas. To her surprise they are all posted now. The other problem she has had since last summer has not resolved itself. She no longer receives e-mails telling her that something has been posted to her pages. She has been missing a lot of gifts, comments and pawmails. She catches the pawmails here. The other stuff she is so sad, she misses. So please don't feel she does not appreciate each and everyone of your gifts and comments.


Thank you everyone

January 20th 2013 5:04 pm
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I just finish sending Thank You's to everyone. I do hope that I got everyone. I am so very proud to know such wonderful people here on Catster. Thank you a million times over for all you have done to help us through this time with our now Angel, Peaches. We know that he is with many wonderful Catster Angels at Rainbow Bridge. He is now among the best company. There are not enough words to express our gratitude. Nudges from all of us.


Pretty things

January 18th 2013 11:43 am
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Today I looked at my Catster page from Rainbow Bridge. I was so very surprised to see all the wonderful messages, gifts and purrrety purple candles and wings. I assigned Meshia to work on the thank you's for me.

She may be a little slow as she is young and seems to get off to other things. She forgets what she is suppose to be doing. She is a sweet gal and the newest member at Calico Junction.

She has been grieving about my passing. I'm sorry I had to leave her. I was her guard against the others. If they decided to pick on her I always ran to her aid. She scared the Humans badly. She got very sick the day after I left for the Bridge. She was not herself. She would not eat, curled up in places she never had stayed before. She did not join in playtime.

With lots of love and attention she is getting back to herself. She had Girl Human let her into places she was never allowed before. She was looking for me. Closed rooms, cabinets, carriers and she even got to go into Pooh's place.

Pooh was so happy to see her. He gave her gentle nudges and forehead kisses. Girl Human let her stay with him a few hours each day. She was happier each time she came back into the main house. She likes to visit him a little each day. Expect that will be a new date on her daily calendar.

Girl Human knew she was on the road to happiness when she joined her in her favorite chore. She loves cooking. She sits and watches every move while Girl Human works in the kitchen. Meshia loves mixing stuff in bowls, baking and chopping things for the Humans dinner.

Yes, she will miss me but she now knows that she will not be left alone to have to deal with her grief. I will always be her number one Guardian Angel.

Hey Meshia!!! I just saw Girl Human turn on the oven and say something about making cookies!!! See my work has just begun.


Rainbow Bridge with such wonderful new Angel friends.

January 12th 2013 1:12 pm
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Thank you beautiful Angel kitties for the purrrty pillow and comfy place to rest. I'm still tired and need more time. Thank you all so much. I look forward to going around and seeing all the wonderful things here at the Bridge when I'm ready. You are such wonderful kitties. No wonder you guys are missed so much on earth.
Note from my Humans:
I want to thank everyone so very much for all the wonderful tributes you gave in honor of our guy Peaches. It was time for him to join those wonderful Angels at Rainbow Bridge. We are so glad he had many good days before those last weeks.. We will miss him so very much. He was one very special boy with a very big heart that always gave us a smile. Thank everyone for all you have done to help make his passing easier.

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