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The life and the Times at Calico Junction

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Scarlet is Back:

September 20th 2009 6:25 pm
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"Well all you Kitties, I am back," yelled Scarlet. "Here comes Trouble," replays Sweeny.

Yes she is back. Feeling super great. Ready for trouble. Girl Human has her hands full now.

First thing when Girl Human got home yesterday. There she was, sweet little Scarlet, standing on her hind legs begging to be picked up and hugged. Girl Human soaked it up. We knew there was going to be trouble as Scarlet looked over Girl Human's shoulder smiling. Yes smiling.

While Male Human was out painting the cat house ( he would not let Girl Human do it) Scarlet was having fun. She first started chewing the blind cords. Snap, went the bathroom, snap went the bedroom next. They were not to much fun. Girl Human had them tied down. Off to the utility room to pull the rubber band off of Sweeny's special food.

Running to the breakfast room with a big long rubber band hanging from her mouth, she ran under the table. We knew she was so very happy. With a big Smile, she teased Girl Human with a Purrrut sound. Off she ran, with Girl Human in pursuit. Scarlet run under the couch in the guest room. Waiting, until Girl Human got down on her knees. Zoom off she went, running like a happy rabbit on an easter sunday. Purrrut , Purrut, in her squeaky high pitch voice Purrut. Up the stairs, around the corner and down hall she bounced. Bang, running into the huge (should be litter box) tub. Purrut, out the door down the stairs thru the kitchen jumping up on the counter. Crash, Bang, into the sink. With all four feet landing in a bowl filled with water. Foot prints and water everywhere, Purrrrut. How happy she was.

Now she is cornered by Male Human, "AHH Ha, got it, you Stinker, said Male Human. Scarlet just smiled and ran away, Purrrut. >>>>>>>>>>>> YES SHE IS BACK. THE FUN BEGINS


Scarlet Update

September 18th 2009 9:31 pm
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Well now all the bad hissing is over and my not so favorite Human Mr. Vet called Girl Human to tell her that her diagnosis was correct, Hyperthyroid problems. He also wanted her to take an a awful tasting clear liquid twice a day for her gums. Since she already has bowl problems, the medicine made her have problems and her bottom was messy.

Girl Human had to groom her and she was Soooo mad. What was worse girl human took pictures of her and thought it was funny. She looked much better after, her fur was pretty again. Scarlet did get a big suprise in the mail that afternoon. She seemed to forget her bad morning when Girl Human opened the box and there were 2 BIG bags of her favorite food(Royal Canin 32 . Girl Human took a picture of her then too.

Spa has been doing real well. He had 2 sticky things in his fur and he let Girl Human pull them both out. He put his ears down and let her pull. He is really doing a turn around and wait to be petted each day. We hope we will be able to get him to the Vet soon. That may cause him to regress. We hope not.

Sat. is a big day as Girl Human is going to paint the walls in the main kitty house. Male Human does not like the color but Girl Human said he was not living there.Blue is happy to have something new for this winter. She can't use the color in the house, Male Human requested. So here comes the color of the year


Scarlet and the Vet

September 11th 2009 9:09 pm
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This week has come and gone. I (Annie) missed Girl Human so much. She was gone most of the night, working. On the 4th night I had to do something. Every night, Girl Human left us all alone. I had no one to help me with my diary. I protested. Thursday and gave her a love bite and a bunch of lick, lick ,licks, before she went out the door. That would make her feel guilty. I know she would think all night, about us. I was so mad. I used my best guilt licks too. She needs to fall on her knees and ask us to forgive her.

She better do better tonight. We have all decided if she leaves, the land mines will be waiting when she returns home. We all have been saving up all day, just in case.

I didn't tell Scarlet that I heard Girl Human talking to the Vet Human. She said Scarlet has been loosing weight, and not grooming herself. She has been acting like here hips and stomach are hurting. Girl Human said she thought it was Senior Kitty Ritus in the hips. So she made an appointment for Friday morning. Girl Human slept 4 hours.

Girl Human got that new cat carrier and Scarlets got to take it for a spin.
She didn't fuss as it is so soft and has that new Carrier Smell. She was lucky. Well she would have been, if she was not going to the vet.

Scarlet came back at 11 a.m. and was very mad. We all wanted to hear about the new ride and all she did was cuss. We have not heard her say such words for a very, very long time.

Girl Human called her daughter and told her about the trip. Of course, I stuck around to listen. She said that Scarlet had blood taken from her back leg. Scarlet had to be covered with a towel. She yelled very loud. But when they took the blood she didn't say a thing. When Girl Human asked the Vet if he was going to give her her shots. Scarlet protested calling him thing, that a ladyVan's should not say. He wanted to see what the blood work indicated first.

Scarlet had some gum inflammation. Her teeth were white and tarter free. She has a few less plus a missing fang. She did not want him to look at her hide end and let him know that. "That is my Private Parts," she yelled. HISSSSSS, HISSSSS,, YOUUUUUA, HISSSSSSS.

So now we wait until Sat. or Mon. depending on the Lab. and Scarlet can rest and eat. Scarlet got a gift from her good friend Taffy today, she was so glad to hear from her. Paine, we would love to hear from you. Tell us how your Cat Show did. Hope you got a ribbon.

We did have some good things happen this week. Spa is eating everything he can. He loves Fancy Feast and even let Girl Human pet him. He even purred. Pooh is his Psyco self. Sweeny weighs the same, Great for a diabetic kitty. He gets to go for his check up Sept.25th.

On the down side. The Calico Junction car broke down. It is a 1997 so it has it's problems. A wrecker is needed this time. So it will sit a while. Girl Human's little car also has a Check engine light on, Wonderful, just what Girl Human needs.

But all in all we are Happy. Lots of Purrrrrrrs to all our friends.


The Weekend With Humans

September 6th 2009 9:41 pm
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For some reason Male Human is here laying on our couch and Girl Human is sitting in my sleeping chair. They are laughing at that funny window that has all that different stuff in it. Stupid things called Rosanne, South Park, and Movies and marathons. What ever that is all about. They think it is funny anyhow.

We are funny, why not watch us instead? Peaches and Pooh are playing bear hug fight, Lick, Lick, Meow, Meow, dancing around and around. Thunk, Meow Meow, Lick, Hug Hug. What a funny way to fight. Male Human gets off the couch and goes to the kitchen. Run everyone, jump up and cuddle in like you have been there all day. Male Human returns 4 of us on the couch. Male Human has to move to the rocking chair. Better view of that window from there.

Sweeny's hungry, better go feed him, Girl Human. I (Annie) jump up and lay in the chair. All mine. Girl Human returns, "Move Annie," she demands. This is not fair, the others got the couch. I want my chair. "Girl Human go sit on the floor", I say to myself. She will not let me stay. "Ok you asked for it," I thought to myself. /Pen, Oh yes. Girl Human hates when I play chew the pen. That is not working, Lick Lick, Lick , Meow, not working. What is wrong with them.

Male Human tells Girl Human he is home until Tuesday." No, I want my couch," said Scarlet. "He has got to go," she demands.

Good he is busy, Door Bell? No, more Humans. Not good, less space for us. "When are they leaving?" asked Sweeny." Soon, I hope," said Pooh while he peered from under the bed. "We will all come join you, no where to stretch out, out there," said I. So we all slept under the bed until late in the night.

"Now they will play," said Peaches. "Yea the Midnight Crazys" Let's Play," said Amber.
"Better yet let us wait until, 4 a.m," said Pooh. "No let play now and then nap. Then we can all play again at 4" Amber said, smiling. "That sounds great" I replies happily. So now we wait. WE ARE GOOD ZZZZZ.


Missing the Party.

August 30th 2009 9:27 pm
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Birthday and Gotcha Club was having a party and we were all excited to go. Girl Human had to go get Litter and Food for us and did not get back until 4pm. She didn't get to turn on the computer until after supper at 7:25. The thing was a Snail. After much effort she got us to the party. We only had 15 min. Decker and Cye wanted to go swimming as well as Scarlet, but we were just too late. Pooh worked hard all day picking fresh catnip for his cake that he said he would bring. We left it for the few who were still there to take home. All our weekend plans seemed to go wrong. The three days off went fast and did not seem to get anything done. Well next weekend will go fast as we only have two days off.


Pooh in pooh pooh again.

August 28th 2009 10:14 pm
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Girl Human up early and took the station wagon for new brakes and other expensive stuff. Had to buy new tags also. Girl Human is not happy had to spend to much today. She was only gone for 3 hours.

But apon return, Pooh Bear ran around the house like he was ice skating on tip toes. Running and crying, jumping behind the curtains, yelling out a closed window. Peaches had enough, chasing Pooh and hissing at him. The two started rolling on the floor and Pooh sounding like he was being killed. Girl Human was sitting on the floor in the bedroom with one hand flat on the floor. Sweeny is laying beside her and Pooh comes in, sits by her hand. Sweeny reaches out, very gently and just touches the PSYCO KITTY and off like a bolt of lightening he went. Using Girl Humans hand, as a take off point, a spring board. Girl Human screams and everyone move out of the room in a herd. Claw marks of 4 toes a fresh on the back of her hand. The worst was the scratch between the fingers. She didn't say anything bad, just owowowowowowowow. "Psyco kitty needs a pill", says Male Human."No, Girl Human needs a pill, owowowowowowowowowowo,replies Girl Human. All in all, Girl Human is well, no deep damage, but she's going out to dinner and looks like she was the center of the cat fight. She was. Peaches was relentless, chasing Pooh all over, while Girl Human yelled owowowow. Pooh never got a pill his batteries ran out. Just an afternoon at the Junction.

Girl Human was very upset to go through all her photo's and only find one of Kitty Cye. She is so sweet, but is afraid of a camera. So that is the assignment of the week. Hound poor Cye.

Thank you friends for the nice notes for Kitty Cye. She is her old self now and love love love everything and eats eats eats. We all are better now.

A special thanks for the steak from Luke and Tully. She insisted it had to be grilled.

Well we must close, all the kitties are asleep but me and I must get my beauty sleep as we all have a big swim party to attend Sunday. Tell you more about it Sat. Have a good night.


A Week has passed?

August 23rd 2009 8:56 pm
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Wow a whole week has buzzed by and what a busy one it has been. Girl Human is working 10-12 hr days and we have not been getting our hugs and kisses. She has been busy with Kitty Cye, she has not been feeling well.

Poor Cye, Monday Male Human fussed over her and checked on her often. She would only lay in her bed and would not eat for him. "She is not right," he said. "To the vet, if she doesn't start acting normal soon". "Maybe she misses Winston, he said.

Girl Human tried her hand the next day and got Cye to eat a little. Checked her for fleas, worms, bites,wounds, pains, but nothing. Cye took her little paws and held on to Girl Human's arm while purring and talking. Girl Human made her walk around, she seemed fine jumping back in her bed still purring and talking.

Next day Kitty Cye was feeling better, the litter box told the tail. She ate a large bird feather. Lucky for her she ate it tip first. It was whole and blue.So thanks for the problem solved. Now she is out with the rest and having fun again.

Friday was flea drop day. No one inside or out was safe. A few worm pills were also given. Not the best of weeks for us at Calico Junction.

The annual vet visits are coming up in September. Not a favorite month for the Junction either. Sweeny is due for is blood work. Girl Human bought a new carrier, some black leather and leopard thing. She thinks it is so cute. We think it is trouble. She put poor Sweeny in it and carried him around the house. That dumb cat thought it was fun. He did not want to get out. I think he wanted to go for a ride. What is wrong with that boy?

Girl Human has been off to help her daughter at her home. She came back smelling like strange cats. She said she almost can home with a cat she saw at a Petsmart. "We don't need any more," said Male Human.
"But his one leg is backwards and they want to cut it off, he uses it and it does not bother him" she explained. "That is not right," he answered." If it is not bothering him, Why in the world do they what to take it off? "he asked. "I have no idea, other then someone thinks it looks bad," she answered. "That is just not right, poor fellow," he said shaking his head.
"What is wrong with people?" he replied. "That is why I wanted to get him, he seemed perfectly content, but he looked so very sad," she said.
"God bless the little guy," he replied.

But he is right we can't have any more. We just don't have the funds. God bless the little fellow. So all we can do is pray for him and hope he will be found by the right person soon.

Girl Human has been looking at memorial stones for Winston but has not chosen one yet. All he has now is a cinder block. That will not be allowed for to long. Anyone have any ideas for a nice marker please let us know. We don't want a real small one, maybe 10 inch by12 or 15 and about $50.00 not to thin as we want it to outlast all of us.

We hope all our kitty friends are doing well and we love hearing from all of you, when you can. Please stop in and sign the guest book on 'Sweeny's page. We would love to have a special picture of all our friends. God bless all.


Remembering Winston.

August 16th 2009 5:18 pm
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We at Calico Junction would like to give a very special Thank You to our friends who stopped by and sent Spa special words for his friend Winston, who crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

A special thank you to Leo, Taffy, Lady Thomas, Pixie Bell and more for the nice words you sent our Humans. They were greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to my friends Luke, Tully,///Keisha, Sylvester, Merlin and Ruby Tuesday.


Spa has a Diary today( Winston went to Rainbow Bridge)

August 15th 2009 6:44 pm
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Winston has left us and Spa's page has his story and Spa's diary has a few words about his friend.


A Sad Week;

August 14th 2009 1:57 pm
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Girl Human has been coming home to a sad thing each day. Winston, the stray who comes to visit has decided he needs to come here to die at the Junction. His story is on Spa's page. He has grown so weak and is eating very little and is so thin. The vet said that since is not our cat he can't help him leave for Rainbow Bridge. The law prevents him from helping him. He could be sued by the real owner. He does not seem to feel any pain. He has to be old. We have known him off and on for 7 years. He was full grown when we met him. He is very weak and getting weaker every day. He will be leaving us soon. He has stopped drinking water and only eats a teaspoon of food now and then.Will update as news arrives.

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