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Missing the Party.

August 30th 2009 9:27 pm
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Birthday and Gotcha Club was having a party and we were all excited to go. Girl Human had to go get Litter and Food for us and did not get back until 4pm. She didn't get to turn on the computer until after supper at 7:25. The thing was a Snail. After much effort she got us to the party. We only had 15 min. Decker and Cye wanted to go swimming as well as Scarlet, but we were just too late. Pooh worked hard all day picking fresh catnip for his cake that he said he would bring. We left it for the few who were still there to take home. All our weekend plans seemed to go wrong. The three days off went fast and did not seem to get anything done. Well next weekend will go fast as we only have two days off.


Pooh in pooh pooh again.

August 28th 2009 10:14 pm
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Girl Human up early and took the station wagon for new brakes and other expensive stuff. Had to buy new tags also. Girl Human is not happy had to spend to much today. She was only gone for 3 hours.

But apon return, Pooh Bear ran around the house like he was ice skating on tip toes. Running and crying, jumping behind the curtains, yelling out a closed window. Peaches had enough, chasing Pooh and hissing at him. The two started rolling on the floor and Pooh sounding like he was being killed. Girl Human was sitting on the floor in the bedroom with one hand flat on the floor. Sweeny is laying beside her and Pooh comes in, sits by her hand. Sweeny reaches out, very gently and just touches the PSYCO KITTY and off like a bolt of lightening he went. Using Girl Humans hand, as a take off point, a spring board. Girl Human screams and everyone move out of the room in a herd. Claw marks of 4 toes a fresh on the back of her hand. The worst was the scratch between the fingers. She didn't say anything bad, just owowowowowowowow. "Psyco kitty needs a pill", says Male Human."No, Girl Human needs a pill, owowowowowowowowowowo,replies Girl Human. All in all, Girl Human is well, no deep damage, but she's going out to dinner and looks like she was the center of the cat fight. She was. Peaches was relentless, chasing Pooh all over, while Girl Human yelled owowowow. Pooh never got a pill his batteries ran out. Just an afternoon at the Junction.

Girl Human was very upset to go through all her photo's and only find one of Kitty Cye. She is so sweet, but is afraid of a camera. So that is the assignment of the week. Hound poor Cye.

Thank you friends for the nice notes for Kitty Cye. She is her old self now and love love love everything and eats eats eats. We all are better now.

A special thanks for the steak from Luke and Tully. She insisted it had to be grilled.

Well we must close, all the kitties are asleep but me and I must get my beauty sleep as we all have a big swim party to attend Sunday. Tell you more about it Sat. Have a good night.


A Week has passed?

August 23rd 2009 8:56 pm
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Wow a whole week has buzzed by and what a busy one it has been. Girl Human is working 10-12 hr days and we have not been getting our hugs and kisses. She has been busy with Kitty Cye, she has not been feeling well.

Poor Cye, Monday Male Human fussed over her and checked on her often. She would only lay in her bed and would not eat for him. "She is not right," he said. "To the vet, if she doesn't start acting normal soon". "Maybe she misses Winston, he said.

Girl Human tried her hand the next day and got Cye to eat a little. Checked her for fleas, worms, bites,wounds, pains, but nothing. Cye took her little paws and held on to Girl Human's arm while purring and talking. Girl Human made her walk around, she seemed fine jumping back in her bed still purring and talking.

Next day Kitty Cye was feeling better, the litter box told the tail. She ate a large bird feather. Lucky for her she ate it tip first. It was whole and blue.So thanks for the problem solved. Now she is out with the rest and having fun again.

Friday was flea drop day. No one inside or out was safe. A few worm pills were also given. Not the best of weeks for us at Calico Junction.

The annual vet visits are coming up in September. Not a favorite month for the Junction either. Sweeny is due for is blood work. Girl Human bought a new carrier, some black leather and leopard thing. She thinks it is so cute. We think it is trouble. She put poor Sweeny in it and carried him around the house. That dumb cat thought it was fun. He did not want to get out. I think he wanted to go for a ride. What is wrong with that boy?

Girl Human has been off to help her daughter at her home. She came back smelling like strange cats. She said she almost can home with a cat she saw at a Petsmart. "We don't need any more," said Male Human.
"But his one leg is backwards and they want to cut it off, he uses it and it does not bother him" she explained. "That is not right," he answered." If it is not bothering him, Why in the world do they what to take it off? "he asked. "I have no idea, other then someone thinks it looks bad," she answered. "That is just not right, poor fellow," he said shaking his head.
"What is wrong with people?" he replied. "That is why I wanted to get him, he seemed perfectly content, but he looked so very sad," she said.
"God bless the little guy," he replied.

But he is right we can't have any more. We just don't have the funds. God bless the little fellow. So all we can do is pray for him and hope he will be found by the right person soon.

Girl Human has been looking at memorial stones for Winston but has not chosen one yet. All he has now is a cinder block. That will not be allowed for to long. Anyone have any ideas for a nice marker please let us know. We don't want a real small one, maybe 10 inch by12 or 15 and about $50.00 not to thin as we want it to outlast all of us.

We hope all our kitty friends are doing well and we love hearing from all of you, when you can. Please stop in and sign the guest book on 'Sweeny's page. We would love to have a special picture of all our friends. God bless all.


Remembering Winston.

August 16th 2009 5:18 pm
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We at Calico Junction would like to give a very special Thank You to our friends who stopped by and sent Spa special words for his friend Winston, who crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

A special thank you to Leo, Taffy, Lady Thomas, Pixie Bell and more for the nice words you sent our Humans. They were greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to my friends Luke, Tully,///Keisha, Sylvester, Merlin and Ruby Tuesday.


Spa has a Diary today( Winston went to Rainbow Bridge)

August 15th 2009 6:44 pm
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Winston has left us and Spa's page has his story and Spa's diary has a few words about his friend.


A Sad Week;

August 14th 2009 1:57 pm
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Girl Human has been coming home to a sad thing each day. Winston, the stray who comes to visit has decided he needs to come here to die at the Junction. His story is on Spa's page. He has grown so weak and is eating very little and is so thin. The vet said that since is not our cat he can't help him leave for Rainbow Bridge. The law prevents him from helping him. He could be sued by the real owner. He does not seem to feel any pain. He has to be old. We have known him off and on for 7 years. He was full grown when we met him. He is very weak and getting weaker every day. He will be leaving us soon. He has stopped drinking water and only eats a teaspoon of food now and then.Will update as news arrives.


Hot Sunday;

August 9th 2009 9:08 pm
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95 degrees today, humid, blue skies. Lazy day. Humans left us alone. Yesterday was flea bomb day so we could not go in our houses all day.

Today Male Human watched that loud noisy thing. Girl Human left in her little car. Got Grandma Human and took her for a ride. Washed Grandma Humans car in the car wash. She also took Grandma Human to look at a Townhouse that is for sale. It was very pretty. Had a beautiful view of the mountains.

Girl Human is worried about the cat, Winston( his stories on Spa's page) who is from across the road.
He is not well. He is very thin and very old. She does not think he will last until winter. She has been feeding him special food several times a day but he will not put on weight. He is very unsteady when he turns around or walks. He still jumps on up high tables. He does not run up every time someone comes out the door anymore. He just lays and watches to see if you have food.

He sleeps in the grass at the side yard. The neighbor thought he was dead, because he sleeps so sound. I think he is somewhat deaf. He spends his day at the Junction and never goes home. His owners don't seem to care. A neighbor said that he has been around for many years. This the first year he has not gone after the young ladies.

All we can do is pray for him and keep him fed. We wormed him, gave him flea drops and feed him when he is here. He is affraid to be picked up and does scratch and bite if we try.


Girl Human not happy

August 8th 2009 8:54 pm
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Today Girl Human's daughter came to town and off they went to another town. They went to get us goodies. We all love goodies. But Girl Human did not bring us anything and she will report why.

I am mad. We went to two pet stores. First was a Pet Supply Plus. The Plus was the dirt and poop. The poor animals and fish. It was awful, water so cloudy, rotting bodies. The Small animal cages were awful. If this would have been dogs, there would be complaints. But since its just poor fish, reptiles, and small animals the SPCA doesn't get involved. They are Blind. What gets me is that Pet Supplies Plus is a chain and how could anyone be proud that they are working for this company.

In the second place was a sign, under new management. The young man behind the counter, smiled and asked if we needed anything. He seemed nice. But the manager should be FIRED OR JAILED. The poor kitties. They advertise they are SPCA cats. I HOPE NOT. If they were, the SPCA should close them down and take their cats. They had a litter in the box that was a large pellet and they could not cover their poop. SMEEELLL.

There were people just opening cages pulling out cats and not one employee to be found. Kids were pulling at the kittens and fighting over who should hold it. I opened a lizard cage and picked it up. Not one person showed up. This was a$100.00 lizard.

There were people all over with things in their arms and asking each other to look for things they wanted. The employees were downstairs. One behind the counter three in a huddle talking. Maybe they were planning their escape. The lizard I was holding, for a good 5 min. looked good but was on the wrong litter. If he eats the litter he will get impacted and die. Were is the SPCA in this town? Hiding? This store has been under new management for at least 4 months and nothing is clean. The door into the store was so bad that we used hand sanitizer when we got back to the car.
The floor was so messy and my daughter slipped in a big puddle of water, that had been there for a LONG LONG while.

This place wants Business? When I got home I twittered my anger. That made me feel some better. I am sorry to vent on anyone who reads this, but I need to. My poor babies got nothing today. When I buy for my cats I spend money and I guess these places don't need it.


Back to Work

August 7th 2009 9:02 am
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Girl Human is finally giving everyone a rest. This is so nice we can lay back undisturbed. No smoochy, smoochy, hug, hug while we are trying to get our beauty rest. THEY ARE GONE.... THIS IS GREAT.... PARTY TIME....

I had reported before that Sweeny has a guest book. We invite anyone to stop by and sign it. I found out it was not working. I think it is working now. So please try again. Sweeny is waiting to see his visitors.

I have music on some of the pages now. BOY I'm big time now. What a Smart Cat I am. These little paws are going places.

A lot of new photos were added last week so if you missed them, you know your welcome to check all of us out.

Well Girl Humans off for three days ALREADY. NO REST AGAIN. Her she comes SMOOOOOCH, SMOOOOCH. Why were we born so cute. RUN EVERYONE RUN AND HIDE---SHE'S BAAAAAACK. PARTIES OVER.


The Test.

August 3rd 2009 9:37 pm
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Girl Human took a test for me the other night to see The celebrity that I would match best to and it was of no surprise to anyone it was Oprah. We both like to get to the bottom of things and find out the true facts. It was Right On the mark, said Girl Human.

Girl Human has been busy getting ready for her return to work. After 5 weeks off it will be hard. We will all miss having her here. Now it will be Male Human feeding us in the evening. We get such a big dishes of food when Girl Human feeds us.

Girl Human washed the cars today, cleaned our houses and back porch. She says she is going to work to get a rest. A lot of things got cleaned while she was off. We will have to start working. Our hairs have to be put back in the right places again.

Sweeny has a guest book. Stop by and sign it when you can. Music has also been added to some of our pages. Girl Human got our pages pretty before she returns to work.

She put a page of pictures of a few of our Angels. They have gone to Rainbow Bridge several years ago. Titled Calico Junction's R.I.P.'s, Stop by and visit. We were so pleased to have known them and would like you to meet them.

Well good night to all our friends. From all of us at Calico Junction.

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