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Back to Work

August 7th 2009 9:02 am
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Girl Human is finally giving everyone a rest. This is so nice we can lay back undisturbed. No smoochy, smoochy, hug, hug while we are trying to get our beauty rest. THEY ARE GONE.... THIS IS GREAT.... PARTY TIME....

I had reported before that Sweeny has a guest book. We invite anyone to stop by and sign it. I found out it was not working. I think it is working now. So please try again. Sweeny is waiting to see his visitors.

I have music on some of the pages now. BOY I'm big time now. What a Smart Cat I am. These little paws are going places.

A lot of new photos were added last week so if you missed them, you know your welcome to check all of us out.

Well Girl Humans off for three days ALREADY. NO REST AGAIN. Her she comes SMOOOOOCH, SMOOOOCH. Why were we born so cute. RUN EVERYONE RUN AND HIDE---SHE'S BAAAAAACK. PARTIES OVER.


The Test.

August 3rd 2009 9:37 pm
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Girl Human took a test for me the other night to see The celebrity that I would match best to and it was of no surprise to anyone it was Oprah. We both like to get to the bottom of things and find out the true facts. It was Right On the mark, said Girl Human.

Girl Human has been busy getting ready for her return to work. After 5 weeks off it will be hard. We will all miss having her here. Now it will be Male Human feeding us in the evening. We get such a big dishes of food when Girl Human feeds us.

Girl Human washed the cars today, cleaned our houses and back porch. She says she is going to work to get a rest. A lot of things got cleaned while she was off. We will have to start working. Our hairs have to be put back in the right places again.

Sweeny has a guest book. Stop by and sign it when you can. Music has also been added to some of our pages. Girl Human got our pages pretty before she returns to work.

She put a page of pictures of a few of our Angels. They have gone to Rainbow Bridge several years ago. Titled Calico Junction's R.I.P.'s, Stop by and visit. We were so pleased to have known them and would like you to meet them.

Well good night to all our friends. From all of us at Calico Junction.


The Grape Hunt

July 28th 2009 4:27 pm
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Girl Human moved all the furniture today and cleaned. All the hair and litter we had worked so hard putting in the proper places was gone.

It all started last night when Girl Human dropped a grape on the floor. Male Human got the flashlight and looked for it. We all helped, but they didn't like us trying to find it. Girl Human went nuts when she saw the floor full of hair and litter. They never did fine the grape.

The first thing this morning we were told to leave. She wanted to do her work alone. We kept checking to make sure that she got everything cleaned.

She got out this stuff that smelled like Ucckkkk. When she was half done with the final mopping , Sophia arrived. She decided to stick her toy in the water dish and make it swim. Her foot was all wet so she shook it. She then decided to walk all over floor. I thought that the foot prints had added such a nice touch. Girl Human didn't like it, she ran around wiping all the beautiful foot prints away. Humans sure have strange ideas, when it comes to decorating.

We have decided that tonight we will start putting on our finishing touches. Girl Human can wake up to a big supriiiizzze. We can't wait.


The Club Party

July 27th 2009 9:33 am
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Well we all jumped on the bus. We left Calico Junction for the first time in a long while. Icky ll was our driver. Sure we go to the Vet, but that is not a fun trip.
We all went to the Birthday and Gotcha Club Party. We all had a wonderful time. Blue stayed home to watch everything. He is not a party cat. I am was the over the top party cat. I love parties.
There were people there from all over. There was all kinds of food and drink and catnip. Amber was a little upset that there were no Aquariums to look at. I explained to her that this is a club house.There isn't a kitty there to watch it all the time.
Decker had a little litter box problem. We all told him to go to the box before he left, but like normal he forgot.
Sylvester had to tour the woods out back. He said the view was super. He was a little disappointed there were no moles to chase. I told him he needed better manners.
All in all we had a ball. If your not a member of The Birthday and Gotcha Club. Join up soon so you can come to the next party. Wow two parties this one month. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.



July 26th 2009 9:13 pm
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Girl Human called us and started walking . Of course we all got curious and followed along. She had that funny little silver thing in her hand. When she points it at us, it has lights that blink and birds that sing. What an odd thing. She gets a kick out of showing it to us. We always act like we have never seen it before. She always calls us good kitties, when she shows it to us.
She had us sit in the corn, sit on the rocks and she even showed it to Lucy. Lucy is so shy, but this time she looked at it and Girl Human was so happy. We like to show her the things we find in the field. She looked at all the things we had to show her. We stopped at the pond on the way back to say hello to the fish.
We had lots of fun. Girl Human says there are new pictures on a lot of our pages???? What ever that means. Maybe you Humans know what she is talking about. All in all, we had a nice start to a beautiful day.


Scarlet and the Shower

July 24th 2009 5:05 pm
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Scarlet loves her shower, but today was different. The Girl Human stepped in shutting the door. Scarlet was on the outside of the shower door, crying and crying. Girl Human opened the door and asked her in, shutting the door behind her. Scarlet began to panic and wanted out. Then she was all wet, soaked to the skin. Girl Human started rubbing her and it felt soooo good, Scarlet enjoyed it. Next Girl Human put on a special Kitty shampoo, she didn't mind at all. When all the funny cleaning was done she looked like a drowned rat. Poor thing.

That loud thing that Humans use on their hair, was now blowing on Scarlet's wet coat. She was not afraid. Any other cat would have yelled for help. Scarlet just made the best of it, sitting there enjoying the attention. She is very strange, for a cat.
The Girl Human left Scarlet in the bathroom and shut the door. None of us could go in, to check on her. We all sat outside the door and listened. All was quite. We all thought that, Girl Human had done something bad to Scarlet and did not want us to see.

Girl Human returned and still would not let any of us in. That loud thing turned on again. Still no sound from Scarlet. Girl Human came out and shut the door in our faces. Still no noise from inside the bathroom.

The Girl Human was on her computer not looking in on poor Scarlet. What is happening? All the sudden there is a noise on the other side of the door and who appears? Scarlet. You would swear she was smiling from ear to ear. She put her tail up high and confronted the Girl Human. Scarlet was laughing, off she went. Running all over the house, happy as could be. She rubbed the legs of the chairs. She looked at the Girl Human, laughing and put her head up high and ran again.

After her big morning she stretched out on the window seat in the sun. She was sound asleep , Girl Human swears she was still smiling. She had won, she showed Girl Human that you can't keep a super beauty like her, down.



July 22nd 2009 7:56 pm
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The big party is over the catnip plant has been attacked a lot. Now it needs to grow again. Blue and Icky ll had a ball. Icky was so happy she ran all over and came within a foot of the Girl Human and talked to her. This is good. Peaches had a hangover her didn't want anyone to touch his tail today. He spent the day on top of the fridge( not normal). Sophia slept in the entertainment center shelf all day. Scarlet just wanted to keep on with the party . She is the party girl. She had an extra shot of cat nip this morning." A bit of the hair. of the dog(cat) that bite you ."she said, and gave a wink. All she wanted to do was take a shower and gaze out the window the rest of the day.>>>>>>>> Party on Scarlet. She is on the run tonight. She sure isn't 14 yet. Scarlet says thank you for the gifts and card mail.



July 21st 2009 5:20 pm
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We all have been planning a catnip party for Scarlet. Girl Humans daughter came home today to visit and celebrate. The party hats and dishes are ready. Man Human had a big crop of fresh catnip ready for all of us to enjoy. Blue is a little ahead of the rest of us. The catnip is in a pot hanging on the outside of his cage. He is playing turn the pot and grab. Icky ll is helping. Oh what fun. HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY DEAR SCARLET,


Cover at Last

July 20th 2009 7:40 pm
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"Well what do we have here"?asks Dipsey." Z seems to like it", said Stasha.
"The Male Human says its a roof," comments Morgan." What's a ROOF"? asks Polly. Sylvester says " I don't know but, where are the trees that the Male Human put up? I wanted to climb them and sit on the greenhouse roof." Well here we go again, the Male Human spoiling the fun," said Polly.
"It sure was nice today when it rained, I didn't have wet fur to dry," said Z.
"Well I guess its alright then", says Polly.
Yes we have a roof and no screens, the Male Human ran out of time. Z and Dipsey sat on the porch most of the day, on a bench the Male Human made for them to use. He said it will be next year now before he will finish it. Girl Human thought that at the beginning of the project. Cella would have liked it today because I wouldn't let her run out in the rain. She gets sick to easily.
Girl Human has been busy cleaning the greenhouse inside and out. Rained today so the out, has not been finished. We wish all our friends well, PURRRZZZZZ and HUGS ONE AND ALL.


PART 2 /of Raining Cats and Cats - Rain almost gone/ PART l below

July 17th 2009 10:16 am
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"Here he goes again", said Polly.
"I hope he isn't going to eat little rocks again", said Stasha." He sounds like he already has", says Sylvester." Yes, all he is doing is looking up at the sky and talking to it", said Morgan. " Humans are really strange", comments Decker. "There he goes again, off in that noisey truck, says Stasha. "What he up to now???", says Dipsey.

All in all the Birthday was a hit and all had fun Ribs on BBQ, food, food, food, but No kibbles. The bones looked good, the Chocolate Cake was a NO NO." They could share the Ice Cream", said Dipsey. We would like to THANK YOU for all the E- mails from everyone, wishing a Happy Birthday to the Male Human (Daddy).

We at Calico Junction would love to THANK all our new FRIENDS for the many gifts we received this week. What a nice thing to do. Some of our kids received their first presents. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. We want to give a special THANKS to the BUSH family and we are so glad you like our diary. TBC>>>>>>

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