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The life and the Times at Calico Junction

Me-Meshia's Day

April 25th 2012 7:48 pm
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Well, I have recovered.

I have decided that that man (VET) I saw the other day is not very friendly. My Humans like him. I'm not seeing what they see. I must be missing something.
I have not seen this man hold them down and put pink toes on them. Maybe they would think different if he grabbed them, held them by the neck. He pressed me in places a respectable gal like me, does not want to be touched. I told him what I thought, oh I was a lady no bad words.. He just grabbed my feet and flipped me over and repeated it all over again.
I was beginning to wonder if Girl Human is really my friend. She stood there and told me it was OK. Not OK, by me.
She let this man not only do all this stuff but then she helped him.
He put a nasty sharp needle in my bottom. It hurt. I cried. He put a bigger one in the back of my neck. I yelled so loud, I scared myself. Girl Human was making awful faces. I know she felt bad about what was happening to me.
The man let me go. Girl human opened the door to my purrty pink carrier and I ran into my nice soft blanket. Girl Human shut the door and locked. That man could not get me, HA HA!!!.
WOW, I guess Girl Human is my furrrend. She took me away from him. I was so glad she is my furrend.
Again, I'm not sure as Girl Human paid a lot of money to a lady before we left. Now why would a friend pay some one to treat me like that???
Still undecided about our relationship.

I slept until 10 before I started to tell Girl Human I was hungry.

I was so excited that she had my purrrty pink dish full of lamb and gravy for breakfast. It was so yummy I ate it so fast I never tasted it. Boy a few days rest sure makes one hungry.

I then waited in my playpen for everyone else to eat. Girl Human let me out. Freedom, Yes!!!!!!

What first???? Play? Chase someone? Check out the big litter pan and make sure it's clean? So many choices for me to make.

I chose the game "chase the cat."

Peaches looks like he want's to play.
Peaches pleads with a high whine.
OK, I get it.
Here let me give you five.
"NOOOOOOoooooooooo", said Peaches.
Oh come on lets play!!!
"NOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo", he repeats.
WOW, your no fun.

I jumped on the island in the kitchen and watched the rest of the morning go by. I don't think I'm really ready to play any why.

Girl Human had to leave and put me back in my room. It felt sooo nice to lay back on my futon and relax the afternoon away.

Well maybe tomorrow Peaches will play with me.


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