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Finally, Finally another new Pic!!!!

August 8th 2009 7:25 am
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Need to go to many, many more events & not just because I want new pics but that's definitely a plus a positive that we get new pics! Oh, forgot to write about the swim party at Paw It Foward... well, just have to save that one for later as it's a great summer day & I have all kinds of things to do around the house like sneaking around and spying and people and hiding and sleeping and eating and purring and hiding and sleeping and napping. It's hot outside and I"m not allowed to go out, so anyways need to rest up for the party tonight. Don't want summer to end but it would be nice if the weather was a little better.

My character is Sully from Monsters Inc. so I'm a big guy just like in real life! I just love scaring people too just like Sully did originally in the movie! Sully whom Boo called "Kitty" and I'm a Kitty and I"m Sully! In real life I enjoy scaring people who come over and letting them know that it's my house, well mine and Morgan's house and that we patrol the place are the watch cats! Love it when they walk in & ask if possibly I am part tiger because I am just such a big guy with a big build and long legs and sharp claws and semi fangs for teeth. Well time for a nap so I can party tonight and I'm heavily nocturnal and enjoy prowling around at night...
Purrs & Cat Howls, The Dread Pirate Roberts aka Morgan


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