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Dread Pirate Roberts & Crew in Spain!!!!

July 12th 2009 1:05 am
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Yes, I know I don't have that many entries yet or --- clears throat -- PHOTOS! Now don't get mad my human brothers that I took the pirate ship on the virtual cruise to Spain because that is the ONLY picture I have! Yes, I know it's summertime and you're out of school and there are so many other things to do and after all you are spending some time with me in real world time, but it takes some good head butts and nudges in the back to remind you to sit in front of the computer (hey there are rainy days and days too hot to go outside and you don't have to watch every DVD rental movie that Netflix has to offer you know!) and not just read groups stuff but play in the great imaginary world of Catster! Who is meowing this entry? No, it's not Dad it's your older brothers reminding you that you were the ones who insisted that you could keep up the cat diaries and you did just help update my fellow cat Arthur's diary but you're falling behind and maybe you need to walk the plank!

So yes, they ate a great deal at breakfast at Fancy Cafe on the Your Key to Happiness cruise lines aboard ship, but now we had no intention of plundering the ship or robbing the passengers although of course my crew of pirates sneaked onboard! Have you not read of the pirates plaguing the seas the oceans right now? So we're there in a more sort of protective function to battle off any pirates that might try to board the cruise ship! The pirates hung back in the tour of Madrid the ones allowed ashore and stopped off to eat and followed on behind at a run while we wheeled through on our segways. Must feed my crew and didn't want to attract too much attention from the shipping vessels by fishing in Spanish waters! Will revisit the trip in another entry although it may take a few head butts to the kids to get that done!
The Dread Pirate Roberts (aka Morgan) & pirate crew from Spain!

== Thanks to The family of loving memory morris 3.4.09, Patches, Ebony, Little miss and Coda and more! for that great wonderful first rosette from other cats on Catster and not just from Catster! Thanks for the heart that's great to have on my page and the message "Just Because!" Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!
== Thanks to the Catster for that first blue star and for the fireworks that kept my page from being blank of gifts and rosettes for almost a month meaning I actually did have gifts on my page!


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