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X Marks the Spot in Parrots & Pirates Dead Man's Cove.


July 2nd 2009 4:35 am
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We went up or down to the mountains depending upon your perspective drove in the car and I "got" to ride in the cat carrier and so did my family furiend Arthur separate carriers. Our mreows and yowls and carryings on weren't completely ignored and we got to get out and stretch our legs -- on these harness and leash things! WE ARE cats! We do NOT wear leashes and harnesses. Oh the indignity, the humiliation! I'm sure other cats saw us. Our humans expected us to relieve ourselves in front of people on these stupid harness things. No privacy! How could they? But we did get to go up to these cabins out in the woods and stay and have a nice campfire outside a little one and not the big roaring bonfire the kids wanted but were we allowed to wander around free in this wooded paradise full of birds & squirrels and all kinds of good things to catch & eat? Oh no! Not us! We had these big folding pen things set up on the dirt and then when they noticed the grass and that's where we got to watch the game! But we did get some good things cooked over our carefully tended fire, just not the wild game we expected more like chicken legs and small fish not the huge ones they expected to catch and hotdogs though we didn't care much for those sticky roasted marshmallow things in the graham crackers with the peanut butter! No chocolate for us but yuck! That peanut butter just stays and stays in a cat's mouth. Well, off to look for pirate treasure!
The Dread Pirate Roberts er I mean Captain Roberts


Westley Morgan Roberts (Morgan


Family Pets

Josey Wales
St. Augustine
(August Max)
Outlaw Josey
Marcus Maxx
(Angel Cat)
King Arthur
Lady Jane Grey
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Dandelion Wine
Shane Ladd
Agnes Endora
Jesse James


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