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X Marks the Spot in Parrots & Pirates Dead Man's Cove.

Finally, Finally another new Pic!!!!

August 8th 2009 7:25 am
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Need to go to many, many more events & not just because I want new pics but that's definitely a plus a positive that we get new pics! Oh, forgot to write about the swim party at Paw It Foward... well, just have to save that one for later as it's a great summer day & I have all kinds of things to do around the house like sneaking around and spying and people and hiding and sleeping and eating and purring and hiding and sleeping and napping. It's hot outside and I"m not allowed to go out, so anyways need to rest up for the party tonight. Don't want summer to end but it would be nice if the weather was a little better.

My character is Sully from Monsters Inc. so I'm a big guy just like in real life! I just love scaring people too just like Sully did originally in the movie! Sully whom Boo called "Kitty" and I'm a Kitty and I"m Sully! In real life I enjoy scaring people who come over and letting them know that it's my house, well mine and Morgan's house and that we patrol the place are the watch cats! Love it when they walk in & ask if possibly I am part tiger because I am just such a big guy with a big build and long legs and sharp claws and semi fangs for teeth. Well time for a nap so I can party tonight and I'm heavily nocturnal and enjoy prowling around at night...
Purrs & Cat Howls, The Dread Pirate Roberts aka Morgan


Dread Pirate Roberts & Crew in Spain!!!!

July 12th 2009 1:05 am
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Yes, I know I don't have that many entries yet or --- clears throat -- PHOTOS! Now don't get mad my human brothers that I took the pirate ship on the virtual cruise to Spain because that is the ONLY picture I have! Yes, I know it's summertime and you're out of school and there are so many other things to do and after all you are spending some time with me in real world time, but it takes some good head butts and nudges in the back to remind you to sit in front of the computer (hey there are rainy days and days too hot to go outside and you don't have to watch every DVD rental movie that Netflix has to offer you know!) and not just read groups stuff but play in the great imaginary world of Catster! Who is meowing this entry? No, it's not Dad it's your older brothers reminding you that you were the ones who insisted that you could keep up the cat diaries and you did just help update my fellow cat Arthur's diary but you're falling behind and maybe you need to walk the plank!

So yes, they ate a great deal at breakfast at Fancy Cafe on the Your Key to Happiness cruise lines aboard ship, but now we had no intention of plundering the ship or robbing the passengers although of course my crew of pirates sneaked onboard! Have you not read of the pirates plaguing the seas the oceans right now? So we're there in a more sort of protective function to battle off any pirates that might try to board the cruise ship! The pirates hung back in the tour of Madrid the ones allowed ashore and stopped off to eat and followed on behind at a run while we wheeled through on our segways. Must feed my crew and didn't want to attract too much attention from the shipping vessels by fishing in Spanish waters! Will revisit the trip in another entry although it may take a few head butts to the kids to get that done!
The Dread Pirate Roberts (aka Morgan) & pirate crew from Spain!

== Thanks to The family of loving memory morris 3.4.09, Patches, Ebony, Little miss and Coda and more! for that great wonderful first rosette from other cats on Catster and not just from Catster! Thanks for the heart that's great to have on my page and the message "Just Because!" Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!
== Thanks to the Catster for that first blue star and for the fireworks that kept my page from being blank of gifts and rosettes for almost a month meaning I actually did have gifts on my page!



July 2nd 2009 4:35 am
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We went up or down to the mountains depending upon your perspective drove in the car and I "got" to ride in the cat carrier and so did my family furiend Arthur separate carriers. Our mreows and yowls and carryings on weren't completely ignored and we got to get out and stretch our legs -- on these harness and leash things! WE ARE cats! We do NOT wear leashes and harnesses. Oh the indignity, the humiliation! I'm sure other cats saw us. Our humans expected us to relieve ourselves in front of people on these stupid harness things. No privacy! How could they? But we did get to go up to these cabins out in the woods and stay and have a nice campfire outside a little one and not the big roaring bonfire the kids wanted but were we allowed to wander around free in this wooded paradise full of birds & squirrels and all kinds of good things to catch & eat? Oh no! Not us! We had these big folding pen things set up on the dirt and then when they noticed the grass and that's where we got to watch the game! But we did get some good things cooked over our carefully tended fire, just not the wild game we expected more like chicken legs and small fish not the huge ones they expected to catch and hotdogs though we didn't care much for those sticky roasted marshmallow things in the graham crackers with the peanut butter! No chocolate for us but yuck! That peanut butter just stays and stays in a cat's mouth. Well, off to look for pirate treasure!
The Dread Pirate Roberts er I mean Captain Roberts


They left me. How could they?

June 18th 2009 7:13 pm
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I've been waiting months for them to come back. They left when it was still cold. At least they left a way for me to get back inside the house, a secret way but the house was cold and bare and it was much warmer under the porch. They knew they were leaving me and some were sad, but I thought they would come back. I've been waiting such a long time returning to the house, staying out of view so no one would grab me. I remember how much they loved me and how they petted me and how pleased they were they could feed me good food and how they laughed about me being a jovial fat cat, how happy they were with me and how they loved for me to sleep with them. All gone. Why? What did I do? Why did they stop loving me? I would have eaten scraps, their table scraps. Why did they leave me, my family? I adored them and I thought they loved me. Why? Can I trust these new people who talk to me all the time and say the man does, give him time. He'll come around. Just wait and see. He's been betrayed. What is betrayal? Being abandoned because I was.
The Dread Pirate Roberts / Captain Roberts! (Morgan)

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