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Sex: Male   Weight: 36 lbs.

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Mouse, Mousie, Mussolini, Mousealini, Mousse, Moose, The Cat Dictator

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November 12th 1970


Liked batting around the Siamese cat Thomas & knocking him down the stairs. Sucking all the valuable fish out of the aquarium & leaving the goldfish & guppies. Hunting. Tree climbing.

Thomas the Siamese. Other cats. Dogs (he liked to beat them up), the kids though he liked them as a kitten.

Favorite Toy:
Aquarium fish that he liked to flip in the air, bird feathers & squirrel tails from his hunting, squirrel skulls, marbles, bell balls, string, etc.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere & everywhere but especially under the table @ Father's stinky feet -- he loved to sniff & lick his socks while on his feet. Between Father & Mother.

Favorite Food:
Whatever he caught hunting, Thomas's food, the dog's food, people food of all kinds especially Chinese food and white rice, fish, chicken...

Hunting. Beating up other cats. Beating up dogs, all effortlessly. Climbing very high in trees & jumping branch to branch.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Old times, old days came from the pet shop right at Christmas time but the breeder was representing me & the pet shop got a percentage, and I was bought as another attempt to find Thomas a companion cat, which never seemed to work out one way or the other. Mouser was a mean bully of a cat not a typical sweet Russian Blue although he was quite lazy and liked to nap luckily for Thomas. After a year maybe closer to two Mouser was given to a friend where he lived a long happy lazy cat life.

Mouser spent all of his time batting Thomas around because he really hated Thomas something terrible. He didn't much care for any other cats except for mating with the neighborhood females. Mouser also didn't much care for the kids in the family, liked the rough ones in his new family but didn't care for anyone but Mother and Father in his first family. He spent his time slamming hard into the kids whenever he could. The parents told them it was just head butts. Yeah right as they eventually learned when they finally saw it happening. Head butts that bruised. They really liked the very muscular great hunter Mouser and just couldn't understand why he didn't like them back. Many times for hours if they allowed he spent glaring at them and trying to stare them down. However, he loved to curl up in the bed with Mother and Father. He loved to be petted by Mother with her hands & by Dad's feet, loved belly rubs but let the kids try that and out came the claws. His new people just adored him and said it was really a darn shame that he didn't get along with the Siamese that wonderful Russian Blue and they couldn't believe their good fortune.

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I'll Be Back!!!!Mouser is The Terminator

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June 18th 2009 More than 7 years!

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The Whoa's & Woes of Fleas & Ticks

September 20th 2009 5:29 pm
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My humans just got rid of after a summer of trying, a flea infestation in the carpet & they had to throw out some comforters old ones that just wouldn't seem to lose the baby fleas & it seemed like spontaneous appearance as they would be eradicated & suddenly they were back again even after they tried several products that promised to end the eggs & nullify them & keep them from hatching. So one of my meowers now has Lymes -- any pets have been away for a check & aren't affected by it but just now safe for the pets to return to the home after a little time away. My human says it took months to get rid of the Lyme's before so might be awhile before she truly feels better & someone else in her family at least one someone, has it too. Please remember us in your prayers & watch the fleas & ticks as the last batches hatch out & attempt to build an empire before the season slows down with the cold weather.
Head Butts & Purrs, Mouser flying by


The Fish Bowl & ConCats to Bobbi Boi for Daily Diary Pick- today!!!!

August 29th 2009 8:41 pm
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August 14th? That was my last entry? Hey, what happened to my entry about the costume party the Roaring Twenties one? The one from last weekend? It just vanished & wouldn’t you know it, that one was typed directly into the entry form on the diary instead of copied in so I don’t even have a copy! I saw it on the page, haven’t been here for awhile & it’s GONE!!!! Well, it was a great party & will have to write it up meow it out another time because have another entry since Thomas did his on the aquarium. I just adored fish bowls & aquariums! Why did they bring those fish in the house if they weren’t for us? The fish bowl right before the aquarium was just great too & maybe this entry should be about it & I’ll save the one on me & Thomas & are tag team efforts to go after the fish for later a game that Ratt & Thomas also later played. HEY! You haven’t added my friend & later family member Ratt to these pages yet, the great British Blue cat! He was called a calmer cat than me & a much worse bully & the neighborhood kids always joked that his Dad the father of his family who was a truck driver although he sometimes slipped & said Lorry, was British Mafia. Of course, in all probability he wasn’t but you know how kids are once a rumor starts so they all had to find excuses to go to his door & knock to see him. After all, he carried a gun but there was a great deal of truck hijacking going on then. He drove an 18 wheeler & was gone for days weeks sometimes even months on the road. Eventually Ratt came to live with me, but I’ll let him tell that story when he is added to the pages, but for now he lived with my first family & then moved in with my second most beloved family.

Aaahh, I was meowing about fish bowls. Yeah those were just great! We would get up on the table or wherever the fish bowl was for the day & they had at first just a goldfish & a black goldfish same type of fish you see but just black & they would go on & on about why the devil was it called a goldfish when it was black?! The fish kept getting bigger necessitating bigger & bigger fish bowls & eventually that’s why they got an aquarium because the goldfish just got huge! Also because when they got bigger bowls they added more fish though they did learn not to add really small baby type goldfish & hey now, wasn’t us gobbling those up & making them vanish. I’ll tell ‘ya that goldfish when they get big are real cannibals & will devour their own kind although at first, of course, we got blamed because we could just sit for hours & watch those fish swim around & duck our heads down to the bottom & lie down & go to sleep for a nice contented nap to dream about eating up those goldfish! How I loved sitting upright & staring down into that bowl & since I was growing as the bowl got bigger I got taller & could still look down at those fish who hated to surface when big cat faces were looking down at them. I really wasn’t interested at all in eating them when I first started watching them, just liked to tease torment & terrorize those silly fish. Stupid fish, I thought. No brains to them whatsoever but the boy & girl liked to talk to them & move their fingers around & watch in fascination as the fish followed their fingers. That’s how I learned to make them jump out though it was like the kids had some fish alarm attached to them cause they would always come running before we hurt the fish or before the fish died from being fish out of water & would pick them up flapping those fish were & drop them back down into the water. Not that we never ate any of the fish as sometimes we did get a medium sized newer fish after we figured out that they had figured out the big fish ate little fish. Finally we did get caught & so had to cool it on eating the fish for awhile so we would be allowed to watch them & slowly circle around their bowl & then the other direction. Our people said this was great exercise for us & that we actually cooperated & got along with our fish bowl exercises. Thomas just hated sticking his paw in the water & was much less patient than me. I loved sticking my paw in the water & just holding it very still until the fish came near, needed them to know the cat was the master & that I was letting them live but that I could catch them any time I wanted. Cats are masters over the fish & birds you know & if you didn’t, why you know now! Once the fish approached my paws over & over like it was safe I would unsheathe my claws & sometimes give a little swipe right by them, just needing them to understand hey if I want to catch you fishies I can catch you! And I could have & as meowed before did at times but they didn’t replace them right away so I lost my toys & lost my good dreams of fishies swimming in a bowl while I napped. Something just so peaceful & soothing about fish don’t you thing, hanging there in one spot in their bowl & then swimming around & mouth puffing away. Just loved those fish.

Will save that tag team aquarium team work entry for another time. For now just need to go check on my Mom & do a fly by & make sure she is okay & others in the family especially the little ones are okay.

**** ConCats to fellow Russian Blue but with long hair, Bobbi Boi on being a Daily Diary Pick!!!! ****

Karma Kitty’s birthday is August 31st, 2009 her fourth birthday so I will include the family page link below & Bobbi Boi’s link in case you would like to go over & concatulate them or send them a nice paw mail or give them a rosie gift.
Family page for Bobbi Boi a Daily Diary Pick today on Catster!!!!
Bobbi Boi


Welcome To Kitthaven Estates birthday bash pool party for- Beckham!!!!

August 14th 2009 6:59 am
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Subject: Beckham's Big Birthday Blow-out! Sent: Sun Aug 9

You are all cordially invited to a birthday party!

Date: Saturday, August 15th
Time: 5 p.m. Catster time
Location: Kitthaven Estates
Event: POOL Party

We are having a pool party and BBQ to celebrate Beckham's 6th birthday and hope that all of our friends can join us to celebrate such a wonderfur kitty and Admin of the WW group.

A link to the party will be posted the morning of the party. Hope to see you all there.

Purrs from Ginger Belle

http://www.catster.c om/group/Welcome_to_kitthaven_estates-12196
Welcome to Kitthaven Estates

We just joined & for some reason we thought most of us had already joined but maybe those click links we used on the invites our friends sent to us didn't work. Sometimes they don't. You think that they have loaded up & don't realize that you haven't logged in or it looks like it loaded & accepted you but maybe you didn't get the you are now a member message or it went down before it was finished. Some of those messages don't stay loaded so... but we joined today all of us & as many of us as possible are going to the pool party some of us angels in angel form & some as cats & some as HuCats & the dogs are still barking & growling so we're staying out of that one & letting them battle it out amongst their peoples. Cats that be let this be a good one where the screens load & all can participate even if the threads move fast the messages go at a rapid pace. If you want to join, copy & paste the address above for the group into the address bar & go! The party will be in the pool group thread. Guess it was just letting us read messages even though we're not members & some open membership groups will allow that one.
Love to Mom, Mouser

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