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Science Fiction Party -- Wolverine!

August 9th 2009 6:56 pm
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Keeping my costume on for a few days maybe until the next party, Beckham's at Kitthaven big birthday pool party & hoping that the posting is better. We read back through the party & so we're just going to pretend we were there the entire time & I will say things in another entry that we did like moved away from light saber blasts from the Squirrel Jedi knights or dark side evil Empire knights when they kept attacking Maggie the cat. Bad posting problems & even Robin Hood got bumped out of his own party at least once & he just vanished a couple of times & wasn't posted but hope that most who could stay on & could see the screen & weren't being told that they weren't group members had a blast or that they can pretend that they were there the entire time too. Some of us cats are just going to say that we were there the entire time & go with the party & talk about the party & so Mouser, Grey Lady, me Arthur, Morgan are all saying as we could read back through it that we were there the entire time. The dogs angel & earth are not taking that approach to it & that's fine. Had a great time after the fact reading back through & hope that all the same Robin Hood had a very happy WoofDay!

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