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In The Dragon's Lair

Science Fiction Party -- Wolverine!

August 9th 2009 6:56 pm
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Keeping my costume on for a few days maybe until the next party, Beckham's at Kitthaven big birthday pool party & hoping that the posting is better. We read back through the party & so we're just going to pretend we were there the entire time & I will say things in another entry that we did like moved away from light saber blasts from the Squirrel Jedi knights or dark side evil Empire knights when they kept attacking Maggie the cat. Bad posting problems & even Robin Hood got bumped out of his own party at least once & he just vanished a couple of times & wasn't posted but hope that most who could stay on & could see the screen & weren't being told that they weren't group members had a blast or that they can pretend that they were there the entire time too. Some of us cats are just going to say that we were there the entire time & go with the party & talk about the party & so Mouser, Grey Lady, me Arthur, Morgan are all saying as we could read back through it that we were there the entire time. The dogs angel & earth are not taking that approach to it & that's fine. Had a great time after the fact reading back through & hope that all the same Robin Hood had a very happy WoofDay!

From my Realm, King Arthur


Another Photo! And a Party!

August 8th 2009 7:02 am
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Only reason I got another photo and a great one too because I chose it! is because we're going to a Birthday Bash at Dogster Junction a Science Fiction Costume Party tonight and so I am Wolverine! Wolverine, yes a cat as Wolverine, from X Men! The adults were all like oh Star Wars & Star Trek and the invite says those two specifically. NO! Something better! Something kids & teens like much better! Sorry know that bunches like those movies and the tv series but there are other things some of us like better and it did say Science Fiction and so forth, so... I am Wolverine! I have metal claws that come out of my hands! Not planning to hurt any fur at the party, however...

Purr, Purr, Purr, Purr, Purr, King Arthur


South American Cruise & Orange Cats Rule!!!! (Yes indeed we- do!!!)

July 28th 2009 8:28 pm
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So we went to a double wedding on the C&D Cruise Lines on Friday but we didn't get to do much else for various reasons. Don't know if Catster had a fleas problem as members say they call it when it's slow or you can't get the gift shop to load or whatever else happens or it was just Windows Vista or some combination of the two but the computer was really slow when we were on Catster and we were having a hard time posting so we just stopped trying on Saturday and Sunday meaning we got to do our own personal walking tour in South America and got to visit restaurants which I will meow about another time, but after the wedding we didn't get to do much else. Didn't get to go to that big 1950's dance at the end but our clothes weren't done anyway meaning the pic wasn't finished and now probably never will be. Endless editing to make it look right and our people are too perfectionist on things and just take their time. Sigh. WE NEED more photos people!

**!! Thanks to Atlas & Sammy Sue & their dog Zak for the blue ribbon & for saying they liked my first pic! Know them from Orange Cats Rule! & will have to put the group link to copy & paste below in case you want to join us! Not an overly active group but a nice slow pace and we actually do meow a couple of times a week in group unlike some we have discovered where the cats don't talk for a month or more at a time & you can't find them to meow! But not bad to have some slower groups either. 5

Open group if you're orange and want to join us or have orange in your fur as some of the members are Calico and Tortie and seems to be okay with the other orange cats!
Purr, Purr, Purr, Arthur the King!


Spain! Cruise Ship! Virtual World!

July 12th 2009 12:45 am
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We have been away this weekend on a trip to Spain. We had great fun with our angel cat friends flying above us and we got to ride segways and so now, of course, the kids and teens in the family are nagging Dad for segways! They have some silly idea that I the king cat in real life will get on one of those contraptions with them and not have some sort of as others call it a "catniption fit" not caused by catnip but by zooming around with wind around me and wheels beneath me. Okay, so maybe they will get me to try it in real life but on the computer it was great fun mainly because they were experiencing this thrill the boys vicariously through me. We zoomed by various Spanish sites and maybe, just maybe my guys can manage to get some new photos of me up at these sites whether the cats that be at Your Key to Happiness Cruise Lines get me in the photos or not! I'm sure you can manage some new photos of me and hope that you got some shots from the computer box of me at the Fancy Cafe on board ship feeding my pet dragon some delicious lunch treats! He had some good pizzas and sausage rolls and sammies tenderloin ones and gobbled down a bunch of treats though I'm still not sure that he ate as much as Augie and the Carolina dogs he had as stowaways on board or as August Max and Marc ate! Yes, I know. I didn't exactly have permission to take my pet dragon aboard ship, but what was I to do? I mean I only have one picture and he's in it! Teach my guys not to put up more photos of me!!!!
King Arthur from the Cruise ship at Spain!

The family of loving memory morris 3.4.09, Patches, Ebony, Little miss and more!
Including Coda! Thanks bunches for the great little heart because aside from the first blue star from Catster and the fireworks from Catster, that’s my first rosette! Head butts to you and kitty sandpaper kisses and kitty hugs to all of you for that heart cause I will always remember that first gift! THANKS!

(Not to say I’m not thanking Catster too -- Thanks Catster for the blue star & the fireworks because my box would be blank of gifts without them or would have been for awhile!)


Roughing It!

July 2nd 2009 4:47 am
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Okay so we went for this very long car ride and for some strange reason they put us in kitty jail, you know the kind they generally use for the vet. We weren't allowed to roam around the car and to add to our suffering there wasn't a litter box even when we got to our destination! OH no they expected us to use the dirt and grass and gave us boxes containing dirt to scratch in and I had to get my fur dirty. Took a great deal of grooming to get over this terrible injustice! Where was my perfumed litter box? I am used to having a box NOT containing dirt! The leash thing wasn't too bad but of course I had to fight it anyway since my fellow cat Morgan was just to prove that I should be trusted to roam free! When we got to our cabin it was all dirty inside like someone had decided to bring the great outdoors inside and we did spend enough time outside but did we get to wander around and explore outside? NO! I think NOT! We watched from inside from the window as they set up these big cages that were flat and then became really full and they pitched this silly triangle tent outside! But at least they didn't forget to feed us! Now they did forget to bring cat food but the people food was good and our servant humans even cooked it for us over this small wood fire they made outside -- fish & chicken & hotdogs and some kind of strange stew that they said was beef stew but I don't know about that one. At least we got fed and got plenty to eat. A bit hard to sleep with all of those strange noises out in the woods though but we didn't have to sleep outside. We got to sleep inside in the cabin so that we could let our imaginations run wild on what monsters might be running around in the woods by those strange sounds they made! I'm sure whatever they were birds & squirrels aside that all of those things that made those horrific noises were things that would love to have a nice orange cat for its dinner so happy that we were inside!
King Arthur & okay you can call me, Just Arthur


Here Abide Dragons!

June 18th 2009 2:44 pm
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Ever seen that movie The Cave? Not The Cavern or Caves just Cave? Yeah, well okay don't want to give the movie away at all, but I don't think these people are dragon slayers. I think they're friends with the Dragons. As a matter of fact, think they might be Dragons. This doesn't mean at all that they need slaying just that this is going to take some adjustment. Now not that they look like dragons really -- except for the eyes and they have sort of a golden brown shiny reflective dragon look about them. They're just strange so very different from my last people who just let me ramble about and otherwise basically ignored me. They laugh from deep down the way I imagine a dragon would laugh. Okay so here I am in the dragon's lair. Will let you in on how things go. Hope that I don't morph into a dragon cat any time soon.
Royally, King Arthur

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